This was written a few years ago and posted on DLP but never here. Uh, enjoy? It's only about half of what I had ever intended for this chapter. I lost the majority of what I wrote a few years ago so ended up not continuing. Let's see if I can finish this one, ha.



Two/night Part 1/2

"Marry me."

I couldn't help myself. My voice flows from my lips, low, husky, filled with desire. Before I know what has happened my hands cross the distance that spans between the Goddess that fills all my senses with the most beautiful of sights, sounds, smells taste and touch.

Her obsidian eyes widen, and a light pink hued flush stains her pale cheeks. The ambient light that surrounds us catches upon the her skin and seemed to make her sparkle, like some sort of failure of a vampire. I gently caress the top of her hand with my thumb and continue to smile at her beseechingly.

"W-what?" she stammers in an awkward and utterly cute manner.

"Will you Marry me," I repeat as calmly and seriously as I am capable of.

She freezes and is incapable of moving, having been captured by my gaze.

"Oi," The Ramen God behind the fourth wall calls to me in his ominous and booming voice. "Get your hands off my son."




I blink and peer at the person before me, who is standing frozen on the other side of the counter. My eye twitches as the boy's adam's apple bobs as he swallows, and I release their hand.

"My mistake," I admit and lean backward son my stool.

The Ramen Assistant all but flees from my circle of influence. I suppose that makes sense, even if he is sort of pretty. I pick my chopsticks up from the counter and twirl them around between my fingertips. My tongue slips out and rolls along my lips. The taste of the latest ramen's broth assaults my tongue with a pleasant savoury tingle. Oddly enough I don't feel full in the slightest. My endless ramen appetite doesn't seem to be quenched in the slightest.

"We're closing soon," The ramen chef informs me as he hands me my apparent final bowl of ramen for the night.

Steam coalesces in the air and the scent of ramen once again assaults my senses. The heat burns my nose as I inhale in a nostalgic fashion. I begin to salivate even before my lips are parted.

Really, there is nothing better.

I pointedly stop the twirl of the wooden chopsticks in my fingers and roll them between my fingertips. The smooth sanded and polished grain feels pleasant. I take my time and savour every bite, every noodle, and every sip. It is a wondrous thing that if I can somehow claim the Holy Grail will last forever.

Unfortunately, nothing of mortal origin lasts forever. Eventually my bounty is lost to the ravenous beast that lies behind my navel. A light burp escapes my lips and with the action my meal is over.

"That'll be six thousand yen," The ramen assistant mumbles to me under his breath, refusing to meet my eyes.

I smile at him and hold out both my hands. I hold them palm up before scrunching the hands closed. "Pick a hand," I tell him.

He stares at me in disbelief. "Excuse me?" He asks incredulously.

"Pick a hand," I repeat calmly, my eyes twinkling in amusement.

Behind me on the main street, the sound of a siren whirring momentarily deafens me and causes the assistant to wince at the volume. The ramen assistant's nostrils flare and he grits his teeth. He points to my right hand. "That one," he says shortly.

"That one?" I echo in disbelief. "Are you sure?" The pointed hand unfurls and reveals a crumpled ten thousand yen note. The dark haired boys eyes widen in disbelief. I extend the note-carrying hand and offer it to him. "Make a tab for me," I request with a pleasant smile. "I'll be back," I promise him and stand up.

"We don't do tabs," he states absently as his mind furiously attempts to unravel the mysterious power of my hand. Which is quite mysterious, and powerful, if I do say so myself.

I shrug my shoulders. "Consider it a tip?" I offer. The look of disbelief returns in full force as I stand up from my barstool and give another smile and wave. "I'll be back," I repeat my statement in amusement, and receive a hurried nod.

I walk from the shops front onto the street and scan the road. In the distance I can still hear the sirens heading towards the north east. They'll probably take another minute before they arrive at their destination. It's a shame that their response time is so slow, or perhaps it's the people who called up taking too long?

