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Stars shone overhead as all of Egypt rested, waiting for the rebirth of Ra. Everyone, that is, except for two lone figures walking side by side near the capital's river and the man watching the two from a distance. The woman, her face framed by long white hair, conversed pleasantly with a tall man clad in the garb of a High Priest. Her bright blue eyes twinkled in mirth as she giggled at some comment made by her partner. However, neither of them noticed the other figure riding astride his horse.

'Does she know?' the pale-haired man thought, eyeing them with contempt.

His blue-gray eyes narrowed as he watched the two figures walk together. Kisara and Set. Of course. The two were known to be nigh on inseparable, so it was of no surprise to the spying thief king to see the two together. Giving a small tch from underneath his breath, Bakura watched as the Pharaoh's most trusted advisor lightly conversed with the one he held dear. The priest's face suddenly seemed more relaxed, and his gait was slow as opposed to his usual quick strides. It was quite easy to see how much he trusted this woman named Kisara.

'Does she know of the sins he hides?'

Now, if Bakura were just any schemer, he would have run toward them and thrust his dagger through Set before he had any prayer of summoning a spirit. A fitting end to the one that sided with his sworn enemy, the Pharaoh Atemu. Huffing in exasperation, he realized that the woman would probably have to die as well. He couldn't have her summoning that thing inside her after all.

'Does she even know of Kul Elna?'

It was times such as this that Bakura wished everything were a tad simpler. That the Millennium Items had never been created. That the massacre of his village, Kul Elna, had never occurred. That this dreaded spirit known as Diabound had never made itself known to him... And, more than anything, that he had never thirsted for revenge in the first place.

'Does she know of the pain that exists outside of those palace walls?'

Sighing, Bakura sent one last deathly glare toward the priest and his woman before turning away from the two of them. Spurring his horse toward the next tomb, his cold eyes moved toward the equally cold moon shining above from the nighttime sky.

And with his leave, the Thief King left them as they were.

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