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Severus could not believe that he felt such hunger. Only ten minutes before, no other emotion had seemed possible for that day and night, and the rest of the days and nights to come, but grief.

It was the despair that always momentarily overwhelmed him with something reminded him of the worse parts of his past. He knew it would pass in time. He only needed to be left alone to shed it like a duck shedding water from its back.

But Harry and Draco had come bursting in rudely on his grief, and now the greed to have them both was in his veins, in his blood, in his heart and head, like some subtle poison. He never took his eyes off them as he conjured a mattress in the middle of the library and then ordered them to undress.

"What, I don't even get to have a proper bed for my first time?" Harry murmured, looking up at Severus and grinning as he removed his robes, followed by his shirt and trousers. It was the grin that kept his parody of experience from being disgusting. He knew exactly what he was doing, and that grin challenged Severus to acknowledge it, and follow.

"You chose this when you came in here and spoke to me," Severus said, making his eyes so direct that the flush on Harry's cheeks deepened, and he turned away and finished undressing without another word.

Draco laughed. He wasn't as deeply flushed, despite the paler shade of his skin. He reached out one hand and brushed it down Harry's side, then laughed again when he jumped. "You'll see," he said. "It feels so good, it doesn't matter whether we're doing this on a bed or a conjured mattress or the floor."

"Well, obviously it matters to Severus that we're not doing it on the floor." Harry had his spirit back again. He smiled at Severus and turned to face him, proudly placing his fists on his hips. "Do you like what you see?"

Severus examined his tan skin, his thin curves of hipbones, his jutting cock, until Harry's smile faltered again. Then he said quietly, "Very much."

Harry grinned at him again and turned to display his arse.

Severus knew that he made some sort of undignified noise when he saw it, but he had not the time to listen to his own vocalizations. He reached out and grasped one of Harry's cheeks, moving it aside so that he could see the entrance more clearly.

Harry inhaled sharply and tilted his head back, ruining the purpose of that exercise. Severus leaned down and kissed his spine, then leaned over to kiss his shoulder blades. Slim and bony, but then, no one expected high-bred beauty of Harry Potter. What he had was more than enough.

"We're all interesting to look at," Draco said with satisfaction, and reached out to pull Harry into a kiss. Harry responded more than eagerly, looping his arms around Draco's neck.

Severus let that continue for a short time, feasting his eyes on the tongues that darted in and out of their mouths, and the way their lips curled, and the way their heads bowed and moved away from each other as they dueled. But the hunger was too imperative. "Draco. Lie down."

Draco nodded, broke off despite Harry's disappointed moan, and lay back on the mattress, facing up. Then he drew his knees up to his chest and pried his arse cheeks apart, which Severus had most assuredly not asked him to do.

Harry's moan was not disappointed this time. Severus leaned towards him and whispered, "As you have not been fucked before, I assume that you have not fucked."

"Not a man," Harry said, not taking his eyes from Draco. "Not an arse." He drew the word out as if he appreciated it. "I didn't—I never thought it would be appealing."

"You are going to fuck him," Severus said into his ear, enjoying the way Harry whimpered absently under his breath without seeming to realize it, "and I am going to fuck you."

Harry twisted about and blinked. "What, at the same time? How will that work?"

"With some care," Severus said, "almost anything is possible." He pointed his wand at Draco and murmured a lubrication charm, then a stretching one. He would still instruct Harry to stretch Draco, of course; it was important that he understand all parts of this could be an enjoyable experience, and Draco would love the attention. Draco smiled now and spread his legs, running his fingers teasingly around his entrance.

"All right," Harry said, somewhere between breathless and delighted. Abruptly, he glanced over his shoulder at Severus and frowned. "Wait. You're still dressed."

"I wonder that you noticed," Severus said dryly, and Harry flushed. Severus took pity on him, stroking the edges of his face. "Yes. I will remain this way until you are within Draco. I wish to take you on my own terms."