It's a pleasant night.

The cool air hangs heavy over the city and people make their way around, going from work to home, spending time out with friends or family, working, painting, dancing. There are many things people do when they're in the city.

A crimson gaze matches mine from across the street.

Across the street and floor blocks away.

I blink in surprise and peer at the figure in the distance. They're sitting straight and proper upon a chair in front of a café. In one hand, a goblet of wine is held, cradled between their fingertips.

They are neither servant, nor master. They are something that does not belong in this war.

A demon?

A spirit?

A vampire?

A shinso?

A magus?

A hero?

A villain?

A king?

A queen?

A knight?

A rook?

A pawn?

Perhaps they are something even more unexpected, such as a man?

Perhaps not that last one. Even from the distance between us, I can make out delicate features that adorn their face. High cheekbones, soft pink lips, stained ever so slightly with the red from the wine. Long golden hair, that cascades past their shoulders and beyond my line of sight down their back. A mocking, challenging smile takes place upon their lips as they watch me take in their profile.

There is something startlingly familiar about the action, and I soon find myself following my feet towards them, across the road and down all four blocks. All the while they remain in their seat, lightly sipping upon their wine, their gaze fixated upon me as I approach.

Eventually I arrive and stand before them.

Their eyes continue to match mine, a shimmer of amusement is present in their crimson gaze.

"What are you?" I ask bluntly and without tact.

A golden brow slowly arches itself at the question, and another sip of wine is taken, before the goblet is set down upon the table between us.

"Do you not remember me, friend?" Their soft voice is a soprano that invokes a stir of emotion in my chest that lacks quantifiable quantities. Pink lips twitch ever so slightly at a reaction that they should not have been able to perceive.

An eternity of memories is jumbled, blurred, and incoherent. I stare at the face that the unknown quantity presents. There is something familiar about it, about them.

I draw the chair across from them out, sit down upon it, and regard them. "What do you know about me? I ask calmly.

A small hand reaches to the goblet sitting upon the café table. A digit touches upon the silvery rim and begins to trace along its edge. "In truth, I am unsure of what is true, and what is false," the words come from their lips slowly and with deliberation.

I've begun to realize that their gaze has not left mine since it first found me. It's become unnerving and almost surreal.

"Tell me, what name are you using?"

I blink and stare hard at the person in front of me. Their large red eyes stare back curiously.

"Naruto," I say slowly, before I ask. "Who are you?"

A ghost of a smile haunts their lips and their finger twitches, sending the goblet tumbling over and spilling the small amount of wine it retained across the table. The dark red liquid spreads over the table and is soaked up by a set of paper napkins that lay upon it. The white is stained red, and yet, my question goes unanswered, just like the ones that preceded it. It takes a few seconds for the sharp smell of the wine to cut through the cold winter air. The smell is clean and has a faint spiced cherry aroma to it. It isn't a kind of wine that is common in this day and age.

My eyes remain fixed upon the beings in front of me, even as the goblet begins to roll across the tables surface to the edge.. It arrives in a slow roll and hangs precariously upon the edge for a moment that extends into a seeming eternity.

And then it falls.

But there is no sound.

Where there should have been the sound of metal hitting pavement, there is none. If I took my gaze off the person in front of me, and looked, where there should be a goblet of silver, there would be none. That is to say, I don't need to look to know the conclusion.

Silence falls between us, just as the goblet had moments prior. I'm not sure what one would call the atmosphere that settles into place. People that were once around the café have found excuses to be somewhere, anywhere else. The waiters and servitors have moved into the shop actual and left the outside alone. The atmosphere isn't exactly tense, nor is it relaxed.

An unknown amount time is lost as we stare at one another.

But eventually one of the staff of the cafe manages to bring themselves to approach the table. That of itself is a feat worthy of praise. The weight of the tension that exists is palpable to even a mundane sense of danger.

