Author's Note: I don't write enough for Daisuke despite the fact that he really is one of my favorite characters (that I rag on constantly, I know). I also have difficulty writing anything that is by the standard definition "short". I mean, 919 words killed my soul to leave alone. So this is a series inspired by MLIA, because that site is the source of my inspiration these days. This might not be updated regularly – when a particular story catches my Daisuke muse, I'll update.

You know, I've never fired a Nerf Gun before. My friends find that terribly depressing – I'm sure they'll correct that come Spring.

Most guys, when forced to join their parents on a shopping trip for things other than food, made a beeline for the electronics department. And on some days – many days, really – Daisuke was right along with them. If he wasn't looking for new soccer gear, he started towards the new game systems and flashing SFX as though he were in a trance.

But Daisuke had found a wall of Nerf guns – they were just an aisle away from the sports gear, and his eyes grew wide and childlike as he let them wander from children's toy to children's toy, wondering if his parents would allow him to ever have one again after he had aimed one at Jun's hair (for it presented a rather large target, he had argued at the age of ten). Although it had been four years since then, his attitude hadn't changed very much.

He lifted one off the wall with a cautious glance over his shoulder to make sure that neither Jun nor his parents were nearby.

They weren't.

He smirked.

He crouched down low and pulled the trigger, feeling an odd, inappropriate sense of satisfaction as the tension released and the Styrofoam dart flew from the gun. He spun around and fired off another, aiming at invisible foes only Daisuke's mind could begin to fathom the likes of. He sprinted to the end of the aisle, pressed his back to the shelves, and took a deep breath as though preparing himself to leap from the trench and into the enemy's line of fire.

He leaped out from the aisle, pressing his finger against the trigger and firing off another Nerf.

"Pew, Pew!"

He laughed, still believing himself to be quite alone. But then his eyes focused on more than his mental picture and he blinked. A man in a blue vest with a worker's name tag was wide eyed with fright, hands raised in the air and his mouth slack with panic.

Daisuke fired the Nerf Gun again, meekly this time, in the direction of the employee. A sign of friendship, informing him of the game. The guy wasn't getting it.