Why did he hate me so much? All I ever did was love him and now, he hates my guts. The night we made love…I thought it meant something. The way he kissed me, the way he touched ever curve of my body, the way he felt inside me. But now, he won't even talk to me. He's been receiving many clients out of the area, mostly in Karakura, which means he was gone more often from the 'office', which also meant I couldn't see him. It was rare to see him in Tokyo now, and I thought it was because of me. Maybe he was trying to get away from me. Maybe it was because of my job. Maybe it was because he really did hate me now.

"Rukia, the boss wants to see you" Momo said as she entered my office "He says it important." Once she was in, Rangiku popped up out of the blue.

"Alright, I'll be there in a second," I said as I put a few pictures of my 'clients' away "Thanks, Momo." She smiled. Then she walked to my desk and sat on it.

"He's here…" Rangiku said suddenly, causing my smile to disappear.

"Who?" I asked as I saw her take a condom from my desk and put it in her mini skirt pocket.

"Ichigo," she said as she looked at me, taking more of my condoms "He's back."

"Oh no," I took the condoms from her hands and put them in my purse "when did he come back?"

"Today," Momo said jumping off my desk and putting her hands on her hips "what are you going to do?"

"I don't know," I walked toward her "he might still be anger."

"I don't get it, he's doing all this to you for no reason," Rangiku said "I can make up an excuse or something?"

"No, I'll go," I smiled at her "Thanks though…"

"That's what a best friend is for," she grinned, walking toward Momo and I "want me to walk you up there?"

"No, I can do this myself," I looked at the floor "anyways; it's your lunch break."

"Meet us later?" Momo said, putting her pinky out, Rangiku also put her pinky out.

"Yea, when I'm done." And I took there pinkies.

The walk there was much longer, it felt like hours have gone by and I still haven't arrived. Maybe seeing Ichigo again after three months was a bad idea.

There it was, the door, were inside, the love of my life was standing in. The door seemed to grow three times in size. Why was I so freaking nerves!

"Come in." I heard before I even had a chance to knock. Slowly, I opened it, and there he was, sitting there, not even looking back.

"Good afternoon, Yamamoto sir." I greeted as I made my way to the sit beside Ichigo's.

"Rukia." was all he said. I looked to my side; Ichigo seemed so cold, so distant. He wouldn't even spare me a glance.

"I called you up here to talk to you about a very serious problem." He handed me a picture of a man.

"I need you two to go to Karakura and kill him," he looked at both of us "He's causing too many problems as it is and his worth seven grand."

"Why do I need her, I can do this by myself," he said. It hurt, hearing him say that. "I've killed dozens of men and women on my own."

"Because she a seducer here," he looked at me "and she's one of the best."

"I can do this myself," he looked at the wall "I don't need that type of help."

"You don't understand, Kurosaki," he turned to him "this man is smarter then you think."

"Whatever," he looked at him "When do I go?"

"You two go tomorrow, so you can have the night to prepare," he turned to me "do you still have pills?"

"Yea, plenty." I said as I got up.

"Be here by five in the morning sharp!" he commanded as he started working on other paper work "Dismissed." Before he even said it, Ichigo was out the door, not even holding the door for me.

"Don't get in my way." I heard as I walked out the door and shut it. I turned to see him walking down the hall. I didn't answer; I just walked the opposite direction.


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