He thought for a moment that he might have gone too far as Harry's eyes widened, but then Harry tilted his head back again and moaned long and low, so deeply that Severus would not have been surprised if Draco did not hear it.

Severus pointed his wand at Harry's cock and murmured another lubrication charm, perhaps more hastily than he should have. Harry yelped, probably at the cold. Severus kissed his shoulder blades again.

"Use your fingers to hold him open and stretch him," Severus murmured. "The lubrication will help, but I do not enjoy using charms as the only preparation."

"And this is about what you want," Harry said, without resentment, even with relish. He knelt down and placed his fingers hesitantly in Draco, while Draco watched him eagerly and cooed encouragement.

Severus stared at him for a moment. How could anyone simply give himself up like this, and be content to be directed by another?

But he remembered that he had done it the other evening for Draco, and even for Harry, if one counted the fact that he and Draco had set up the dinner and escorted Harry into having sex with them for the first time.

Shaking his head as he imagined what Harry might be feeling, Severus leaned forwards and watched as Harry hesitantly moved his fingers back and forth, in and out of Draco. Draco shivered and hauled on his legs, which looked as if they were about to fall out of his hands. Severus lifted his wand and cast a Lightening Charm specific to Draco's legs; too much on the rest of his body and he might simply float away. Draco smiled at him and nodded to Harry.

"You can open them, and stretch me across," he said, his hoarse voice making that simple action sound far more erotic than some demands that Severus had heard. "I'd like that."

Harry gave Draco a brilliant, low-lidded smile, and did as he asked, at least if the motion of his hand was any indication. Draco let his head fall back and sighed, releasing his legs so that they sprawled on the mattress.

"That should—" he said, but broke off to pant as Harry traced his fingers back and forth, in and out and around. "Yes, Harry, like that—that should be enough."

"Er, all right," Harry said, but his inexperience was an asset in this case, as he did not seem to realize that it might hurt and so did not ask stupid questions. He pulled his fingers back and cast one more glance at Severus for permission.

Heart burning, Severus nodded.

Harry picked up his cock, stroking it with two fingers as if he couldn't help himself, and slowly slid into Draco. Both he and Draco gasped when it began to happen, but Harry louder. He shut his eyes, gritting his teeth as sweat popped out on his forehead, and the muscles in his shoulders and the cords in his neck both strained. Severus wanted to laugh aloud at the fact that he seemed to be going through more of a struggle than Draco was, but kept it to a coaxing murmur for Harry's sake. "That's it. You're doing fine. Penetrate him, now."

Harry shifted his hips as if trying to find the best direction, and Draco spread his legs further in welcome. "Yes, that's right," he murmured.

"Oh, Merlin," Harry whispered, his voice so soft that Severus could not tell whether the words were ones of shock, wonder, or excitement. He opened his glazed eyes and stared at Draco as he slid further forwards, then further. That last slide wasn't all his idea; Draco looped his legs around Harry's waist and tugged. A squeak and a squelching noise, and Harry was where he should be.

Severus stood back then and let them have their moment, as they stared at each other. Draco reached up and ran a hand tenderly across Harry's temple, his fingers sinking under the wild black hair for a moment.

"Are you all right?" Draco whispered.

Harry blinked, then blinked again, as if hoping that would make things normal. But his smile was still dazed and slid across his face as slowly as a snake. "It's warm," he said.

Draco breathed a laugh and brought his hands down so that they rested along Harry's flanks. "I should hope it's more than that," he said.

"Git," Harry said, his eyes already more brilliant than they had been, a smile Severus had never seen before on his face. "That's all the praise you're getting for right now. Greedy," he whispered then, in the way that told Severus his concentration was slipping, and leaned down as much as he could to nuzzle in the direction of Draco's ear. Both of them gasped. "So greedy, without end," Harry mumbled.

