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Cammie's POV

I was a corpse. A living, breathing corpse. I did what I was told, and responded when I was asked to, and followed every single rule the universe had to offer. If you were a stranger, or one of the many people who never bothered to really know me, to you I would seem just fine. Still plain, regular Cammie Morgan, the orphan who only wore leftovers from her cousins and never seems to have enough of anything. But for the few people who I could actually dare to call my friend, they knew that something was deathly wrong.

"Cammie, you gotta tell me what's wrong! You can't keep this to yourself, it'll kill ya!"

I almost chuckled at Colette's attempt to make me spill, for I truly do feel dead inside.

"I'm fine, Col, how many times do I have to tell you that?"

"No you're not Cammie, we can tell. In fact, we're probably the only two people in the world who can tell. We're all you got Cams, and you have to tell us."

I smiled at Trevor, he was really such a nice guy, and perfect for Colette too.

But he was wrong.

They're not the only people who could see that I wasn't alright, there's someone else too.

And that's what I'm most worried about.

Zach's POV

"I don't even know why Mr. Steve sent ALL of us here, this is a one man job, easily," Grant said.

We were all sitting in the luxury apartment our school has rented out for us, trying to do our homework, but frankly, way to bored to even bother.

"I know right? And it's not like any of us besides Zach is actually supposed to do any work." Jonas, the only guy who didn't mind doing equations we perfected in the 7th grade, responded.

"Well, we might as well enjoy our little time off. You know, there are some pretty fine girls in Roseville High." Jared, ever the man whore, had a sly grin on his face.

"No corrupting girls on the job, Jared, especially not civilians." I don't know why, but the idea of Jared luring those girls unnerved me.

"Zach's just mad that he's didn't get assigned to anyone hot. Dude, no offense or anything, but that Cammie girl is a 7, tops."

I tried to not let his comment get to me, but I couldn't. "She's really beautiful once you take a good look at her," I replied as casually as I possibly can, even though a part of me wanted to scream and start listing all the different colors her eyes can turn in to.

"Ya, but who in their right minds would spend time to take a good look when there are so many hot ladies that you could tell are smokin' from a mile away?" Jared seemed very proud of whatever philosophy he'd come up with, he raised his arm to fist pump Grant, but being my best friend, Grant sensed something wrong and turned him down.

I finally decided that I couldn't take enough of Jared and his man whore ways.

"I'm gonna go take a breather, maybe grab a couple of beers or something." Most parents and teachers would strongly disapprove of drinking alcohol, but getting people drunk is a great interrogation tactic, so in Blackthorne we actually have a course on developing a high tolerance to alcohol. Can you imagine doing any kind of surveillance when you're wasted?

I knew Grant was following me the second I stepped out the door, but I didn't feel like talking, so I kept walking. We walked like that, me in the front, him following me a couple of meters away, for a few minutes before we stopped in front of a local pub. It was shady, if not one of the shadiest places in town, but none of us worried of getting beat up by thugs, so we went in one after another.

I walked to the far corner of the room and sat down at a booth, Grant followed soon after. We looked at each other for a couple of seconds, none of us speaking a word, but we both know what each other were thinking. Finally, Grant spoke.

"I'm worried about you man," were his first words.

"What for? Like you said, this is one of the easiest missions ever, minimal risk, it's not like we're gonna get hurt or anything."

"There are more ways of getting hurt than just being beat up."

"Of course, there's also strangling, impaling, cutting, whipping, choking, electrocuting...what are you trying to get at here Grant?"

"Zach, you know what I'm talking about. Don't joke your way out of this."

"I'm sorry bro, I didn't think electrocution was considered as a joke."





I thought Cammie was here and I turned around to check.

"You're in love with her."

"Wait, what?"

Yup, I just totally sounded like an idiot, twice in a row.

"Zach, don't pretend like you don't know, or even if you don't know, I do."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Zach...she's not real. I mean, I guess physically yeah, she's real and alive, but she's not real in your world. She's just a target, a subject, I know that it's your mission to get close to her and pretend to fall in love and all, but at the end of the day, that's just an act. You can't let her in, I'm sorry...but that's the truth. And you had to hear that."

I've never thought about till then, but I guess I was in love with Cameron Morgan.

Only, only I wasn't allowed to be.

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