Peter sighed and slumped into the overstuffed chair. Finally! After all that moving, he was able to relax! England wasn't too far behind, dragging the bags across the floor. Canada and Hong Kong came in together, carrying even more bags. Hong Kong stared at England for about 20 seconds or so with an unreadable expression and then turned his attention to something else to occupy his time. It was sort of amazing how Arthur was able to coax him away from China to come with him on his little trip. Canada of course had come along for the excitement of being with his former caretaker. Arthur wiped his brow with relief after setting down the bags on the table.

"Well, that's just about it; say hello to your new summer home gentlemen."

Peter's eyes roamed around the room. It wasn't anything special; dusty old lamp was in the corner, filthy rug, and faded wallpaper on the wall. What on Earth had possessed Arthur to bring them here, of all places in the world?

"Great, so when are we going home?" asked Sealand.

Arthur shook his head. "Peter-we just got here and you're already thinking about leaving? We have all summer to spend time together now, isn't that what you wanted?"

The truth was it was actually England who wanted to spend time with his supposed 'family'. Sealand wanted no part of this, but England who had insisted he did, came along.

"Yeah, but this place is like a gazillion years old! Who wants to live in this dirty hole?" Sealand was about to say more, but was silenced by a look from his older brother.

"This place," he said, "Is very historical and filled with many memories. I used to take Canada and…America here all the time when they were little."

Sealand pouted in the chair. So the only reason they were there was so England could take a trip down memory lane for the nth time. Typical old man.

Canada looked around the area. "Oh yeah, I remember this place. It seems like only yesterday." The polar bear in his arms uttered a soft, "Who are you?"

"Canada." He whispered back.

"Yesterday; how about three hundred years ago or something like that?" Sealand stated.

"Oh come now, all we need to do is a little summer cleaning." England clapped his hands together. "So, let's get started shall we? Sealand, you take care of the basement, Canada, you take care of the upper floors, and Hong Kong…you're coming with me to clean out the attic. I'm sure that place requires two hands." Hong Kong merely nodded and followed him up the stairs.

England searched around the attic. Old newspaper articles littered the floor along with pieces of parchment. The place was entirely a mess. "You can start over there." pointed England to a huge cluster of fabric.

Hong Kong's expression had not changed for the time he had been there. Instead of listening to the country, he turned his fascination to a group of abandoned fireworks set in the corner.

England caught a glimpse of what he was looking at and gave the ultimate death stare towards him. Hong Kong immediately looked the other way in defeat and got to working on the fabric sorting.

"Now that I think of it, half those things…are from America's blanket. I know you don't talk much to me Hong Kong, but this means the world to me."

"England…" began Hong Kong, choosing his words carefully, "I think it's wise to try and let go of the past, or one day, it might destroy your future."

Arthur was about to reply, but then the telephone rang. Strange that the telephone was over 150 years old, but still worked in this place. He picked it up.



"Alfred what's going on?" questioned the brit, he was worried now…Alfred never acted like that nowadays. "Where are you?"

"C-coff! Dying…PLEASE NO!" Another cry of pain was carried out.

Arthur's heart was racing. Something was terribly wrong.

"Alfred, I can't understand you; tell me what's wrong!"

What seemed like gunshots rang out and the connection was broken.


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