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It had been nearly six months after the defeat of Cell and life on Earth was beginning to get itself back together.

At first, the human population was afraid to rebuild, scared that the androids would come back and destroy all their progress. But after nearly two months of silence, the people of Earth figured that perhaps the androids had met their end and it was time to get back to work.

The majority of the human population worked like bees, each community helping each other out with supplies and resources as old cities started to take shape and new towns started to spring up.

It wasn't easy.

Nearly 2/3 of the human population had been wiped out by the android scourge and areas that had once been bustling centers of urban activity now were nearly barren as the remaining inhabitants could not possibly fill up all that space.

In a way, this was sort of a mixed blessing.

Though there were still rogues and rough-necks out in the wilderness that made raids upon the survivors from time to time, the sky high crime rates that the population suffered had dropped dramatically. With such a reduction of available people, friendships were forged quickly and love blossomed at a furious rate.

The life of each person was now precious and it seemed that the remaining humans realized just how close to extinction they really were.

Even so, this did not deter anyone and by the end of the sixth month, cities were bustling again and buisness and economy was established within society once more. Many eager entrepuners viewed all the extra space with gleaming eyes, knowing that they had a vast resource at their disposal to take advantage of.

Meanwhile, Master Roshi himself had done well to take care of himself.

He had passed the last few months either watching aerobics programs, reading his dirty magazines or playing cards with Oolong and the others.

It was funny how they initially did not believe his tale of defeating the androids, or the aliens and freaks that he mentioned later on. The animals were concerned that perhaps the old man was going senile and making things up.

However, they did agree that perhaps the old coot living with them was honest and did, at least, defeat the androids. How he did it was beyond them. They thought Roshi extremely lucky though they WERE surprised to see Roshi as ripped and muscular as he was when he returned (due to his training.)

So life was good for Roshi.

However, he suddenly came upon an idea when he was on the beach one day. He ran inside the house and picked up a strange device and clicked on it.

His eyes widened at the results and he soon flew off to share the news of his discovery.

Mercenary Tao had made use of his power right away.

While he thought vaguely of trying to take over Earth, he realized that world domination was just not for him. He enjoyed killing not ruling.

With that in mind, he went back to his old job as mercenary and body guard.

He was already the best of the best before but now, with his newly acquired powers, Mercenary Tao was utterly secure that nobody outside his former comrades could stop him.

The former mercenary was in huge demand once word got out of how powerful he was.

There was a time a month back or so when he was in a rebuilding city, looking for a client that would give him work. During that time, a large band of rough-riders and rowdies came driving into the city in their motorcycles and buggies. There were about thirty men, all very buff and very well equipped with shotguns and assault rifles.

They demanded food, water and access to all the women in the area. It was clear that these men had been terrorizing rebuilding cities and were taking advantage of this lawless period of time.

While Mercenary Tao hated to protect people and felt no love for the city inhabitants, he was disgusted by the lewd behavior of rough riders, especially when the supposed leader (he assumed it was the leader since he was bigger than all of his buddies) took a woman and started to strip her down.

Though a killer and ruthless, Tao was still a martial artist and had a sense of honor. These men had no honor and were trash in his eyes.

In a flash, Tao phased in front of the man and proceeded to dig his fingers into the man's eyes. The large man roared in pain until Tao sent a two, thin beams of ki through the man's skull, killing him.

The rest of the rough-riders were shocked to see their leader dead, but soon got over it as they fired their guns at Tao.

Guns already were no threat before his training for the androids. Now, he could only laugh at their futile attempts to kill him.

Mercenary Tao caught all the bullets with no effort. The rough-riders were stunned and Tao smiled cruelly as he then proceeded to rip each and every man apart. Soon, the only thing left of the rough riders were torn limbs and blood.

The city folk were terrified of him but Tao did not care.

Bored now, Tao made to fly away and look for another city in which someone could hire him when the woman he saved came up to him and grabbed his shirt.

"T-Thank you for saving me. I was so scared, I didn't know what those men were going to do with me." said the woman.

Mercenary Tao looked down at her and nearly blushed. No one had been this grateful or tender with him before. His stomach started to feel strange and his heart was pumping rapidly. He scowled and roughly pulled his arm away from the woman. He did not like the feelings he was experiencing.

"I did not mean to save your worthless carcass. I only killed these men because I was disgusted by their behavior." scowled Mercenary Tao.

He had expected the woman to recoil from him and perhaps get angry but was surprised when she still looked over at him with gleaming eyes.

She shook her head before speaking once more.