"Excuse me," a man says in a quiet, nervous voice as he approaches the table. He is wearing a simple black and white waiters uniform. In his hands he is clutching a board that has no documents, recopies or menus on it, and yet it is clutched as a lifeline.

I suppose my mysterious encounter didn't order anything from the café.

My eyes narrow ever so slightly as a worrisome thought passes my mind.

At the same time the one opposite to me smiles, and their eyes widen in pleasure.

"That is right."

Three words flow forth from their lips and hold meaning beyond their measure.

This is…


Or perhaps I'm just deluding myself.

It is impossible for someone who I have not met to have been waiting for me without knowing my name. Such a thing is inconceivable.

There is a sudden clatter as they stand up and their chair is pushed backwards.

"We will meet soon."

These are the words that end our encounter, they hold a promise of future interactions.

I watch as they stand and disappear into the night. Their presence is visible for blocks. They stand out as a radiant star in the masses that draws glances and parts the flow of bodies by simply being.

"Uhm," The forgotten staff of the café attempts to get my attention, causing me to draw my gaze away from the retreating back of the departed.

I receive a quick and practiced smile from the waiter. "Would you like to order?"

"Do you have ramen?"

Their eyes widen in confusion as the question is posed, and they quickly shake their head in the negative.

"I don't want to order," I inform them as I rise from my seat.

I turn to walk away, and out of the corner of my eye, I catch sight of the split wine on the table. Despite myself I reach over to the table and gently dab my finger upon one of the crimson napkins. I bring my finger tip to my lips and gently touch it upon the tip of my tongue. The taste is somewhat ruined by the inclusion of such illustrious flavours such as napkin, table, crumbs and spilt coffee, much to my disappointment.

As I turn to walk away, the look of relief on the waiter's features almost makes me laugh. Almost being the key word, instead, a frown touches my lips. Despite having vanished into the crowds and being gone from my sight, the red-eyed figure remains firmly set in my mind.

At least, that was the case until my senses suddenly go berserk. My head snaps upwards and my eyes tear across the dark shadows that stretch between the tops of the buildings. A flicker of black in the darkness catches my eye for a moment, before it vanishes with a swirl of purple hair. My lips part in surprise and a sudden excitement fills me.

This is it.

Revenge arrives with a delightful air of elegance and poise.

Without hesitation, I slip out of the main street into an alley way and in a split second, with a stray thought my form unravels and shifts to form a new body. Blonde hair becomes black lengthens. Blue eyes become grey and seemingly larger, My skin darkens and my features become softer , my muscles smooth out ever so slightly and school clothes become a dark suit of orange-not unlike the one Kuzuki Souchirou wears. Oh, and I sprout a pair of breasts, but that is another story all together.

I kick off the ground and bound off the walls of the alleyway, up and up until my feet touch upon the edge of the top of the building, and I push off onto the roof. My eyes flicker across the rooftops in search of my target. In the near distance, I spy my target. Smooth black material stretches over curves and slender form.

Rider moves with grace befitting something inhuman as she leaps from rooftop to rooftop and in some cases from rooftop to building side. She doesn't seem to notice her transition from stalker to prey. My feet touch lightly upon the surfaces of the rooftops as I move after her. Despite my Presence Concealment being of abysmally low rank it still seems to be more than sufficient to keep the purple haired fiend from noticing my approach.

For a while at least, eventually she notices.

Rider's head tilts ever so slightly backwards and in that moment my muscles tense, and as my feet touch down upon the rooftop a surge of mana pulses through my legs, I kick off with enough force to crack the cement underfoot. In less than a second, a gap that spanned three rooftops shortens to a few feet.

But, for a heroic spirit that is more than enough time to react to a threat. Rider's body contorts in mid-air and twists towards the threat that now faces her. Despite having an otherworldly blindfold across her eyes, she is remarkably able at sensing threats.

