"Sue what are you doing up here?"

"I was just looking through some of grandma's boxes. I found a bunch of letters and got caught up in reading them. I didn't know that grandpa Masen was a doctor in the Korean War?" My mom sat down next to me and looked at the letters that were in my hands. "Neither did I, I guess you would have to ask your dad about that. I just knew that he was a really young doctor." I handed her the letters making sure to keep them in order of the dates on the envelops. "Well according to these letters he and grandma met through a pen pal service for soldiers over seas during the Korean War. Apparently they had only sent a few letters to each other before they actually met."

Mom thumbed through the letters before a single tear fell from her right eye. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders pulling her close to me. I knew that her and my grandmother were really close but she refused to let anyone see how hurt she was from loosing her, she was almost as torn up as dad was.

Grandpa Mason passed away a week ago and the day after his funeral Grandma Mason passed as well. I never knew how they met but we had started going through their stuff so that dad could put the house up for sale. I found the letters in the bottom of a box with grandma's wedding dress and some photo albums.

"If these dates are right then they only knew each other for eight months before their wedding and just over a year and a half before they had your father." A throat cleared from the door and we both looked up to see dad standing there. "Jake we were just going through some of the boxes up here when Sue found these letters." He smiled at me.

"Yeah I remember when I found these; mom told me the whole story about how she and dad met. Dad refused to tell me anything about being over seas but Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett told me all about it when I got older. Apparently it was really bad for dad when he was in the accident; the only person he let in was mom. She took care of him when he got out of the hospital, even though Grandpa Charlie hated it he agreed to let dad move in with them. From there I guess you could say the rest is history."

I watched as my parents gave each other a quick kiss before I stood and headed down stairs, "Where are you going to so fast." I turned and smiled at my mom, "I'm gonna go write a letter to TJ. I know I was mad at him for joining the service but I need him to know that I love him for it, even if it makes me worry all the time."

The End

This story is dedicated to man who served his country and gave the greatest sacrifice he could. He died while serving his country and left behind a family that loved him, friends that will miss him, and a town who honors him.

R.I.P. SSGT JT Dudley