"Even if you didn't mean it, you still saved my life and I'm grateful. I'm in your debt. I'll do anything for you." said the woman.

The mercenary was put off. This woman was really serious.

It was then that Tao suddenly had a plan and he smiled. He could profit from this yet.

He placed his hand inside his robe and withdrew a card. He gave it to the woman before him.

"This card has my number and order of business. Spread the word that Mercenary Tao is available for hire and will do any job necessary, whether it be assassination or protection." said Tao before he flew off into the blue.

The woman looked down at the card and was somewhat peeved that Tao did not stay with her. But she then smiled.

"At least I have his number." she thought happily.

So it was that Tao's strength spread across the land and soon, the Mercenary found himself with more work that he could imagine. He was getting rich quickly off the new business.

His only concern was that that woman kept calling him all the time. He couldn't understand it at all.

Yajirobe, on his part, had been enjoying life the way he used to before the whole deal with the androids. He would eat and sleep in tremendous quantities. It was too bad that Korin was dead, as his dwelling was lonely without the cat to argue with.

The swords-man had thought vaguely of perhaps renting out a place in the city but soon pushed the thought aside. He was too lazy to work long enough to warrant a living place. Korin's sanctuary was safe, his and most of all, free.

He still worked the usual odd jobs, mostly labor, so that he could have some money to eat when he wanted.

Yajirobe was astounded that despite six months of hardly doing any training and eating like a pig, he still hadn't gained weight yet.

Chi-Chi herself had been doing well over at her dwelling at Mt. Paouzu with her father.

While she was still in pain over the loss of Goku and Gohan, she was nowhere near as depressed as before.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that she killed Android 17 with her bare hands. While many had said that revenge did no good, she had to disagree. While she initially felt nothing at the death of Android 17 at her hand, it was not until a month after their battle with Cell did she realize just how much of a load was taken off her. Knowing that she had avenged her son had made dealing with his death the much easier.

The Ox-King could tell that his daughter was different when she returned.

Physically, she looked like she was in her early thirties again as opposed to a nearly fifty year old woman. However, he noticed that she exuded a sort of aura that made him shiver a bit. He realized that this was due to her battles and trials. He did not even want to know the horrors she had to endure to save their planet.

He had initially worried about her, thinking that the stresses of her recent battles would break her mentally.

Thankfully, her venture had proved to be a blessing in disguise, as he was glad to see that his daughter was much livelier and that she did not break down into a mess of tears at just the sight of the family portraits.

In short, both of them were living content lives and though they wished that they had their loved ones back, they had accepted that they were gone and that they should continue living, to the best of their ability.

It was a perfectly normal evening when Chi-Chi felt an immense power overcome her senses. Running outside, she recognized the ki signature but wondered as to why the old man was coming over here to pay her a visit.

Not that she minded but a call in advance would have been nice.

Roshi landed before her and, in his hand, was the dragon radar.

"Hey there, if you wanted to stop by you could have at least called ahead of time. The phone lines are working already." said Chi-Chi in a rather annoyed voice though she was glad for the company.

"Check this out. You know what this is, right?" asked Master Roshi as he presented the Dragon radar to Chi-Chi.

"Isn't that the radar that Bulma made to track the Dragonballs? Why is that important? Piccolo is already dead, the dragonballs are gone." said Chi-Chi in a somewhat solemn voice.

"Guess again." said Roshi as he pressed the small button on the top of the radar.

To Chi-Chi's surprise, the radar started to blink as, on the gridded green screen, were already two dots. She gasped as she suddenly realized the implications of Roshi's discovery.

"B-But how?" asked Chi-Chi in disbelief.

"Cell." said Roshi bluntly.

"What about him?" asked Chi-Chi.

"He was the one who created a new set of dragonballs so that he could wish himself immortality. Like any other dragonballs, once he made his wish the dragonballs dissappaited into the sky and flew off onto different locations in the world." said Roshi.

"But Cell, didn't we defeat him? How are the dragonballs active?" asked Chi-Chi in curiosity.

"Don't you see? Cell technically isn't dead, just trapped. As long as he is alive, these dragonballs will always be here with us. And now, we can use them as we please." said Roshi.

Chi-Chi stood there for a few seconds as she processed the information given to here. She suddenly realized what she could.

"Let's go you old coot. The sooner we get this done, the sooner I can my Gohan once again." exclaimed Chi-Chi as she was already in the air.

"Right." said Roshi, being unusually serious as he took off as well as the both of them started their search for the dragonballs.

Only two days passed when Chi-Chi and Master Roshi had gathered the Dragonballs. They had taken off to the now empty Kami's lookout as they gathered the balls.