Our bodies collide at a remarkable speed, and unfortunately for Rider , while she was able to notice my attack, she wasn't able to prepare herself from mid-air. The air is forced out of Rider's chest as my fist collides with her stomach. Her slim body is sent rocketing towards the side of a building behind her. The black-clad body shifts again as she hurtles backwards, just prior to slamming into the building.

Instead of the almighty crash of a body being smashed through a glass window, I'm rewarded with the sight of Rider in a crouching posture, her hands and legs spread out low against the side of the building. The windows beneath her seem to be completely intact, an otherwise impossibility. A flicker of a frown appears on Rider's lips as she regards me.

It happens in the span of a second. During which I'm left momentarily defenceless in the air, my momentum having been spent. The black-clad servants muscles tense and the air around her warps as a long chain materializes into existence, each end attached to a large dagger-like spike that she holds in each hand.

Rider launches herself at me as I fall with a force that should have shattered the side of the window as surely as the force that had sent her to it. Rider is upon me in seconds. I braced for an impact that never arrived. Rider surges past me and my head snaps around in surprise. The surprise explodes as a torrent of metallic links wraps around my body. A grunt escapes me as I'm jerked backwards by the chains. The world spins as I'm flung from the chains and away. The world tumbles and spirals before I catch sight of the impending obstacle in my ballistic trajectory.

My body curls momentarily, before my legs snap out and touch upon the roof of a four-story building. My feet slide upon the smooth concrete surface and eventually the edge of the roof hits my heel. My head snaps up and I flex my fingers. Metal materializes within my palms and fling my hands upwards, swapping ends for ends.

The roof beneath me cracks from the force of impact, and there is a flash of sparks as metal meets metal. A weak grinding sound permeates the air as the spike-like daggers of Rider try to pierce my chest. A vicious grin appears on my features as I hold my hands steady.

Rider's lips twitch ever so slightly into a frown.

Between us our weapons are locked in stalemate. The tips of Rider's spikes are threaded through the loops at the end of the kunai in my hand. She has been put into a precarious position. She can't push forwards and impale me with them, nor can she withdraw without opening herself up to a stabby counter to the face

"You're quite vicious, aren't you?" I remark casually and slowly press forwards, pushing the spikes away from my chest. Slowly, but surely as I push, Rider loses ground and her feet begin to slip backwards against the smooth surface of the rooftop.

Her lips thin out for a moment, as if something particularly unsightly has caught her attention. A moment later her features smooth out again and her muscles tense in preparation for action.

It happens in an instant. The purple haired servant lunges backwards. Her spikes slip from her hands and she narrowly avoids being gutted by the twin blades in my hands. Her leg slips through the chain that connects the deadly implements and a moment later snaps backwards. The wicked looking spikes fly towards her and she snatches them out of the air, before she hops backwards once, then twice, and then off the side of the building.

There is no hesitation as I chase after her and lunge off the side of the building. Wind rushes past my face and I resist the urge to shut my eyes as the cold air cuts against them. On reflex I slash my left hand in front of my body and deflect a spike off of its path with my face.

The lights from the city below blur as my body picks up speed in its free fall. Never the less my gaze is fixated upon the body of the woman clad in black two levels beneath me. It seems she doesn't want to fight. "Don't run away you coward!" I shout at the falling figure bellow me, though my words seem to be lost in the cacophony of wind.

Rider spirals in the air as she falls and moments later her feet slam against the building aside her and she is away. Rider leaps away from the building with the grace of a gazelle. She momentarily touches upon the side of another building before disappearing into the night in a torrent of black and purple. A snarl escapes me and I slash my hands in front of my body. The kunai slips from my fingers with deadly accuracy.

It's a fluid motion that Rider makes as she dodges them.

I twist my body and slam my feet against the side of the building. Unfortunately for it's owner I'm not as graceful as Rider. The building's side gives a groan of pained steel and a crack of shattered glass as I launch myself after Rider.

There are cries of surprise from the street bellow as the shards of glass rain down upon the unsuspecting populace below.

Really, it's their own fault for not bringing a glass-proof umbrella out for the night.

