This is a new story from the Gallagher Girl series, it's AU and I just got this idea randomly so if you don't like it, I won't continue it. But this is just a trial. In this story, Cammie is just an ordinary girl, she lives with her horrid aunt because both her parents died...or did they? Don't wanna give away too much so just read on :)

Disclaimer: apparently I've just been informed that I cannot reveal to the public that in truth, I was behind all the Galla..OUCH! FINE. I DO NOT OWN THE GALLAGHER GIRL SERIES! HAPPY?

Cammie's POV

Apparently my stupid cousin Arianna took out the batteries of my alarm clock last night, so I woke up 14 minutes late, at 6:14. I know what you're wondering, why would a 16 year old girl wake up at 6 in the morning every day? Well it could be because I live far from school, which I do. Sort of. Having to walk 30 minutes to the bus stop but only ride 20 minutes of it could get annoying, but it only requires me to get up at 7:20 or something. The reason I have to be up at 6 is because every morning I have to:

make breakfast, feed, change diapers, and play peek-a-boo for baby Carolyn (I don't understand the peek-a-boo thing either, but Aunt Agatha insists it), clean the house for possible guests during the day, get Cory and Madison ready for school, get Arianna ready for school. Though I put this in a different category because Arianna is a whole different story from Maddie and Cory. And oh right. Please Aunt Agatha.

As you can probably tell, I'm treated like dirt in my own house. Sometimes, Literally. But technically, I don't even belong to the Chrismans. The Chrismans are one of the richest family in the small town of Roseville, California. So when my parents died when I was 8, the council decided that I would go to them. Of course, they weren't happy with this, so for the past 11 years, they did everything to make me miserable, and they've done a pretty good job. Anyways, let me introduce the family.

Baby Carolyn, at the age of 13 months, doesn't do much except scream and cry. And since everyone else is too busy to take care of her, I'm in charge. Of course.

Cory and Madison are twins. Cory's the star of the boy's hockey team and Madison's the lead in the play. Madison's the perky cheerleader type, and Cory's the Jock. No surprise coming from this family. Though they are only 14, I feel like sometimes they make themselves feel like 17 year olds.

Then there's Arianna. WOW. What can I say? She has everything she could possibly want and it's still not enough. It never is with her. She's the head cheerleader, everyone wants to be her, every guy wants to date her, and, dare I say it, she's beautiful. The most beautiful girl I have ever known. But most of the time, she's too much of a bitch for me to admire it. Plus, she's a straight A student, has an angelic voice, and is a total drama queen. Need I say more?

Lastly, there's Aunt Agatha. If Arianna is a you-know-what, than Aunt Agatha is the queen of the you-know-whats, but I would never say that to her, or she might make me not eat food for 2 days. Yeah, she's done that.

You might wonder why I put up with this, it's because if I don't, I get kicked out of the house and left on the streets to die. So I guess I have no choice. Sometimes I feel like Cinderella, but I don't believe in fairytales and those stuff, so I just see myself die an old maid in the streets alone. After all, miracles don't happen. Plus, I highly doubt there's any boy in the entire Roseville that would ever go on a date with me, and fall in love with me? There's a joke. Harvey Davis almost asked me out in Grade 6 until Arianna made me go home and polish her shoes, he never talked to me again.

So, the point is, my life is absolutely the worst it comes and no one cares. Well, no one except Trevor, he's my pal, and his girlfriend Colette. But other than them, I have no one in this world. Even surrounded by people everyday giving me orders and bossing me around, I was completely and utterly ALONE.

The second I got to school, some guy tripped me and I would have fell straight on my face if it wasn't for Trevor, who caught me just in time.

I go to Roseville High, so does most teenagers in this town. It's really the only school there is other than Holly J. Fairview school for the performing arts. Which is full of drama freaks. Oh and there's that weird school not far from here. Blackthorne I think it's called. But no one ever goes there, it's an all boy school, and I think it's filled with geniuses/snobs or something. Arianna should go, if she was a boy.

