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There it was, the time machine! Trunks, along with renowed Capsule Corp. genius and his mother, Bulma Briefs, both watched the time machine in awe, almost not believing that it was there and that they now had the power to change their fate!

Trunks stepped forward and as he slid his hand across the sleek, golden metal, he thought of all those who came together to make this happen and the lives lost in attempting to preserve the machine. How there were just more than sweat and tears but hopes, dreams and lives!

Trunks shuddered as he remembered how some of the greatest scientests the world had ever known came together to build the schematics and start on the work. All that talk of theories, relativity, the speed of light and the laws of physics in which would forever be beyond his reckoning and his grandfather at the helm.

His grandfather.

The elder was often a source of comfort and laughs when Trunks was a child and Trunks adored his grandfather considering that in their desperate times, laughs were becoming more and more seldom.

Yet, Trunks never understood just how brilliant his grandfather was until construction of the time machine took place when he was about ten years old.

How his grandfather transformed from a somewhat silly character with a goofy look and disheveled hair into one of the most brilliant men to have ever lived.

There were many close calls. West City, with its huge population, was often a target for the technological scourge known as Androids 17 and 18 to go and prey after.

The whereabouts of the time machine were nearly discovered time and time again, and it was usually up to Gohan to confront them and divert their attention away from the Capsule Corp. building. This usually resulted in Gohan fighting for his life each and every time and would narrowly escape death.

Yet still so many lives were lost. His grandmother's death by falling debris caused by the collateral damage by the Androids fueled his grandfather's wish to finish the time machine.

But the older Brief would not live to see the completion of this beautiful machine as he would soon die of sudden stroke and that left Trunks' world even lonelier.

It was then up to his mother to finish the job. She, being every bit of the genius her father was, continued to work with these scientists and engineers in crafting the machine but one by one, they met their end at the hands of the Androids.

Soon, Bulma Briefs alone worked on the time machine, sometimes working up to 18 hours a day. Trunks watched his mother wither before his very eyes. Bulma, who was once taut and slim, now had wrinkles on her face, a receding hairline, bags under her eyes and a small bit of pudge around her stomach and waist that would form whenever she would sit down, something which she never had before.

Ever since the death of Gohan at the hands of the Androids, Trunks would watch his mother nearly kill herself trying to finish the machine and Trunks at times felt utterly helpless.

Yet, three years after Gohan's death, the machine was finally finished and it was now time to make things right!

"Mom, tomorrow morning I am going to make everything right." declared Trunks boldly.

"I know you are sweetie. But, knowing you, you would probably rush right into the time machine and go back in time just to remember that you forgot the antidote for Goku." said Bulma as she grinned.

"Ah, I'm not that brash." said Trunks in a sub-dued voice, a blush forming on his cheeks in his embarrassment.

"It's nothing to worry about! I have complete faith in you my son! Now, I am feeling a bit tired. Won't you go and make me something to eat, I am going to lie down on the couch a bit." said Bulma as she exited the basement.

"Sure thing mom." said Trunks.

Some time later, Trunks was in the kitchen and was pulling out all sorts of food stuffs to make for his mom. He planned in making her some omelets, which she loved, but he admitted that he was no good at making them.

He then decided that he would make her a nice club sandwich with some orange juice. As he was fixing her meal, Trunks found himself whistling and he stepped around the kitchen with an extra hop.

His stomach had butterflies. He knew that tomorrow he would end this nightmare once and for all and when he returned, everything would be all right.

Suddenly, Trunks heard a piercing scream coming from his mother's room. Fearing the worst, Trunks dashed toward her room.

What he saw in there shook him to the core.

There he saw the two most evil, horrible creatures to have ever lived, Androids 17 and 18. There, in 17's arms was the limp, dead body of his mother.

"N-no...NOOOOOOOOOOO!" roared Trunks.

"Geez what's eating him up?" asked 18 mockingly.

"He's crying over his mother 18." said 17 in a smart ass tone.

"I know that 17, I was trying to be sarcastic." replied 18.

"Well, you suck at it then." replied 17.

"Argh, shut the hell-"

Android 18 could not finish as she felt a blue ki ball smack her right in the face that sent her crashing through the wall to the outside.

Trunks looked over at 17, who was smirking.

"You let my mother go you bastard." said Trunks threateningly.

"As you wish master." said 17 sarcastically as he threw Bulma's dead body into the air and proceeded to blast it with a huge ball of ki, incinerating the body instantly.

"God I'm good! Should have worked for a morgue, I can cremated better than any rusty oven could." said 17 as he gloated over his work.

Trunks, on his part, could not believe the audacity this android had. Did this thing have any remorse? That was his mother! She was a genius, she was the one who brought him into this world, the one who cooked and cared for him. The one who loved him unconditionally no matter what he did, a love which only she had for him.