Severus cast the spells to disrobe himself then, when they were wrapped up in each other and becoming so sweet that they stood a chance of pulling him into the inferno before he was ready. A lubrication charm on his cock and fingers, and he knelt behind Harry. He intended to enter Harry more slowly than Harry had entered Draco; if there was too much pain, he would have not one but two lovers complaining.

Two lovers.

Severus's fingers shook as he reached out and ran them gently around Harry's entrance. The words implied so much, not merely things that he had thought he would never have but things he had simply assumed he never could have.

"Oh!" Harry said then, and bobbed as if he was torn between pushing closer and pulling away. Draco groaned at the movement of Harry's cock inside him. "What—what are you doing?" Harry added, looking over his shoulder. Then his eyes widened, and he added, "Oh. You're naked."

"Extremely so," Severus said, and slid one finger inside. He could feel every moment of Harry's cautious breath-catching, his flex and the shake he gave his shoulders as if to soothe the tension inside. "And I am fucking you. We did agree on that, remember?"

"Oh, yes," Harry said, mumbling again as he tilted his head back. Taking that as permission, Severus moved his finger further. Harry moaned, then gasped, "Wait, Severus. What about Draco? Won't we hurt him?"

"Now you worry about hurting me," Draco teased, and then laughed, probably at the expression on Harry's face. Severus found it difficult to look up right now, away from the sight of his finger disappearing into Harry. "No, stupid, it's fine. We'll cast Balancing Charms if we need to."

"All right," Harry said, still uncertain, and Severus swirled his fingers in a sharp circle and added more lubricant. Harry gulped and clamped down so tightly that Severus had to wait for him to release before he could move again. "Feels," Harry said, and no more.

"Feels what?" Draco asked. "Oh, if you could see your own face," he added, half-reverently, and Severus had to look up this time.

Harry was rocking back and forth, not seeming aware that he was doing so, his eyes shut and his face mottled with a vivid red flush. The flush deepened as Severus watched, and his lips parted like a baby sucking. His head lolled back and forth on his neck, perfectly matching the pace of his rocking.

"Just feels," Harry said.

Severus shut his eyes and used his mental discipline—the best use he had ever found for Occlumency—to command himself not to come yet. His finger shook with undignified haste while he pushed it into and out of Harry. Harry was full-out riding it before Severus decided to add another one, apparently having decided that feels was good.

He jumped at the second one, as much as he could when he was inside Draco, but then made a mindless sound of approval. Severus leaned in to bite his shoulder. "What do you have to say for yourself?" he murmured. "Is it hard not to come?"

"So hard," Harry whispered, and then giggled like an idiot.

That one, Severus would give him. He ought to have thought more carefully of his word choice if he did not want it bent into an atrocious pun. He applied himself to fucking Harry with two fingers, and spread them wide, angled them further, and…

Found it.

Harry squealed, his eyes flying open. Draco laughed and embraced him with fingertips and legs, kissing his hands from the sound. "Thought you'd like that," he said. "Do you know what it is?"

"Of course I know what it is, don't be stupid," Harry retorted breathlessly, shoving his arse back at Severus until Severus's urge to mark it was near uncontrollable. "And you can just shut up right now, Draco Malfoy."

Draco's laughter was traveling back through Harry's body into Severus's. It was the most remarkable thing he had ever felt.

"And Severus can just go away and see how he likes being left wanting if he doesn't fuck me right now," Harry said, and cast a glance back at Severus full of such sharp challenge and promise that his cock jumped.

"As you will," Severus said, and pulled his fingers back. Harry clenched down at the loss, but then sighed as Severus began to slide into him.

"It's—bigger than they were," Harry said inanely, his head falling back but not quite coming to rest on Severus's shoulder. His eyes were blinking languidly, and he looked surprised when Severus slid to a stop. Severus lowered his head and locked his teeth into Harry's shoulder. Harry gasped and reached back with a faltering hand.