I twist my body and momentarily ignore the laws of physics as I mimic Rider's action and traverse the side of the building. At the very edge of the building Rider appears for a moment, before slipping around the side. My eyes narrow, and a sudden influx of mana charges through my body momentarily boosting my speed tenfold. In an instant my body explodes into motion, and a moment later my hand snaps out. The tips of my fingers crunch through something solid and porous, and my body is shunted out of its sudden boost in speed as my hand clutched the edge of the building. The cement under my hand crumbles, but not before I'm able to slingshot myself around the corner of the building.

I slam into a purple and black figure. My vision is momentarily clouded with thousands of strands of lavender. My hands slip from the sleek otherworldly material of Rider's taut outfit. My fingers make constant with smooth silky skin and clamp down upon it. The world spins and colours and darkness blurs as I slam my foot into Rider a cute gasp of pain escapes her before she is sent on a crash course with the top of a hardware store.

A rattle of chain catches my attention for a moment, before a grunt of pain and surprise escapes me as I'm suddenly yanked downwards. My eyes momentarily catch sight of Rider and the length of chain she holds in her hands… and the other end which is wrapped around my ankle.

The top of the hardware store rushes to meet me. I snap my hands and legs out and greet it like a long lost lover. The building hits me at full speed and my bones momentarily turn to dust from the force of impact. Under my hands and feet the cement roof has cracked, and spider webs stretch out from each point of impact.

And then my back explodes in agony as Rider's boots slam into my spine with the force of a small car. The fractured building underneath me gives way to the tremendous force.

Concrete, steel, and Naruto rains down upon isle seven.

Unfortunately there is no clean-up crew.

The store is blanketed in darkness and the moonlight shines down upon the interior of the store through dust and the newly built skylight.

From the sensation of thousands upon thousands of tiny needles sticking into my face I'm fairly certain I landed upon a bed of nails, and with the wares that the store sells that might be the case. My head swims as I with lift myself out of a pile of rubble. The lack of spikes impaling me is rather disconcerting. I reach up to my face and absently pick out a nail before giving it a disgruntled look and flicking it away.

The shard of iron bounces off a rock and clattered to the floor.

There is silence in the store. There is no movement, but Rider is close by.

A ferocious roar suddenly erupts from somewhere in the store and I lunge to the side narrowly avoiding getting slice in two by something spinning and metallic. I spin around and stretch my fingers out, calling upon my innate ability to summon the tools of my once trade.

The composition of the kunai is a simple thing, converting pure mana into something resembling matter is slightly more difficult, but easy after an eon. Unfortunately the creation fails and the mana form of the kunai is incapable of materializing. My attention has been attracted and captivated by the sight before me.

Rider sits atop her mighty steel steed. The beast trembles and vibrates. Its roars are accompanied by a pillow of noxious fumes. It's a fearsome and surreal sight. In the darkness, Rider observes me with a cool expression, all the while riding atop a chainsaw in the most peculiar of positions. Not for the first time my capability to determine reality from delusion has failed me. My lips part but no sound escapes. The steel blade and teeth of the chainsaw gleam from the weak light that is reflected from the hole in the roof.

"Careful," I warn her absently as I come out of my daze. "You might cut your hair."

Rider's lips twitch, and like a gunshot she is away. The chainsaw lets out a roar and tears across the store floor. At the last moment Rider's legs, in an act that boggles the mind kicks the chainsaw at my face.

I tilt my head to the side, and watch in disbelief as the toothed blade sails past my head. It takes me a few seconds to remember that I was supposed to be stabbing her in payback. By the time I do remember Rider has disappeared back up the hole in the roof, leaving me amidst the rubble and hardware.

And then, with perfect timing, the alarm goes off. Spinning red lights suddenly illuminate the hardware store and a shrieking siren deafens me.