School for me is awful. But sadly, it's the best part of the day. It's mostly the only time where I'm left alone, even though that's not considered a good thing, it is for me. Teachers like me because I'm actually a good student and I pay attention in class. So, other then the whole having to see your "peers" thing, school ain't that bad. And that's what I thought, until at lunch, when Colette came running to me with a piece of paper in her hand.

"Look Cam!" She said holding up the paper.

Winter Wonderland dance

Everyone is invited

January 29th at 7:30

Wear white, black and winter colors


it's going to be a magical night

Colette stared up at me, her eyes shining.

"Okay, you're happy about this...because?" I asked.

"Because Trev asked me and I said yes! Oh my Gosh Cammie we HAVE to go dress shopping this weekend we need to look gorgeous!" She pranced, barely able to contain her joy.

"We? You mean you right? Cause you know there's no way I'm going."

She looked heart-broken. "What? No! It's my first real dance! You have to be there with me! You just HAVE to!"

I thought about this. 100 something perky rich girls in gowns and dresses dry humping to music. While their "date" stands beside them trying to make themselves look good by having the best date. And principle Mrs. Queller tries desperately to "lighten the mood" by getting us "up and boogieing" OR, I could choose a quiet night at home. Just by myself, with Aunt Agatha hopefully somewhere "enjoying the night life" like she does every Friday night. Tough choice, but I think I'll choose my quiet night. I about to tell her this, but then I saw the hopeful look in her eyes, and I just couldn't. I mean, she's been a great friend to me, and stuck with me all these years despite how lame I am. So I owned it to her, and Trevor, in theory. So I closed my eyes and said, "Sure, Col, sounds like fun." She squealed and started planning her "dream night".

"Okay, Trevor's going to beg his uncle to let him borrow his red Porsche, and he'll pick us up by 7, oh and you can come over after school so we could get dressed up and ready by 6:30, than my mom's probably gonna make us take a picture and stuff, and we'll look gorgeous in our dresses, her shoes, our hairdo that my sis Ashley could do for us, oh and makeup!"

Before long, me and Colette are talking about what kind of mascara would look best. And as much as I hate to admit it, this dance thing might not be so bad after all.

Zach's POV

I walked to the cafeteria as slow as possible, wishing that I could avoid it. Of course, I could easily escape Blackthrone, transfer myself in to a completely new person and runaway to Iceland or some place, where I could work on a farm milking cows or whatever they do there. But than, they would probably find me sooner or later, and that wouldn't look good on my permanent record.

How can I do this? Because I go to Blackthrone institute for Boys. Which in reality, is a school for spies. Boy spies. I know it sounds cool and all, but sometimes, more than anything, I just want to be a normal kid. You know, go to normal high school, worry about getting a date to the dance instead of surviving through it. Literally. But this is the life I chose for myself, or my parents chose for me. Before they...disappeared. So I have no choice but go through it and "serve for my country" when I grow up. Great.

When I got to the cafeteria, I saw that Mr. Steve, my teacher, was just about to make an announcement.

"Hello fellow gentlemen, I have some exciting news, just excellent. Are you ready?" He's quite...perky for a spy teacher, but he's pretty cool, and knows his stuff.

"You guys, the grade 10s, are going on a covert mission!" He exclaimed.

We all blinked at him. Was he serious? This is his big news?

"Um, Mr. Steve," That's my pal, Grant, "No offense or anything, but don't we do that like every other week or something?"

"Ah, true, but this time it'll be different. This time, you're going to a dance."

We blinked at him again, a dance? Is this guy serious? Has Mr. Steve lost his marbles or something?

"A dance," he continued, "At Roseville High. The Winter Wonderland Dance to be exact. And you have a mission."

"What mission?" My other pal Jonas asked.

"You're going to track down a girl named Cameron Morgan. Cammie for short. You're going to get close to her, find out everything you know about her, and when the time is right, bring her to Blackthrone, and we'll deal with the rest. But you're job is to get her to trust you, in anyway you can. But don't go too extreme until it is absolutely necessary. We don't want to attract attention."

Sounds easy enough, get a girl to trust you, how hard could that be? But I wonder what's so special about her... did you guys like it? Should i continue? I have a GREAT idea for this story but pls tell me what you think of it and REVIEW!