"Don't forget about me, down here," Draco said, and did something that made Harry gasp again and look at him. Then he shook his head with a smile, and a small knot of worry that had lingered in the back of Severus's mind relaxed. He had wondered how Harry would react to being between two men for the first time in his life, but it was only too obvious that he liked it and would welcome the "burden" of attending to two people at once.

Meanwhile, Severus was struggling to recover his breath and his will to move. It seemed to him that he could stay happily wrapped in Harry's overwhelming heat for the rest of his life. But Harry was making soft grunting sounds, and Draco wriggled and laughed at something that had better not be the expression on Severus's face.

"Move, already," Draco whispered.

Harry shifted backwards and then forwards, at the same moment as Severus tried to begin their conjoined movement. Harry rocked helplessly before he seemed to understand what was required: to let Severus take control. He nodded and bowed his head, locking his hands into place on Draco's hips.

There has never been anything this beautiful, Severus thought as he thrust into warmth, and heard the mattress he had conjured creaking and the ecstatic grunting from Draco's mouth. There never will be again.

Unless we do this again.

Severus was not sure he could contain the emotions that spun through him when he thought of that. He touched Harry's throat to distract himself, slipping his fingers around the base, scratching softly at the nape of his neck.

"Oh, yes," Harry said, with a voice so deep that Severus shuddered and drove into him out of turn. "That's the place." He gave Severus a sated smile, then turned a wondering, devoted one on Draco.

Apparently his neck is sensitive, Severus thought, and leaned in to get his mouth on it, splaying his hands across the naked expanse of Harry's back. Harry arched to meet his lips, and Severus bit and licked gently at first, increasing the pressure when Harry nodded and sighed. When he bit, as he had on Harry's shoulder, Harry garbled and stiffened.

"Not yet," Severus whispered to him. "You are not coming yet. I'll tell you when you're allowed."

"Please," Harry said, and Severus didn't know whether he was protesting against the restriction or begging for more of it. It hardly mattered.

Anything hardly mattered, or so it seemed, outside their medley of hot bodies, mingled limbs, sounds, and scents. By leaning over Harry's shoulder, Severus could see Draco's face. There was so much dazed happiness there that he wished he could reach Draco, to touch his cheeks and feel the reality of that smile. He had to settle for caressing Draco's legs where they wrapped around Harry's waist.

Draco smiled at him, then closed his eyes and gave a resounding groan.

His cock soaked his belly. Severus savored the sight, but more, he savored the pleasure that it signaled and which he could see washing around the edges of Draco's smile and back into it, rising to his eyes when he opened them.

"Why did he get to come and I—don't?" Harry asked, forcing the words out against what Severus knew must be a substantial block in his throat.

"Isn't that a good question," Severus whispered to him, stroking him, then nipping him when Harry seemed about to stop thrusting into Draco. Draco laughed, though it was such a relaxed sound that not even Harry Potter could take it as mockery, and opened his arms, sitting up, with a tremendous effort, so that he could hold Harry close.

"Thank you," he whispered to Harry and Severus at once, kissing Harry's forehead and reaching past Harry to give a fleeting touch to Severus's hand. Severus was still not close enough to touch his smile, but this was the next best thing. "I'm never going to forget this."

Nor will I, Severus thought, and, now that Draco was satisfied, closed his eyes and concentrated on taking Harry's virginity.

So warm, so tight. The mere knowledge that no one had fucked Harry before, that no one had slept with him like this and it was entirely new, would have driven Severus on, but the pleasure was its own incentive.

He could not grow close enough to Harry. His hands roamed up and down Harry's ribs, he pinched and squeezed and bit, and still the barriers of their skin held them apart. And still Harry grunted and gusted and squeaked, and was driven into Draco's body and allowed Severus to drive into him.

When Severus opened his eyes, he could see Draco watching him, his cheeks brilliant in their pink, his eyes filled with the same knowledge that echoed in Severus's mind, as if they were exchanging thoughts.

A privilege. A gift.

Severus's orgasm swelled up long before he actually experienced it, making him tremble with the promise of it. He halted himself before his muscles went rigid and simply held still inside Harry, barely breathing, waiting.