Yajirobe was already there, having contacted him through telepathy. Tao had refused to come.

Master Roshi had soon placed the dragonballs at the middle of the Lookout and soon roared out.

"Rise eternal dragon and grant me my wish!"

The sky suddenly darkened as bolt of lightning struck the dragonballs, causing a gigantic flash of light and soon, a deep roar filled the air as the eternal dragon rose from his slumber and took his place in the sky...all five miles of him.

"Reflect upon thy desires and make thy wish. I shall grant three wishes." said the dragon in an almighty voice.

Yajirobe had fallen back due to the explosion.

Chi-Chi and Master Roshi just looked on in awe. They had forgotten just how magnificent the dragon was.

They suddenly forgot their wish, but Chi-Chi soon spoke.

"I want to wish everybody that has died at the hands of the androids." said Chi-Chi.

The dragon seemed to be pensive for a moment before he spoke again.

"That wish I cannot grant. I am only able to revive a limited amount of souls from the after-life. Take solace, however, that I can bring back anyone that thy desires no matter the span of time or the cause of death." said the dragon.

Roshi's eyes went wide when he heard this.

"Wait a second! Does this mean that a person who has died of natural causes can be wished back as well?" asked Roshi.

"That is correct, though I can only do so one time. Once a person has died of natural causes the second time around, then I will be unable to revive them." said the dragon.

Master Roshi looked over at Chi-Chi. She looked back.

"I want my family back together. I want my friends back. I know we are supposed to be selfless but really, after all the fighting we have done, I think I have a right to be selfish." said Chi-Chi.

Master Roshi was silent. It would be somewhat unfair that they get to wish their friends back while countless families down back on Earth would be without many of their loved ones.

Yet again, now that he thought about it, all of their friends and family had given their lives defending the planet. Perhaps this one time they could be selfish, if only to prevent another catastrophe like this from happening again.

He looked over at Chi-Chi and gave her a nod. They would be selfish for today.

"What is thy wish? Thou doth not have time to tarry." growled the dragon.

Chi-Chi looked over at the dragon and commanded her wish.

"I wish for all our friends who have died at the hands of the androids to be revived." said Chi-Chi.

"Tis a simple task." responded the dragon with arrogance.

With a flash of light, several lights appeared before them. Each person was taking form and soon, all their friends lay stood before them.

In the front of them all was Goku, wearing a goofy grin.

"Hey guys, good to see you again. Especially you Chi-Chi." said Goku with a serious voice as he opened his arms.

Chi-Chi seemed to ignore her newly revived husband as she ran straight past him and right to to her newly revived son as she started to bawl her eyes out.

"Gohan! I can't believe it! You're alive again, my baby!" shouted Chi-Chi in joy as she squeezed her son tightly.

"M-Mom...can't...breath!" gasped Gohan.

The rest of the crew laughed loudly at the scene as Goku pouted his face.

Over time, everybody started to get adjusted to their new lives.

Mr. Popo was now back at Kami's Lookout, now assisting Piccolo, who had decided to take up the mantle of Guardian of Earth as he looked over the world.

Korin decided to stay dead, saying that he had lived long enough and that he did not need to be revived anymore.

Hercule himself also wanted to stay in Heaven with his daughter and wife, vowing that he would never leave them again for any reason.

The last two wishes were given to Krillen and Yajirobe, Krillen wishing for a beautiful girlfriend and Yajirobe wishing to never be fat again.

Yamcha went back to playing baseball while Tien and Chouz disappeared out into the wilderness.

Goku, Gohan and Chi-Chi went back to live together again and the Ox King was finally given the chance to leave his daughter alone as he resumed business over at his mountain domain. Goku was pleasantly surprised that his wife could now spar with him like in the old days. In fact, she found herself having a much easier time controlling her son and husband with her new found powers. Gohan himself could hardly believe that his very own mother took matters into her own hands and got strong enough to save the world. What respect he had for her had grown exponentially.

Unfortunately, due to his death, Chi-Chi was very protective of him nowadays, to the point of being near suffocating. He could not go anywhere without letting her know and he was to call her every hour that he was gone. Needless to say, it was annoying but Gohan would have never wanted it different. He was glad that life was back to normal again.

Krillen did not get his girlfriend right away. In fact, the dragon stated that he need to only wait and the right one would come to him very soon. Indeed, a week had barely passed before Krillen met with a young woman. Krillen ended up saving her when she was held hostage in a bank hold up. Krillen happened to be there and promptly beat the snot out of the robbers before rescuing the lady.

