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It had all started with an invitation…

Matthew Williams stared at the letter in his hands as he read its contents.


You are cordially invited to the annual Eurasian Nations Ball as a guest of honor, along with United States of America. The ball will be on March 25th at 6:00 p.m. We suggest that you come early for we will have a World Meeting before and one after the ball. We also advise that you do not bring any weapons, bombs or anything related to nuclear weapons for everyone's sake.

We hope to see you there.



Matthew gave the piece of paper a puzzled expression. This could've been a prank by Prussia or America. Then again, the envelope that the letter had come in had Austria's official seal.

As Canada tried to control the happiness of being acknowledged (and being invited to a ball as a guest of honor no less) America kicked open his front door, startling the shy nation.

"Mattie, did you get the letter?!" Alfred's expression seemed distressed and paranoid as he ran up to his brother.

"Yeah, why?" replied Matthew. Alfred grasped his brother's shoulders and shook him.

"Don't you see? They're trying to invade us!" Getting over the momentary dizziness Canada gave his brother a confused look.

"What're you talkin' about?"

"This is all a well conceived plan for all of the nations to attack us at once and take over our nations!" explained Alfred. Matthew rolled his eyes and sighed.

"If they wanted to take us over they could've done it at a world meeting."

"Yeah, b-but I'm usually armed during the conferences." Seeing how his brother had hesitated and the desperation in his eyes grew, Matthew pointed an accusing finger at his brother.

"You just don't want to dress up!" he yelled. Alfred hugged his brother's midsection and whimpered pitifully.

"I-I-I h-hate tuxedos!" America sobbed like a man pleading after being sentenced to death.

"You know you don't have to go."

"Iggy is going to make me. That's why you're going into hiding with me!" Matthew choked on his saliva at his brother's proposal.

"W-Why?!" he asked.

"We're twins, we stick together!" Just then, the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway was heard. America whimpered when he heard a car door being slammed shut and angry footsteps pounding on the pavement. He watched in horror as England stalked into the house with a tuxedo protected by a plastic covering in his hand. The Brit glared at his ex-colony and pointed his finger at the cowering nation.

"You." He hissed. Alfred shoved his brother in front of him for protection. "I've been looking for you, git!!! You'll wear this fuckin' tuxedo to the ball and BLOODY LIKE IT!!!"

The American let out a girlish shriek as Arthur attempted to tackle him. "I don't want to! I don't want to!"

"Come back here you ungrateful prat! I thought I raised you better!"

"Too bad, come on Matt let's bounce!" America grabbed his confused twin by the waist and out to his car. England ran out the door to see America's car driving off.

"Bloody prick." Arthur felt a vibration in his pocket and quickly took out his pulsating cellphone, "Hello?"

"Angleterre, how is your mission going?" England growled at the Frenchman's jubilant tone.

"Horrible. Unlike Matthew, getting Alfred dressed into a tuxedo is a challenge. The first time he went to a ball he had to wear one and hated it; since then he's always bothered his bosses enough to get them to keep him from going to a ball, but not this one, no sirree. That prat WILL be dressed and WILL bloody like being in a tuxedo at that fuckin' ball!" He took a deep breath and continued.

"I hope exhaustion gets to that git. Then, I'll be able to get him dressed when he's fallen asleep or I can drug him with sleeping pills. I could probably slip them into his drink when he's not looking and dress him when the drugs take over. I'll have to find him first though. He and Matt could be anywhere on their godforsaken lands. I should start searching now so, bye." Arthur hung up the call and proceeded to drive into the direction that the twins had driven off to.

Unfortunately, Francis's end was breaking up making the Brit's rant sound like so:

"Matthew…Alfred…challenge…first…one…to get them…to…ball…dressed nicely…in a tuxedo…gets to…-sleep…with…them…and…take over…their…lands...start…now…Bye."

Francis grinned. Being the gossiper that he was the Frenchman decided to tell Gilbert and Antonio the good news. He dialed their numbers and set it on a three way chat.

"Hola~!" greeted Spain.

"Awesome me is speaking!" answered Prussia.

"Mon amis~! Guess what?!"


"The first one to get little Mathieu and America into tuxedos and bring them to the ball gets to sleep with them and have their lands!" he gushed. He giggled like an excited schoolgirl.

"Sweet! I can be a nation again!" cheered Gilbert.

"Lovi and I can have a vacation home!" added Antonio.

"Ah ah ah, they're mine!" A triumphant smirk found its way onto Francis's lips.

"What? Why?" Prussia peeved.

"Well, I deserve it! Plus America and Mathieu trust me more than they trust you two." explained knowingly.

"Is that so?! Well, it's on bitch! By the way, Mattie likes the awesomeme more!" A click was heard and then the dial tone.

"Bring it on, amigo!" teased Antonio. France laughed.

"Farewell~!" They both hung up and went to go pack.

Unbeknownst to Gilbert, Italy had overheard the albino's conversation and went to the kitchen. Ludwig and Lovino sat at the table with the latter glaring daggers at the German. They both turned their heads to look at Feliciano.

"Ve~! Ludwig, Lovino, the first one to get America and…um…what's his name…Canada dressed into tuxedos and take them to the ball gets to have their land!" he announced. He was given incredulous looks by the other two men.

"Who the fuck is Canada?! And what do you mean 'have their land'?" Lovino seemed skeptical.

"Gilbert said so! That's why he's packing up so he can go look for them!" Feliciano clarified.

"Not if you and I get them first! Come on, Feliciano, we need to pack!" Lovino got up from his seat and grabbed his brother's wrist.

"Is Ludwig coming with us~? We might not be strong enough and I heard that the North American brothers are really, really strong!" said Italy as he was dragged toward the front door by his twin. Romano cursed.

"…Dammit, you have a point…Oi, Potato bastard! Are you coming with us or not?!" yelled Romano. Ludwig sighed and reluctantly followed.

"How do I get dragged into these messes?" he asked to no one in particular.

"Ve~! Let's go Ludwig!" called Italy as he grabbed one of Ludwig's hands.

Elizabeta had been listening in on Gilbert's conversation, too. She had been crouching below one of the Prussian's open windows. Her reason being there was unknown, but she grinned mischievously and fished out her cellphone to tell Austria what she had just heard.

"Roderich, you'll never guess what I just heard!"

Meanwhile, Italy dialed Japan's number. He was not aware, however, of the chain reaction that would follow…

"Ve~! Kiku get ready to go to North America!"


"Hey Egypt, are you going to North America?!"


"Holland, my man!"

"Belgium, WAZZUUUUUUP?!"

"Taiwan, girl, did you hear?!"

"China, I've got good news!"

"Korea, aru~!"

"Hong Kong! Guess what?"




"Ma, Pa! I have a chance to be a nation!"

"Norway! You'll never believe it!"

"Iceland. Pack your things."

"Denmark. We need you…unfortunately."

"Yo, Poland!"

"Liet, Liet! Like, guess what's happening!"

"Eduard, get to North America!"

"Raivis, we need to go to North America. Quick."

"U-Ukraine, do you w-want to c-come with us?"

"Natalia, did you hear?!"


Sitting in a tall black chair was Russia. He sat behind a desk and listened closely as Belarus explained the 'challenge' to him. He smiled and stood up, grabbing his pipe on his way to the door.

"Belarus," he said, "Get my helicopter ready. America and Canada are going to become one with Russia very soon."

Natalia nodded and followed her brother out the office.

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