For the first time that he could remember since the war, he actually lost control of his perceptions and his surroundings. Intensity exploded across his mind, his world was blank, his spine was arching, and other things were happening, but he didn't know what they were. His fingers scrabbled at Harry's shoulders, he knew they were there, but he couldn't stop himself and he couldn't open his eyes to see what damage he might be inflicting. He didn't know that he had eyes any longer.

Then it was done, and he slumped against Harry, who was whining and driving into Draco's body. Draco had lain down again, and there was a soft, mysterious smile on his face.

"Come," Severus whispered into Harry's ear.

Harry did it, perfectly and to command, a continuous stream of whimpers pouring past his lips as he thrust and used Draco without apology. Draco said, "Mmmmmm," a hum without beginning or end, and held Harry inside him, staring up at him with rapt eyes.

Severus closed his eyes as Harry's muscles clenched around his spent cock. He didn't know what to say, what to do.

Luckily, Harry did.

"This was—so much," he said, and when Severus looked again, it was to find that Harry was leaning back to kiss him and had stretched out a hand to Draco, who took it and hauled himself upright again.

They met in a collision of lips and tongues, and Severus's soul ached with something it did not hurt him to identify as happiness.


"Yes?" Harry asked, blinking at the dark-haired woman who stood on their doorstep. He thought she looked vaguely familiar, but he didn't know her, and he wasn't about to let a stranger past their wards.

The woman put a hand on one hip and surveyed him with a challenging air. "I'm here to see Draco," she said.

Pansy. Harry gave her a thin smile and leaned his own hip on the door. Draco was brewing in the potions lab with Severus, but there were more compelling reasons not to fetch him down. "I don't know that he wants to see you," he said.

"Why don't you let him make that decision?" Parkinson—Harry decided he would think of her that way because he didn't know her current last name—had a self-assured smile and a thin one. She studied him as though she didn't know what to make of him but was hoping that someone would tell her. "I know he's with you now, but that tends to mean little where someone like Draco is concerned."

Harry folded his arms and glared at her. "Are you implying that he would cheat on us?"

"Why not? He's always got bored before and moved on from everyone he slept with—except me." Parkinson's eyes abruptly traveled over Harry's shoulder, and she smiled more broadly. "And there he is."

Harry turned around. Both Draco and Severus stood behind him, Severus with his hands on the banister and his face sharp and blank. Draco was standing with his arms braced on nothing as if someone had tried to throw him back. Harry didn't think he was breathing.

"Hullo, Draco," Parkinson said, as simply as though she were coming back to pick up a dog she had left behind. "Here I am. I told you that you'd have me, someday." She shook her head and pushed one glossy strand of dark hair back from her face. "I didn't know you were right, then, but that's the past now."

Harry looked up in time to see Severus's mouth open. Harry shook his head frantically. He wouldn't be able to influence Draco in this, he didn't think, and Severus shouldn't try to, either. If this wasn't Draco's free choice, then things lost all their value.

Parkinson chuckled. "Such an honorable Gryffindor," she murmured, so that only Harry could hear. "I give you permission to be that way. Merlin knows that it works out better for me if you are."

A soft sound cut across the room before Harry could reply—Draco swallowing. When Harry looked back at him, he was standing upright with his arms folded and a sad little smile on his face. "I do adore being right," he murmured, "and I almost hate to make you go away for that reason, Pansy. But it's too late."

Nothing in the world could have kept Harry from turning around to look at Parkinson's expression. She was pale, and she had lost her smile, but she still looked confident. "Don't tell me that you've picked up the odious habit of faithfulness at this late date, Draco," she said. "Not when I've divorced my husband for you. Not when I've finally chosen passion over all the other things that I might have chosen."

Draco shrugged. He was leaning back against Severus now, and seemed much more relaxed. "Then I won't tell you. You can figure out the results for yourself, by seeing that I haven't come to greet you."