The woman was extremely thankful and asked if she could repay him somehow. While Krillen would normally be righteous and say that nothing was needed then fly off, this time, he asked an unusual request.

He asked if she would go out on a date with him.

Krillen closed his eyes, awaiting the inevitable denial or cry of disgust but was surprised that the woman gladly say that she would go with him.

So it was that Krillen was finally able to find love and soon, got married to his new girlfriend.

Bulma and Trunks helped rebuild and reestablish Capsule Corp. to its former glory. Trunks now spent more time in the office helping his mother with machines and paper work rather than train with his father, who was highly disappointed in this.

Speaking of Vegeta, the man was as the same as ever. Even having lived in Hell and being separated from his family did not do much to tenderize him. He trained like a mad-man and was crude and blunt with his family.

As for Master Roshi he rested nowadays. He spent most of his time playing cards with his animal tenants, or watching his famous aerobics videos or reading his dirty magazines. Of course, he DID keep up with his training, usually in the mornings. He vowed that he would never fall behind again.

It was evening turning night when Master Roshi turned the TV off. The news was good by the way it sounded. Capsule Corp. had managed to regain much of its former power though catering to a population half of what it used to be was more difficult than at first perceived.

He had not heard from either Yajirobe though he figured that the samurai would be alright.

Mercenary Tao had opened up a school to reintroduce the "Way of the Crane" once more to the world. Apparently, Mercenary Tao was so successful during the initial days of lawlessness being hired as an assassin or body guard that he was able to reestablish his wealth and used it to open a school. He visited the dojo and it was magnificent. While the Crane was not exactly thrilled to have Roshi as a guest, the Mercenary did honor the old man by stating to his students that Roshi was of the Turtle Style and the only Grand Master left.

Roshi had to admit that Tao, though harsh and a bit condescending, was also fair when he needed to be. He played no favorites and he was brutal against those who bullied others.

As a demonstration of how mastering the Art would take them, Tao and Roshi had a sparring session, of course with no flying, but still using non-lethal ki attacks and supersonic movements.

Needless to say, the students were stunned but also excited once the spar ended. They were eager to train and fight at that level.

So it was that Roshi felt accomplished. While his efforts may have not been wholly recognized by the public and he was not rewarded with riches or fame, he would have not had it any other way. He just wanted to live peacefully for the rest of his days.

Just as he was going to turn in, Roshi felt a strong power coming toward him.

Roshi rose one of his eyebrows at the power signature coming his way. It was an energy signal that he recognized at once.

The old man went outside to see Goku standing there. Even in the dimming light he could tell that Goku had a serious look on his face.

"Eh, Goku? What brings you here at this time of night?" asked Master Roshi.

"I want to say that I am entirely thankful for what you have done. Not only have you single-handedly took matters into your own hands and save the world, but you managed to wish all of us back and get things back to normal. We are all much stronger now and I doubt there exists any threat too big for us too handle now. I could not be any happier now, living with both my son and wife. So, thank you, Master Roshi." said Goku.

"Well, that's very kind of you Goku but really, I did it only because I was tired of having others fight battles for me. At least now I know that I can help if the need arises." said Master Roshi.

"You don't know how happy it makes me to see that you can now fight alongside us. With that said I want-"

"To spar with me, right?" asked Master Roshi.

"No. I want to fight you at full power. You defeated that Cell creature, I want to see where I stand. I can't fight Chi-Chi at full power. But I know I can fight you. I have always wanted to fight you but never had the chance. Now I am taking that chance." said Goku.

Master Roshi could not help but smirk a bit that Goku, to this day, did not realize that Jackie Chun WAS himself, Master Roshi. However, his face turned serious at Goku's offer. He knew that he would not dissuade Goku.

"There is an island twenty miles from here that is uninhabited. Let us go there." said Master Roshi.

Goku only nodded as they flew off.

Once they got on the island, they both proceeded to start stretching and warming up.

"I'm not going to hold back." said Goku as he was stretching his legs.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." said Master Roshi.

At once, Goku used zanzuken to phase away and close the distance between him and Master Roshi.

Though somewhat surprised, Roshi saw Goku coming the entire time and easily blocked the hook that Goku was delivering with his left arm. Master Roshi batted the arm away and flew in with a driving elbow that caught Goku in the stomach.

Goku forcefully exhaled his breath in pain as he was flying away. Roshi phased behind him and kicked Goku in the back, sending the Sayain skidding on the ground.

Knowing that he was going nowhere like this and that Kaio-ken would not cut it, Goku went into SSJ right away.