And now, she was blasted away like a rag doll thrown into a bon-fire. Her intellect, personality, dreams, hopes, love all of it just blasted away like it was worth nothing.

Trunks felt his body began to expand as a brilliant yellow aura enveloped his body. He roared loudly as storm clouds gathered and the earth shook as if in fear of this power in development.

His eyes lost their pupils for a moment and only the white schelera could be seen before Trunks gave one last mighty roar before he managed to calm down.

For Trunks now turned into a Super Sayain and was pissed beyond belief.

It was at this time that Android 18 managed to dislodge herself from the ground and flew up to join Android 17. Unfortunately, she was unharmed.

"That was a cheap shot." said 18.

"If you could not see that slow ball coming, maybe you should go home and let the real men fight."said 17.

"Whatever 17, whatever." replied 18.

"Anyway, it looks like the kid has gone blonde mode. What do you think 18, think he's trying to copy you?" asked 17.

"Of course. Who would NOT want to copy me?" asked 18.

"Me." said 17.

"Killjoy." replied 18.

"Now that's harsh 18. Though I would want to know how he changed his hair like that so quickly. If I knew how to do that, I wouldn't have to steal your-oops." said 17 as he suddenly grew meek, like a child who unwillingly blurted out naughty things to his parents.

"Aha! I KNEW it was you who was stealing my hair dye! You asshole, don't you know how hard it is to find those!" roared 18 but before she could say anything else, she saw her brother suddenly get hit by an unseen force.

She watched as she saw him fly towards a skyscraper and hit it hard. The entire building soon collapsed as dust filled the terrain.

Android 18 turned to see Trunks where Android 17 was and was pissed.

"Is that all you're good at, sucker punching those who are busy? Bet you can't even handle me alone." said 18 as she soon flew towards Trunks to engage in battle.

So Trunks responded by flying towards 18 and landed a strong uppercut on her chin. This had sent her flying into the air. As Trunks closed in, 18 recovered and started to shoot multiple ki blasts at him.

Trunks dodged and weaved as best as he could but he could not dodge all the beams and soon, he was being forced down to earth as he was pelted with beam after beam.

But Trunks would not give up so easily. He phased out of view using Zanzuken (after-image) and got behind 18. Android 18 turned to punch him in the face but he caught her fist and drew her in before landing a severe gut punch to the Android's mid-section.

He heard the Android gasp and it was music to his ears. Yet, it was all a diversion as 18 was not nearly as affected as she let on and when she saw that Trunks was being slow to act, she immediately shot a knee upward, hitting the Super Sayain right on the diaphragm.

Now Trunks really felt that one and the gasp of forced air leaving his lungs was not a joke but real. Trunks was near helpless as he felt his back smacked hard and soon, he landed harshly on the earth.

Android 18 prepared to take the initiative and started to charge up a large ball of ki to finish Trunks off for good. Yet, she took a bit too long and Trunks was able to recover his bearings before confronting the Android once more.

Android 18 launched her attack on Trunks but Trunks dodged it easily and soon they were locked in combat again.

They exchanged blows, all the while 18 was mocking Trunks.

"You know it is not nice to hit a lady." mocked Android 18.

"You're not a lady, you're a monster that needs to be put down." replied Trunks hotly as he launched a straight punch at 18, who caught it promptly.

"Touchy." said 18 before she drew him in and attempted to land another blow to the gut.

Unfortunately for her, Trunks was able to use the momentum against her as he sped forward, tackling her hard with his shoulder, which sent her down past two buildings before she crashed landed on the ground and throwing up clouds of dust.

"It's over Android! Burning Att-umph...."

Trunks could not finish as he felt a blow come from behind that sent him flying down. Trunks managed to right himself though and he turned to see that it was Android 17, now recovered from his last sneak attack though his clothes were tattered.

"Darn it, didn't kill you." said 17 rather sarcastically.

"Its going to take alot more than that to kill me." said Trunks.

"Really? Then I guess I must get serious then." said 17 with a cold voice as he then suddenly vanished from sight.

Trunks searched frantically for 17 but could not locate him until it was too late.

17 managed to get Trunks' back and started to pummel him like a punching bag. Trunks could hardly put up a defense. There are computers and such that would tell you that the power between the two androids was so slight that it was marginal.

Of course, computers never fight so how would they know? All Trunks knew was that 17 was considerably better then 18 and Trunks had to really push himself to keep up with the male Android.

Even so, Trunks soon got used to 17's fighting and speed and was soon able to match him blow for blow. Still, this did not prevent Android 17 from mocking Trunks the whole time.

"Catch me if you can!" said 17 as he decided to play a freakish game of 'tag' as he flew into the Capsule Corp. building.