I calmly dust the excessive amount of dirt off my transformed outfit and pointedly ignore the eardrum shatteringly loud alarm. At some point, I couldn't tell exactly when, the tables had turned, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I kick off of the ground and leap through the hole in the ceiling.

My eyes scan the night for signs of Rider. As expected she didn't stick around, or at the very least is no longer visible to the naked eye. My lips twitch ever so slightly into a frown as I shut my eyes and still my body and expand my senses.

It takes a few seconds longer than usual amidst the unnatural landscape of cement but eventually the world begins to flow. The cool winter air sings a song of serenity broken by the sirens blaring beneath me, the horns of cars and the chatter of humanity. The building beneath me thrums with the live current of the wires running through it. As I draw in the mana in the surroundings the constant drain on my mana lulls and slows until it's barely noticeable.

A flicker of an unusual aura catches my attention and my head snaps towards the bridge. A unique existence is moving closer and closer to it, amongst the tops of the buildings.

That isn't to say it is the only one. There are three other such signatures in the city, Beings that cannot be counted as human by any stretch of imagination, but this is the most familiar. Its presence is that of blood and scales. It is something both coy and familiar; it holds no joy or happiness.

Before I realize it my lips are set in a frown.

Without another thought I launch myself towards the bridge in pursuit. With the aid of a burst of mana I scale the building beside the skyscraper in an instant. Another burst and another sudden acceleration and I find myself astride the next building, and the next.

On the fourth burst I arrive at an unexpected scene.

A dark figure stands atop of the next building.

Rider stands tall, her hair blowing in the breeze. The moon shines down upon us from above, showering the woman's figure in a luminous glow. Her face is set cold as she observes me from behind her blindfold. It seems she has grown tired of running away. It's both fortunate and unfortunate.

"You're lucky we aren't on the…" I begin to say, before trailing off, my lips quirking down into a frown as I stop myself from giving away my home ground.

"The temple?" Rider offers coolly.

My body freezes as Rider states something she shouldn't know.

The black servant's features take on an amused expression. "I was correct," she says and tilts her head to the side. "Your weapon would make you Assassin, correct?"

The tension in my body eases and I let out a soft laugh. "Who knows?" I lift my hand up and point it towards her, palm open. I clench my fist, and as I do something materializes within my grasp. Kunai aren't the only tools I am capable of summoning.

Within my grasp I hold the entirety of my civilization.

Nothing is beyond my reach.

A length of immaterial steel folds in upon itself countless times as it is recreated from a long since dead era. In seconds a weapon of indescribable nostalgia is held within my fingers. It is the blade of a long dead enemy.

The White Serpent.

It is a blade stained with the blood of countless men and women.

It is one of the many things that have been reborn into the Age of Man.

I smile pleasantly at Rider and flick the tip of the blade through the air, before pointing it towards her. "Maybe I'm Saber." I state.

"Maybe, I'm a lion?" A vicious grin lights up my face and I lunge forwards, bridging the gap between us in the span of a second.

Sparks fly as the edge of the blade clashes with its enemy's weapons.

Unfortunately unlike the original this replica isn't capable of cutting through everything and the kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink? Most likely, but everything and the kitchen sink-That is outside of its capability. Which is why I summon 'Edge of the Wind God' in attack mode.

There is a burst of wind as mana floods my summoned weapon and the edge sharpens to a razor thin point.

Between us a hurricane of movement unfolds as we pit our weapons and skill against one another. Sparks fly as metal meets wind. Silvers of metal ignite as they are shaved off the wicked looking spikes that Rider wields. Rider lunges from side to side in an attempt to flank me, unfortunately for her my instincts are superior and such acts are futile.

With grace befitting and exceeding that of my current form I parry Rider's attempts at shanking me in the kidney and flick my wrist.

A splatter of blood bursts into life as the tip of my sword manages to caress Rider's cheek.

Without hesitation the scantily clad Servant puts distance between her and the blade I wield.