Master Roshi saw his student transform while he flew in with a diving kick. Goku dodged it by stepping to his side and attempted to counter with a flying chop to the neck, hoping to end this match already.

Roshi was surprised momentarily by the increase of speed but was still able to catch Goku's attack. He used Goku's momentum against him and threw the sayain to the ground. Roshi then attempted to capitalize and stomp on the ground but Goku managed to catch Roshi's foot and threw Roshi off balance.

The old man felt himself in mid-air but not a split second later, Goku managed to land a strong kick on Roshi, sending the old man flying back.

Roshi righted himself quickly and launched a ki blast to distract Goku.

Goku saw the ball of ki coming at him as he attempted to capitalize and swatted it aside.

Roshi expected this as he phased out and got behind Goku and landed attempted to land a strong blow to Goku's head, to hopefully knock him out.

The sayain's instincts were yelling at him to duck, so Goku did so, narrowly avoiding Roshi's attack. However, Roshi figured that Goku would probably duck and launched a knee, hitting Goku right on the chin, clamping his mouth shut and sending the sayain flying back.

Goku landed straight on his back and was barely recovering his bearings when he felt his stomach being crushed in as Roshi landed with a diving kick then kicking off to land in the distance. Goku found breathing difficult as he started to cough and hack up badly.

Unfortunately, Goku knew that he could not stay prone for very long and jumped out of the ground.

Only to get hit by a Kamehameha by Master Roshi, who knew that Goku would panic and jump out as soon as humanely possible thinking that he would stay close quarters, when instead, the old master backed off and waited for his former pupil to make the first move before trying anything.

Fortunately for Goku, the Kamehameha was not very strong and Goku managed to shrug it off, though his shirt and pants would beg to differ. The sayain knew that Master Roshi was reading him like a book and was making all the right moves. He would have to step it up a notch.

"I did not think that I would have to do this so that I can fight you but you leave me no other choice, Master Roshi. I cannot beat you the way I am now." said Goku in an almost regretful voice.

"Do what you have to do. You came to fight and win, am I not right?" asked Roshi.

"Indeed." replied Goku as he powered up a bit more.

His muscles expanded slightly and his hair stood out straighter. Sparks of electricity swirled around Goku as he ascended to Super Sayain 2.

"Hope you're ready Master Roshi." said Goku in a serious voice.

Roshi hardly even saw Goku coming as he was getting assaulted with a flurry of blows and punches. The old master could hardly put up a defense.

Goku was already stronger than Cell before absorbing that Majin Buu.

And Roshi knew that he couldn't beat Cell before even that.

The situation was turning into Goku's favor very quickly and the old man knew that he had to think of a way to win this battle before he got pummeled.

To put some distance between himself and Roshi took a huge chance and let himself get hit by one of Goku's attacks, sending him flying away.

Roshi grimaced in pain as the punch to his jaw really shook him, but he recovered enough of his bearings to get a sense of what Goku was doing next.

He felt a faint power pass him and Roshi knew that Goku was using zanzuken to phase to the other side of the battlefield and knock him away from the opposite end.

Knowing this, Roshi was already charging his attack in one hand, ready to use it when the opportunity presented itself.

Once he was near enough, Roshi recovered instantly and shot a ki blast on the ground, narrowly avoiding Goku's attack and sending the old man flying into the air.

Goku was momentarily stunned from the blast radius and those few precious milliseconds gave Roshi the time he needed to get a hold of the situation.

The old man righted himself and saw that Goku was flying straight at him. It couldn't have been any more perfect.

At once, Roshi let out a bolt of electricity from his left arm that caught Goku dead on. Roshi then used his right arm to add another barrage of electricity, holding Goku in place.

"Arghh! T-This is Jackie Chun's technique. I didn't know you knew how to use it." growled Goku as he tried to free himself from the electricity.

"He was a very good friend of mine though he passed away. He and I shared many techniques." said Master Roshi.

"*Pant*, no kidding." said Goku through clenched teeth as he started to power up to escape the technique.

"It's no use Goku." said Master Roshi as he raised his power to max, bulging his muscles into huge proportions to make sure that Goku was locked in.

For the next few seconds, there was a power struggle as Goku tried to free himself and Master Roshi did his best to hold on to Goku with his electric attack.

"Give it up Goku. Even with the power you gained, you'll still die if you don't give up." said Master Roshi in worry. He knew that Goku could be quite stubborn.

"I-I won't lose!" roared Goku as he powered up to the max. His hair started to grow and grow until it was a long mane behind him. His eyebrows disappeared and his face narrowed to a serious expression. With a mighty roar, Goku turned Super Sayain 3 as he escaped from Master Roshi's electric attack.

