Author's note: Because the site I need to use for my project is blocked on the school computers, I had nothing to do for nearly two hours, and it's disgustingly hot out. This is the result. Aren't you lucky?

It was hot. And muggy. Muggy and hot. A terrible combination.

Daisuke was reluctant to do anything that involved leaving the comfort of the air conditioned living room, meaning that even a trip to the bathroom was deliberated for so long that he didn't feel as though he had to go anymore. Trips to the fridge, usually quite frequent, were considered an unnecessary action. It was just too hot to eat.

But after a while, his gurgling, painful stomach got the better of him. He called in a whiny voice for his mother, father, and Jun, but none were home. His parents, which he would have known if he had not tried to sleep until noon, were working late. Jun was at a friend's house, boasting that they had Central Air. Daisuke was left to fend for himself.

With much grumbling and mumbling, he sat up, swung his legs off the couch, and made his way to the kitchen. Sweat trickled down his back as he stood in the kitchen, wondering if there was anything to be eaten that didn't need to be cooked. Desperate for the cool air that opening the fridge would offer him, he reached for the handle… only for there to be a mosquito, large and intimidating, perched on the expanse of refrigerator door.

Years of soccer training and months of battling monsters in the Digital world had prepared him for this moment. Without a second's hesitation, he reached for the empty paper towel roll on the top of the garbage and whacked the mosquito with it.

A wing fluttered feebly before remaining still.

Daisuke nodded, satisfied with his work. He tossed the paper towel roll away and opened the fridge door, returning to his pursuit of cold edibles. He left the mosquito remains plastered to the fridge, a warning sign for its friends, family, and mosquito minions to stay away.