"You can't," Parkinson said, in a low hiss that made Harry feel sorry for her for the first time.

"It's too late," Draco repeated. He stepped away from Severus and came up to stand beside Harry, entwining their hands. Harry closed his eyes and tried not to think of how grateful he was. "If you had come back to me a few months ago, before I changed and became the person I am now, maybe it would have worked. But even then…I don't know. A large part of the reason I was attracted to you was the hopelessness, and I'm over that now. And then there's the fact that you knew me from childhood. But Harry and Severus can also give me that gift."

Parkinson stood still with her fingers on her temple, head tilted as if she were trying to ease the pressure on her brain. Then she said, "It's too late for you to hold my interest, either," and marched away.

It was so transparently a face-saving device that Harry snorted. From the way her spine stiffened, he was sure she had heard him, but she continued walking with the same measured cadence, so he reset the wards, closed the door, and turned to face his partners.

Draco immediately leaned forwards and kissed him, his tongue delving into Harry's mouth as if he were seeking some acknowledgment of the risk he had taken when he declared that he was giving up Parkinson. Harry responded immediately, twining his arms around Draco's neck and using his tongue to prove that it hadn't been a risk at all.

Severus came forwards to make it a triple kiss, and when it was done, he was the one who murmured into Draco's ear, "Are you sure that you will never regret us?"

Draco twisted around in their arms and stared up at him. "How could I? You've given me everything I ever wanted."

Harry laughed, because it was such a Slytherin thing to say and because he didn't want anyone to see that he was shaking with relief. He hadn't been sure, even now, that he could satisfy Draco, who was used to so much more.

It's wonderful that I can. It's wonderful that he's staying.


"I know what kind of wizard you are. You might have everyone else fooled, Death Eater, but I know."

Severus did not look up from the ingredients he was arranging, this time violet petals in order of size. Instead, he reached out and ran his fingers over his wand, which lay beneath the counter and would trigger a special ward in Harry's section of the shop.

"Are you listening to me?" A pair of hands smashed down on the counter in front of him, and a scowling face thrust it under Severus's nose. "I said that you were a Death Eater, and I know you, and I'm going to make sure that everyone else in the world knows, too!"

"I assure you that I have the knowledge already," Severus said calmly, and pulled back his left sleeve to show the Dark Mark.

His assailant, a witch who had probably still been a student when the war ended, reeled back, at the same moment as Harry stalked through the arched doorway into Severus's section.

"And who's this?" Harry said, loud enough to make the glass in the shop windows hum. "Someone who thinks again that you haven't paid the debt you owed, Severus?" He shook his head and glared at the witch, who was flinching from the mere impact of those brilliant green eyes. Severus knew their impact well; he settled back to enjoy it being deployed on his behalf. "I swear, people get stupider by the month." Harry paused, then added, "No, make that by the hour."

"He's a Death Eater!" whined the witch, blonde hair sticking to her forehead in a way it hadn't just a moment before. "You shouldn't be here with him."

"I'll decide who I should be with," Harry said, and gripped her arm, tugging her to the door. Severus knew she would have fought to the death before she would have let him or Draco do something like that, but it was bad enough to be called stupid by the Savior of the Wizarding World in front of an avidly staring bunch of people; she wouldn't make it worse by potentially hurting Harry. "And it will never be anyone you approve of, unless you change your mind about Draco and Severus."

"You call them by their first names?" the woman spluttered, gripping the sides of the shop door as if that would stop a determined Chosen One.

"Yep," Harry said, leaning in and smiling evilly at her. "You can imagine what else I do with them later." And he detached her hands and slammed the door in her face, then turned around and looked regally at the other customers in Severus's section of the shop. "Does anyone else want to complain about my partner?"

Everyone was suddenly, studiously involved in looking at the barrels and crates they'd been casually sorting through moments before. Harry snorted and returned to Severus, leaning over to touch his hand out of sight. "Are you all right with this?" he asked.

