Hello everyone! This idea just popped into my head by listening to some inspiring songs, heh, just as always of course! Don't think I should waste your time babbling on about things like that, so here's the story.

Rating: PG-13

Characters (Major) England, America, Sealand, Canada, Hong Kong, France

Characters (Minor They could appear at any moment in the story.

Warnings: Yaoi, (Of course!) and I think violence?


1348 London, England.

Death was having a tea party.

Strange he was, because there was no one in sight. Everybody would try to avoid him whenever possible. That was just the problem; Love and Friendship was for the living, not the dead. But there was one boy who could stare death in the face without running away screaming for his life. As Death was preparing the tea, his one and only guest arrived.

"Ah Arthur you're here; come in and sit down!" greeted Death.

"Why thank you Death, it's so nice to see you again." replied Arthur, taking a seat.

Death laughed merrily and put two lumps of sugar in the tea. "Heh, to think it's been 10 years since we've already. You've grown so much."

"And you…still look the same." complemented Arthur.

"Well yes, time doesn't change me as much as it will change you. However, I want to congratulate you. Not many people reach 15 nowadays."

Death and Arthur have been good friends since childhood. They went to school together, and they watched each other's back. People say that having a friendship with death would eventually kill you, but…Arthur just couldn't help being friends with the guy. After all, Death did love company.

Arthur nodded. "I hear you've been busy over the year. With the Black Death roaming around and all." he coughed for a good minute and continued. "I'm not feeling very well myself. My people have just been dropping like flies lately."

Death pecked at his cup nervously. "Yes, and it's not just you…"

"...others are meeting the same fate in other countries and empires." finished England grimly. Uneasy silence followed afterword. His headache was getting worse and Arthur's friend seemed a little jumpy today-but for what reason? Arthur had to wonder.

"Death, what's wrong?"

He looked at Arthur with sincere sadness. "Arthur, give me an answer and answer me truthfully, what does the name 'Alfred' mean to you?"

Arthur blinked. "Nothing, I guess. Why?"

The grim reaper was lost for words. He gripped the teacup in his hand so hard; that he was sure was going to shatter at any moment. His mouth opened and then closed several times, but no words ever came out.

"Nothing, I was thinking of someone else that's not even in this century. That shows you how old I am."

Arthur smiled, but not for long. His headache had just about reached its breaking point. He tried to shut his eyes to clear out the pain. No use. The headache was about to split his head open. The only way he could stop the pain was to let it all out.

"Danger, Boy, Hang. Danger, Boy, Hang." he repeated over and over again in an eerie chant.

Death looked up from his cup. "Excuse me?"

"Jonathon's in danger, he'll be hanged!" answered Arthur.

"Ah, you've been neglecting your visions haven't you?"

"The innocent will be put to death…"

The chanting stopped and it left a very pale looking Arthur.

"I-I think I should go. I don't feel very well." said Arthur finally after 3 long minutes of dead silence. The grim reaper found his voice and said;

'You like that boy don't you? Before you go, you should know that…soon…"

"Soon what?"

"Just please, please be careful." begged Death and closed the door behind Arthur.

Arthur made his way into the street. Filth littered it, but he didn't care. He had just a few minutes before his vision actually came true. What didn't surprise him was to find his beloved on the street, resting by the old pole. Arthur gave a sharp nudge.

"Jonathon, wake up!"

The boy opened his eyes. "Arthur?" he asked unsurely, rubbing his blue eyes. "Why are you here?"

"Listen John, your life's in great danger. Don't ask me how I know, just get as far away as possible."

"Too late for that son." said the cold voice.

"Melvain, what are you doing here?"

"I'm out for a little witch hunt. And what luck I have when I find two boys outside looking deeply suspicious. So which one of you can see into the future?"

"We have no idea what you're talking about." spat Jonathon.

The man struck him across the face.

"Don't lie to me; sources say that one of you is a demon bent on destroying the future. It's my job to rid the world of the supernatural to ensure that we have bright future and you can help if you turn yourself in." Jonathon made an eye glance towards Arthur. So it's you…

"I'm telling you, you've gotten the wrong pair." protested Arthur. His face was stricken by the man as well.

"I never get the wrong pair. How dare you say I do?" Melvain hissed. "You'll both be hanging from the gallows by the time I'm through with you."

The two were taken away by guards. Executions were rarely private, and when they were, they were supposedly quick. No one heard Arthur's or Jonathon's screams of terror as they were being taken to the execution spot.

"Arthur Kirkland and Jonathon Smarth, you are hereby sentenced to death for your crime of witchcraft. How might your last words be?"

"You monster." snarled Jonathon. Melvain smirked.

"You know, you can still clear this up since I'm feeling generous. One of you confesses and one of you gets to live." Jonathon sighed and turned to Arthur.

"I'm sorry Arthur. This how it's going to be." he turned back to the guards. "I'm the one who can see visions."

Arthur's eyes widened. No…

"Very good boy, let the other go."

Arthur was thrown to the ground. He could only watch in horror as his friend's neck was put in the noose.


He was right; innocent will be put to death.

The knot was tightened. The lever was pulled there were a few gagging noises and then silence. The men walked off in triumph, leaving Arthur there to grieve. He saw the soul rise from the body, who smiled at him. The Reaper carried him off into who knows where. Arthur cried, running to catch up with the two.

"Come back! Come back!" he screamed. What he failed to realize was a metal pole was in his way. He hit it with his head and everything around him went dark.

End notes;

So that's the prologue! Let me know what you think, and who should have a bigger role, or who should do this, or that! I greatly appreciate it to anyone who takes the time to do this. (Helps me become better for your entertainment.) By the way the Black Death is an actual death that took place in medieval Europe and Asia. Two thirds of Europe's population vanished because of this disease...And when the Grim Reaper asked did Alfred mean anything to him, this was before he discovered America, so he had no idea. Some other notes;

Just to clear things up, Jonathon had a relationship with Arthur. And no, he's not an O.C really. *Hint* *Hint*

Arthur has an ability to see the dead, or look into the future along with seeing fairytale creatures. Also England gets a huge headache from not letting his visions out.

Melvain, the mean one is one of those nut jobs who try and rid the world of supposed 'evil'

Any more questions, just review!