Rider is crouched upon the edge of the rooftop. Her form is teetering over the edge, her boots barely holding on. A dribble of crimson gently trickles down her cheek and follows the smooth contour of her cheekbones. A small pink tongue flickers out and attempts to lick away the blood, it is a feat that is beyond its reach, and turns an intimidating act into one that is adorable.

My guard relaxes despite myself and I tilt my head to the side as an almost affectionate look appears on my features.

"That was cu-" I begin to say, before I am cut off by flash of steel.

My arm moves before I consciously react and I bat at the attack. My sword waves through thin air and my eyes widen in surprise. A moment later the steel within my fingers flickers and fizzles as I dissolve its existence.

"Stop running!" I shout indignantly and race to the edge of the rooftop, where Rider had been moments prior. There is no hesitation as I leap off after the bedevilled Servant.

Rider has once again taken to travelling astride the buildings sides. She has progressively begun to move into lower and lower territory, to my utter confusion. The people below are within reach. I could reach down and take hold of one and throw them at Rider.

But that is something to be frowned upon, despite how great a projectile they'd make.

Rider moves swiftly, staying just beyond the street level. It's an ingenious act; I can't risk alerting the bystanders to our presence by catching their attention, or by impaling them with a dagger by accident.

Without warning Rider suddenly changes her tactics, and in an instant is two stories higher. We've reached the edge of Shinto. Beyond us is the river that forever separates Miyama and Shinto. It's a familiar area that I was in hours prior. The realization of our location causes me to realize which building we are traversing. My eyes flicker towards the windows that pass beneath my feet as I climb the height of the high-rise, and to the balconies that loom up above.

My heart skips a beat as Rider disappears beyond the balconies. The wind rushes past my body in a shriek as I push my body harder to catch up to the purple and black clad Servant. My feet touch upon the side of the steel railing of the balcony and my instincts scream at me without warning.

I throw my head backwards and barely avoid taking a large black boot to the head as Rider's form surges from the balcony, off into the air. I stretch backwards and my hands make contact with the glass and concrete bellow me. My body flips and my feet touch down upon the surface beneath me. I stare after Rider, my eyes burning with irritation. What was a game of cat and mouse has become ugly. I stand up and rush upwards. The moment my foot touches upon the guard railing I kick off and send myself hurtling after the enemy servant, and as I do I catch sight of a pair of confused and sleepy grey eyes from beyond the glass of the balcony.

And immediately forget I saw them.

Because if I had saw them, then that would have meant that I had to eliminate their owner. It is a rule that no one outside of the war must witness a servant. Just this once I want to live without the blood of an innocent on my hands.

My gaze hardens.

Fortunately for me there are ones that are not innocent that I can take my frustrations out on.

A red monstrosity looms in the near distance. The bridge that connects Miyama and Shinto stretches across the river, illuminated with the lights from lampposts. Rider's dark figure is rapidly ascending the structure, weaving between the support lines that are tethered to the bridge.

My body tenses and a rush of mana floods my limbs as I push my body forwards. The world blurs, and in an instant I am astride Rider as she slips around another support.

Or atleast, she tries to.

There is a sickening crunch as my fist impacts with Rider's face and sends her smashing into one of the gigantic metal beams that make up the bridge. Her body collides with it with an impressive force, but no sound escapes her. Instead she falls.

And falls.

And falls.

And at the last moment kicks away from the structure and sends herself into the middle of the road, where a car is ambling along on its way to Miyama.

I stare in disbelief as Rider's body twists and contorts, and in a miraculous gymnastic feat she lands upon the roof of the car. The car veers from side to side for a moment, before it steadies.

A moment later it explodes into motion and a ferocious roar shatters the pleasant atmosphere of the night.

I stare in wide-eyed disbelief, and admiration as Rider, living up to her name takes control of the car, somehow and forces it to its peak speed. A cloud of black smoke billows forth from the tires as the rubber on them burns against the tar of the bridge.