Severus, still bathed in satisfaction at the annihilated expression on the witch's face, nodded.

Harry lingered. "I just don't want you to feel attacked in your pride, or anything like that," he whispered.

"If my pride has been injured," Severus said, turning his head and murmuring into Harry's ear, "rest assured that I know many, many ways of getting my own back."

Harry's eyes widened, and the pupil appeared to consume the rest. "Uh, yeah," he breathed. "Yeah."

Severus's hand darted down beneath the counter to squeeze the cock he knew would be hard, and he smiled to feel it stiffer than he had imagined. "Go back to your side of the shop now," he commanded in a low voice. "We'll discuss this at dinner tonight."

"Yeah," Harry said again, and then appeared to realize that people were still watching them. He pulled away, a blush staining his cheeks, and nodded awkwardly to Severus as he stumbled towards the door to his own shop.

Severus shook his head and returned to his violet petals.


"Is that a letter from your parents?"

Draco should have known that he couldn't hide anything from Severus. He leaned back in his chair at the table and lifted his head for a kiss. Severus obliged him and then moved around the chair, eyes intent on the letter.

"From my mother, actually," Draco said. He toyed with the intact seal and laughed shamefacedly. "I've been scared to open it."

"Do so," Severus said, and sat down on the arm of the chair, which wobbled dangerously, then straightened itself again as Severus shifted his balance. Draco had already observed that Severus knew how to use his weight very well indeed. "I am with you."

And why does that make me feel better, instead of smaller? Draco thought absently, but tore the letter open and lifted it to his eyes, so determined to read what there without flinching that it was long moments before he focused on the words themselves.

My son:

Your father has informed me of his efforts on your behalf. And they are so clumsy, so lacking in tact and diplomacy, that I would not blame you if you never wanted to see a signature containing the Malfoy name again.

But we are still part of you, Draco. And I have spent the past few weeks dealing with my realization that I would rather see you again than any hypothetical grandchild.

With your permission, and your partners', I would like to attend dinner at your house sometime in the near future. I will not invite you back under the roof from which you were so unworthily dismissed until Lucius does it himself.

I await your word.

Narcissa, your loving mother.

Draco sighed and sat with his eyes shut for a long moment. He knew Severus was reading the letter over his shoulder, and he didn't mind.

"For all of mine," Severus said, "she is welcome here. I am not sure that Harry can say the same."

Draco turned his head and stared up at Severus. "Really?" he asked, genuinely surprised. "You'd let her come?"

"Of course," Severus said, staring at Draco as if he had suddenly forgotten how to brew potions. "I have never wished to part you from your family, and Lucius's stupidity is the only reason the breach has endured for so long." He ran a hand down Draco's neck, tugged a lock of his hair. "I wish to see you happy, Draco, and this will make you so."

Draco leaned his head on Severus's shoulder and said nothing, soaking in his warmth through his robe, like a ray of beaming sun.


"So. Harry."

Harry looked up and raised his eyebrows. Ginny sat across the table from him, but otherwise, only Ron and Hermione remained from the people who'd made up the Weasley dinner. Bill and Fleur had had to leave early to get Victoire in bed, George and Arthur had gone out into the garden for a "talk" that made Molly nervous—she'd followed to try and listen in—and Charlie and Percy hadn't managed to come. Ginny looked so serious that Harry wondered curiously what she was about to say.

"Are you happy with them?" Ginny asked.

Hermione was holding her breath, from the sound. Ron's elbow thumped down on the table as he leaned in.

Harry thought of the stiff, formal way Narcissa Malfoy had dined with them last night. He thought of the way he had fended off several threats to Draco and Severus in the last week, and they had done the same for him, once. He thought of the latest letter from Parkinson and how Draco had burned it unread.

He thought of the fire that he could feel leaping through his heart and mind and body when he thought of Draco and Severus, of the three of them together.

"Yeah," Harry said, and smiled. "Very happy."

The End.