"No, don't go in there!" roared Trunks as he rushed as fast as he could to catch up to Android 17.

What Trunks saw he could only describe as coming out of his worst nightmares. There, in front of the time machine in the basement, was that Android, Android 17.

"I wonder what this machine is? It's name is Hope though why you would call this piece of junk such a name is beyond me. Are you humans really this pitiful? Even so, just by your expression I can tell that this machine is important to you. What happens if I do this?" asked 17 before he raised his hand and shot a large beam at the time machine.

The time machine exploded right in front of Trunks' eyes. He saw the once vast machine melt into the ground, the name Hope melting down the once sleek metal, almost as if it were bleeding.

Trunks could not help but feel the utmost despair. It was over, there was nothing that they could do now to save this world. Trunks could not help but feel as if it was all unfair but Trunks then resolved that he would take care of this himself. He will kill the Androids here and now and bring peace to the world.

"I-I-I hate you!" roared Trunks as he renewed his assault on Android 17, who was smirking the whole time.

"Oh, I'm so hurt." said 17 as he and Trunks exchanged blows. They fought for a while, each matching each other's moves and such before each parted ways and taking their respective spaces apart from each other.

It was then that they heard some small clapping near them.

Right across from them was Android 18, standing there in mid-air as she clapped her hands.

"How long you been standing there watching us sis?" asked Android 17.

"About the time that you decided to fly into that big, round building." replied Android 18.

"So why you just standing there then? Give me a hand." said 17, he was feeling a bit irritated that Trunks had not yet died.

"Didn't you want just 'the men' to fight? I'm fine right here, show me that you are a man and that you can fight on your own." said 18.

"Okay sis, but if I win then I am taking all that hair dye and you are going to have to find some new ones. Deal?"


The whole time, Trunks watched the altercation, using the precious down time to get his breath back.

He could not believe that Android 18 had been there the whole time. He wondered why she didn't join and he could see that Android 17 was just as confused as he looked like he was arguing with her.

Still, he could not make out what they were saying. Soon, he saw them nod in what looked like agreement and soon, Android 17 made his way toward him without his sister.

"You're lucky kid. Apparently my sis does not want to get her clothes dirty so it is just going to be you and me. This is your chance kid. She won't interfere." said 17.

"You swear that she is not going to interfere?" asked Trunks.

"Oh come on, don't tell me you are deaf on top of ugly as well. Of course whe won't interfere. Now you better get ready or you might just die right now." said 17 before he suddenly phased out of sight.

Trunks, once again, did his best to locate the Android. He turned to where Android 18 was at. She smirked at him.

"Pssst! I'll give you a hint since you look so lost little boy. He is right above you." said 18 as she pointed her index finger upward.

Taking her word for it, Trunks immediately placed his arms up to guard his head. Trunks knew that this left his stomach exposed but he had no time to question whether 18 was trying to trick him or not. He just took her word for it and went for it!

And for once, the Android did not lie to him for a second later, Trunks felt a great force impact his arms as he managed to block a double-axe handle from Android 17.

"Not bad, but I think its time to finish this." said Android 17 as he then grabbed one of Trunks' arms and brought it over his knee like he was trying to break a stick.

The effect was immediate as Trunks heard a loud 'crack' and soon screamed in pain as his arm was broken cruelly.

"Oh, did that hurt? Here, let me make it better." said 17 as he threw Trunks' limp arm down and kneed the teenager in the gut and and then hit his folded up body in the back with a double axe handle.

Trunks could only see the dirt rush up to meet his face as he fell to the earth, sprawling in the ground.

Trunks was never given enough time to recover as he soon felt an incredible, otherworldly pain hit the lower lumbar region of his back. There was a deep pressure and when it was lifted, Trunks screamed to the heavens.

Android 17 could only smirk as he looked down at Trunks and it was at that moment that he knew that Trunks was more helpless than a baby.

"You could have been a little easier on him." said Android 18 as she descended from the sky.

"I guess so, but I was already getting bored." said Android 17.

"Whatever, let's kill this brat already." said Android 18.

As 17 and 18 gathered ki to destroy the youth in front of them, managed to move the small upper portion of his body befoe he said the following:

"You think this is over androids? I know that one day, someone will come and defeat you and bring happiness back to this planet. I know that in my heart."

"What is he babbling about 17?"

"About someone who is supposed to kill us."

"Yeah, right."

"Same here 18, let's do this and get out of here, I need some new clothes."

All Trunks saw was a light before he was engulfed in the heat of the androids' ki blasts. But he felt no pain, he actually felt relieved. In the end, he was able to escape this hell on earth and now he was going to join Son Gohan and his mother soon. Trunks smiled his last before his body was completely obliterated.


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