Roshi could not believe the complete nostalgia. Goku, once again, surprised his former master as the sayain was able to will himself out of Roshi's supposedly inescapable technique.

"You really surprise me Master Roshi. I knew that this fight wasn't going to be easy but to force me to use Super Sayain 3 went beyond my expectations. You can't tell just how excited I am to use finally use Super Sayain 3 on someone other than Vegeta." said Goku with a grin.

"I"m glad I haven't disappointed but its going to take more than girly hair and fancy light shows to beat me you young whipper snapper!" said Roshi in a cocky tone but he knew that he was in serious trouble.

Goku, in this form, was the most powerful opponent Roshi had ever fought aside from Cell. Even then, he had help against Cell and the powerful creature had a serious flaw in which Roshi could exploit.

Master Roshi knew, however, that he was alone in this fight against Goku and that his former pupil had yet to show any sort of serious flaw that he could exploit in the Super Sayain transformation.

Things were going to get rough.

"I'm coming." said Goku.

Roshi did not even see the blow.

He only saw the world explode into a brilliant display of stars before finding himself eating dirt.

The old man tried to pick himself up but he could not. His consciousness seemed to be drifting in and out.

Master Roshi saw Goku land with a sympathetic look on his face and Roshi suddenly realized that he lost.

There was nothing else he could do now.

It was then that the old man smiled. Though he knew that Goku had surpassed him long ago, to finally know first-hand from combat experience made Roshi proud that he had a part in molding Goku into the warrior that he was now.

He had no regrets about losing this match. It was to be expected and Roshi was glad to have put up a fight.

The old man was about to succumb to unconsciousness when the world started to slow down around him.

Goku, who seemed to be walking toward him at a rather brisk pace, now looked like he was dragging his feet.

Serene State of Mind, at this time? I may have a chance yet to win this battle.

Master Roshi did not know how but he had entered into a Serene State of Mind. The old man was not complaining however. He could still win this match if he played it smart.

At once, the old man leapt from the ground and went straight for Goku.

Despite being in a Serene State of Mind, Roshi could tell that Goku knew that he was coming as the Sayain put up a guard while his eyes widened at the apparent burst of unbelievable speed that Roshi put out.

But even at Super Sayain 3, Goku was too slow to put up a decent defense and Roshi was able to launch a barrage against Goku.

The sayain winced here and there as he was still too slow to really block and defend himself against Roshi's attacks but Roshi was getting dismayed.

He was putting everything into his attacks and they were hardly causing Goku any harm. If anything, his blows were more of an annoyance to Goku than anything.

Knowing that he would have to try something different, Master Roshi put some distance.

The old man knew that he would a few to think of something to hurt Goku. His electric attack was out of the question, Goku was too strong for it now.

Then, Master Roshi felt his instincts screaming at him and he ducked.

It was a good thing as Goku appeared out of nowhere with a high kick that Roshi narrowly dodged.

I didn't even see him, even in a Serene State of Mind. But how? What is Goku doing?

As if in response to his question, Roshi saw Goku disappear from sight all of all sudden and now Roshi had to really concentrate to know where Goku was at.

A huge burst of power suddenly appeared behind Roshi and the old man turned to block the blow that was intended for his head.

Roshi winced as the force of the blow still shook him, nearly caving his arms in. Then again, Goku was at Super Sayain 3 so it was to be expected.

The old man was about to back off when he realized that Goku suddenly disappear again. Roshi soon started to think.

It seems that he has a technique that raises his speed at such an exponential level that I can't see him, even in a Serene State of Mind. I can sense him, but only at the last second before he makes his attack. His speed isn't naturally as high for me not to see so I'm assuming that this technique must take quite a bit of concentration if he is only attacking once before disappearing once more. However, I cannot be sure until I test it.

With that, Master Roshi felt Goku's power and felt that Goku was coming in head on.

The old man sidestepped at the last second as Goku narrowly missed a flying punch. It was then that Roshi tried to test his theory. He was sure that Goku could only attack in spurts and could not stay in protracted combat at such high speed due to the concentration needed to perform whatever technique it was that he was doing to move that fast in the first place.

So Roshi grabbed the sayain's arm and drew his pupil in as he landed a knee in Goku's mid-section. Goku grunted a bit in pain and tried to fight Roshi in protracted combat but Roshi was able to easily see all of Goku's attacks and dodge them (since blocking attacks from a Super Sayain 3 would still damage him greatly,even in a Serene State of Mind.)