Rider's head twists ever so slightly upon her modern day steed and the faintest of smiles mockingly appears on her lips.

Even I have to admit that was awesome.

As Rider makes her getaway in her semi-stolen car I continue to race along the bridge. My competitive spirit has taken hold. I cannot allow such a challenge to go unanswered, and it'd be rude not to play along. A flicker of doubt twitches in my mind, but I ignore it in favour of chasing down the bountifully busty babe that my enemy is.

It's entirely for revenge.

Believe it.

I lace my lower body with mana and kick off of the bridge. Without caution I tear the remaining mana inside my body asunder. It coalesces and forms into a secondary body, that immediately grabs me by the hand and with the force of a small car launches me forwards, before dispersing and returning to my body. As the wind rushes past me I tuck in my limbs and focus on the world ahead of me.

Which is comprised mainly of the ground that is rapidly approaching my face. I twist my body forwards and manage to hit the ground with my feet instead of my face. The first step is loud, and the second is barely a whisper.

The third is a thunderous roar as I infuse my body with mana once again and force my body forwards in a burst of raw energy. The world warped once again as I expended mana to push myself into reach of the purple haired servant.

"Rider!" I snarl as I appear in a swirl of wind beside her.

My voice is immediately lost to the sound of the roar of the engine, the wind and the sound of chain links clinking against each other.


Chain links?

I snap my head to the side, and barely avoid having my eye being gouged out by one of Rider's spikes. I grin viciously as I sweep my hand into the length of chain and wrap my fingers around the cold metal links. My body is jerked into motion as the car at the other end of the chain continues on its ballistic path across the bridge. The sheer speed of the car does the impossible and keeps my body from touching the tar that races underneath me.

Atop the car Rider seems to be struggling. In one hand she holds the chain that connects her dagger-like spikes together, and the other is clutching the car's roof, that seems to be in danger of tearing under the stress she is putting upon it.

The world freezes, for a moment.

In this moment something disturbing occurs.

Rider's arm bulges and takes on a purplish tinge. Her nails lengthen and turn black.

In the next moment the world explodes into motion.

Or is that just me?

With strength exceeding what she had shown herself to be capable of Rider jerks the length of chain in her hand and I am sent flying forwards at a ballistic speed exceeding that of the car. Without hesitation I release my hold on the chain, and am sent hurtling away. I barely avoid colliding with the support structure of the bridge.

And without mercy physics comes to finish me off.

Or as they say in this age.

What goes up.

Must come down.

As the momentum of the monstrous throw wears off my body begins to make an arc towards the land upon the Miyama side of the bridge. Utilizing all my prowess as a ninja I manage to land upon my feet. I spin around and face the bridge again.

The speeding car has lost control, because there is no longer a rooftop driver in control of it. It's quickly burning off speed as the rubber breaks are used by its original driver, who seems to be screaming and crying in the driver's seat.

Thankfully the Miyama side of the bridge is mostly empty. At this time of the night everyone is at home or on the Shinto side of the bridge. This side of the bridge is mostly commercial is closed at this time of night.

Out of the corner of my eye I spy a slim black figure disappearing towards the north, but instead of immediately giving chase I take a moment to collect my bearings. I'm becoming perilously low on mana.

Teleporting is no longer an option.

Doing so would waste what mana I had left to fight with.

I kick off of the ground towards a nearby building and land upon a windowsill, before I jump up off it towards the rooftop of another. My eyes quickly scan the rooftops for signs of Rider but find none.

It seems in my moment of rest Rider has vanished.

A nagging doubt flickered to life in the back of my mind.

Why hadn't she simply disappeared in the beginning? If she had reverted to spirit form there would have been little I could of done besides do the same and attempt to follow her. I turn my gaze slowly towards the red bridge, and my lips slowly turn into a frown.

Had she done it to lead me away?

From her Master?

I shake my head and clear my thoughts away.

It doesn't matter.

I kick off the roof and begin to make my way towards the northern suburban area of Miyama.