Roshi smiled as he realized that his theory was correct. When forced in close quarters Goku was unable to use that technique of his. To further test his theory, Roshi took a chance and landed a strong ki blast on Goku that did no real harm to the sayain but was strong enough to force Goku a far distance anyway.

And, to Roshi's satisfaction, Goku disappeared once more out of sight.

It was then that Roshi realized what was going on. Goku could only use his speed enhancing technique when he had both the distance and time necessary to concentrate his ki to utilize the technique, whatever it was called. Roshi also knew that Goku could not use the technique when his mind was occupied, such as being forced into close quarters combat that forced his concentration on the opponent and not on his technique.

The technique also had one other flaw. Apparently, it took the user a bit of time to compose himself AFTER using the technique before actually being able to attack. It was a few microseconds that most people would never even be able to notice, but in a Serene State of Mind, it was enough to tip Roshi off as to where Goku was once he did reappear and what attack Goku intended to do.

With that in mind, Roshi would be able to dodge whatever attack it was that Goku was trying to land.

Roshi felt a burst of power and he knew that Goku was close. Again, Goku tried a straight forward approach but this time, Goku threw a ball of ki, apparently to distract Roshi and hide his attack.

Not wanting to stay in and find out what Goku was about to do, Roshi used zanzuken to phase out and away from Goku's range. It was then that Roshi realized the Goku was beginning to breath a bit hard.

Roshi smiled as he suddenly was able to find a flaw that he could exploit in Goku so that he could win this match.

Super Sayain 3, for all the power, speed and destructive capabilities that it gave the user, came at a expensive price as the user was taxed to their limit. Roshi concluded that this form was meant to deal with the enemy as fast as humanely possible. The energy it consumed from the user was just too much.

Goku disappeared once more but now Roshi was not so worried. He stood there, awaiting Goku's attack. The burst of power soon came and Roshi, once again, dodged Goku's attack and soon started to go on the offensive.

Goku tried to put up a defense but due to being in a Serene State of Mind, Roshi saw it coming and bypassed what Goku was trying to do and started to pepper Goku with attacks.

Of course Roshi was not hurting Goku very much, but it was enough to make Goku react and try to dodge and block.

Master Roshi was not trying to damage Goku. He was forcing Goku to expend more and more energy by trying to dodge and block so that soon, Goku would be too tired to continue fighting in Super Sayain 3 and regress back to normal, to where Master Roshi KNEW that he could take on and defeat.

It was a dangerous mission though.

In Super Sayain 3, Goku had enough perception to know vaguely where Roshi was at and occasionally, Goku would block or dodge an attack successfully. Master Roshi had to watch out for counter-attacks as even taking one of Goku's punches or kicks would knock out into next week, or if he blocked them, he would find himself without arms to use.

For the first minute or so of this heated exchange, Roshi had some very close calls and Goku was beginning to get an idea as to Roshi's attacking pattern and was getting closer and closer to landing a successful counter attack.

But after five minutes, Roshi began to breath easier as Goku soon started to react slower, he blocked longer and was sloppy with his counter attacks.

Goku was tired.

Roshi continued to push and push until soon, Goku became desperate and tried to gather energy for a Kamehameha even though he was nowhere near far enough to pull it off.

However, Roshi figured that he would let Goku gather his attack and fire it off. It would only tire him out more.

Goku launched the Kamehameha but Roshi dodged it easily, the blue beam heading straight into outer space.

With that, Roshi came in with a strong elbow that landed on Goku's cheek and the sayain flew away and landed into a boulder.

It was silent for a while but Goku soon emerged though now, he his hair was back to normal. He was no longer a super sayain.

Roshi smiled as he knew that he had this won. He was flying in on a Goku that seemed to be smiling in a goofy manner. Roshi flew in to finish this fight when he suddenly felt the world whirl around him much faster than it had been.

He saw Goku open his eyes in surprise as Roshi, who had been but a blur before, suddenly slow down so much that he could now see his approach and the sayain flew in on him, faster that Roshi had even anticipated and Goku landed a blow on Master Roshi before the old man could react.

Roshi felt himself flying away but righted himself before he could collide to a boulder. He looked up to see Goku coming in on him and start a barrage and Roshi found himself pressed to block.

What's going on here? Goku's back to normal, why am I having such a hard time keeping up with him now?

As if to answer his question, Roshi felt a sudden burst of exhaustion and once again, Goku landed a strong knee to Roshi's stomach before sending Roshi flying away with a hook to the cheek.

The old man was flying away when he realized what had happened.

I am no longer in a Serene State of Mind. I can't believe this had to happen just when I was about to win this fight. Oh poo.

Roshi did his best to sense Goku and soon found the sayain in front of him, his fist ready for an uppercut.

The old man sidestepped the blow and tripped Goku over with a sweep. Goku fell down but rolled away.

Master Roshi took this chance to try and charge up a Kamehameha but as he tried, he could hardly summon the ki to do so and the attack came out as nothing more than a small wiff.

Goku, seeing this, attempted to launch his own Kamehameha to finish the match but, he too, was dismayed to find that he could not even find the ki do so as well.

Both warriors looked at each other and smiled.

"It looks like we have no more ki to work with anymore. We can't fly nor shoot out fancy beams of light anymore. The match will be decided on nothing more than old fashioned hand to hand combat." said Master Roshi as he felt a wave of nostalgia once more.

"Yeah. I don't know what you did earlier that you were able to outspeed me even in Super Sayain 3 but its obvious that it took a toll on you as well. You have to tell me about it some other time." said Goku with a grin, the idea of a new technique always exciting him.

"That, my former pupil, I'll tell at a later time once you tell me about that technique you used to disappear and reappear all of all sudden." said Master Roshi with a smile.

"My Instant Transmission? Sure, I can tell you about it if you want. Heck, I'll teach it to you, it does come in handy." said Goku with a goofy smile before hardening his face into serious expression. "However, we have to finish our match first. We have pushed each other to the limit. The next few minutes will decide it all." said Goku.

"Yes, lets finish this." replied Roshi in equally serious tone.

Both charged each other as they started to fight once more.

Goku started with by coming in with both arms stretched out, one above the other so as to prevent Roshi from ducking.

Roshi saw the sidestepped the attack by using his hands and pushing one of the fists out of the way, using Goku's momentum against him as Goku was knocked aside. Taking this moment, Roshi came in with a straight punch to the face, but Goku was able to catch his master's arm in between both arms and drove them behind his master's back to force a hammer lock.

Roshi gritted his teeth in pain from the submission hold before moving his head forward and using the back of his head to smack Goku in the mouth and nose.

Goku grunted in pain as he let go of Roshi and the old man turned and swept Goku from underneath before the sayain had a chance to recover.

However, Goku had expected this and turned his body as he was tripped so that he could land on a one arm handstand. He knew that Roshi was going to try to capitalize so using his arm as a pivot, Goku spun around as he stretched his legs out.

Roshi did not expect this move from Goku as he got a foot in his face and was knocked aside. This gave Goku time to flip up from his handstand and take his posture once more.

Both warriors stared each other down.

Goku felt something warm trickling down his mouth and realized that his nose was bleeding. More than likely, it was broken from Roshi's attack.

Roshi, on the other hand, felt something loose in his mouth before spitting it out to find that one of his teeth had been knocked off from Goku's previous counter attack.

Both of them were breathing deeply.

"Look Goku, I don't have all night. I'm old and I want to get some sleep. How about we end this right now?" asked Roshi.

"You read my mind Master Roshi. I was thinking the very same thing." said Goku with a tired smile.

Both of them nodded in agreement before each jumped into the air and at each other, each with a foot sticking out.

Both warriors hit each other with a strong, flying kick that landed smartly on each other's faces. Both warriors were knocked down from their attack.

Roshi tried to get up but found that his body just simply would not move. That last kick seemed to be the final straw.

The old man looked over and found Goku struggling to stand, his body nearly one knee already.

Once again, Roshi tried to rise, but sharp pain erupted from his body as he tried to do so. He barely rose on one knee before falling again.

Before the blackness of unconsciousness took him, he heard footsteps make their way toward him. Roshi knew that it was Goku and that Goku had won this battle.

"A long time ago, I fought a man called Jackie Chun. He was the first man I had ever fought that pushed me to my limits. He was better than me and I learned much from my fight against him. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be where I am right now. However, when we ended our match and I was on the verge of passing out, he came to me and told me this. 'The reason why I won in our last exchange was because my legs were longer and I was able to drive deeper, damaging you more.' That was the last thing I heard before I passed out. Who would have thought that I would need to resort to that, so many years later. So I say to you what he said to me. I stand only because you, being shorter, could not kick as deeply as I could thus I damaged you more than you damaged me." said Goku.

Good to know that he pays attention...Goku you're something else.

With that, Roshi soon found himself losing consciousness and being enveloped in darkness.

A second later, Goku fell down next to Roshi as he too went unconcious.

Author's Note: Well, that was the final chapter. I thank you all for having stuck with this story. Hope you all enjoyed.