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Iceland grumbled as he dragged his luggage out of his room. He wasn't able to get any sleep due to nightmares. If Norway hadn't butt-dialed him during their…"mini-Olympics", then he wouldn't have been as mentally scarred as he was at the moment.

The island nation sighed when he had reached his brother's door. He knocked twice and mentally prepared for the psychological rape he was about to go through. As expected, Denmark had opened the door shirtless with Norway sleeping in his birthday suit upon the sheets on the bed. What Iceland didn't expect was the smell. He nearly gagged, but quickly regained his calm exterior.

"Are we gonna go now?" he asked blankly. Denmark gave the younger nation a sheepish grin as he rubbed the back of his head nervously.

"About that…Norge accidentally slipped and fell on his ass pretty hard so he won't be able to walk for awhile."

Iceland grimaced. "What am I, five? It's pretty obvious why Norway can't walk."

"Oh, so does that mean I can tell you I fucked your brother senseless last night?"

The Icelander blinked slowly. "You…sicken me." He turned on his heel and started to walk back to his room, looking over his shoulder at Denmark who was still at the doorway waving him goodbye.

"Glad you understand little bud!"

With the North American twins...

After finally getting some gas the North American twins were back on the road. It was by the time that they had passed the border when Alfred's eyelids began to droop. Matthew had fallen asleep awhile ago and the thought of a nap seemed like a good idea to Alfred.


The American jerked himself awake and panicked when, through the blur of waking up; he noticed he was driving on the wrong side of the road toward a big truck.

"Shit!" he cursed. The truck's driver honked his horn as Alfred maneuvered the vehicle to the right side of the road and pulled over. The brothers sat in silence as they tried to calm their rapidly beating hearts from the sudden adrenaline rush. Matthew turned to glare at his brother.

"What the hell was that?" he fumed. Alfred rolled his eyes.

"Hello~, I haven't slept in, like, twenty-four hours!"

Canada's glare intensified at his brother's attitude. "Don't talk like Poland. Why don't you do the smart thing for once and stop at an inn so that we can finally sleep in peace?"

Alfred thought for a moment and shrugged."Can't argue with you on that…well except the smart thing; I always do the smart thing."

"...I'm too tired to retort."

"Yes, I win!" cheered Alfred as they pulled into the inn parking lot.

After checking in and entering the room Matthew set Kumajirou on the floor as he and Alfred dragged themselves towards the beds. Alfred jumped onto his mattress and sighed.

"This bed is so sof-" Snores filled the room instantly. Matthew chuckled before he too collapsed onto the other bed.

With Sealand's family...

Sealand sat happily atop Sweden's shoulders as he pointed at a chimpanzee. "Hey dad, look at that monkey! It looks like Arthur!"

"D'n't t'k ab't y'r br'th'r l'k th't." Berwald warned is adopted son. Peter pouted as he crossed his arms.

"But it does!" he exclaimed. Berwald was about to retort when Tino called from afar.

"Peter, Berwald, I got us lunch!"

Sealand pumped a fist. "YES! Put me down Dad, I'm hungry!"

"'kay." Berwald strode towards his 'wife' while Sealand obediently followed. The young micronation stopped in his tracks when he noticed Francis standing a few feet away.

"France?" he called. The Frenchman turned and gave the young boy a smile.

"Hello, Peter~! I didn't expect you to be here! I just saw these dancing penguins in the arctic exhibit; would you like to see them?" His smile morphed into a sly grin when Peter's eyes lit up.

"Like in one of America's movies?" he asked innocently.

"Oui~!" he answered. 'Hook, line and sinker!'

Sealand gave a whoop of approval. "Okay, but I gotta tell mama or he'll worry!"

France internally panicked and grabbed the young boy's wrist before he could go to his guardians. He gave a nervous laugh. "Oh don't worry, your parents are very busy and it'll be real quick, okay?"


"Fr'ncis." France blanched. (And he did not just squeal like a little girl!)

The flirtatious nation turned to look at the taller nation. "H-hello Berwald!"


"O-Oui!" Francis gave no protest as he made a B-line towards the zoo's exit. Sealand watched him go with disappointment.

"Aw~, but I wanted to see the dancing penguins!" he whined. Berwald sighed and set Peter on his shoulders again.

"…Y' c'n w'tch Ic'l'nd's p'ff'n d'nce." he said as they walked toward Tino. Peter gasped.

"It can dance?"


With China, Korea and HK...

"We're lost." Hong Kong deadpanned.

"Aiyaah~, why didn't we stop for directions, Korea aru~?" complained China as he rubbed his temples.

Korea scoffed. "Directions were invented in Korea, da ze! I can find my own way to America and Canada!"

"Is that the other nation's name? I hope he doesn't have a debt to me, aru~!"

"I don't really know…who're we talking about again?" asked Korea. Yao shrugged.

"Truck." Hong Kong deadpanned again.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!" they (excluding Hong Kong) screamed as Korea swerved out of the truck's path.

The trio sat in silence before Korea grinned brightly. "And they say Asians can't drive~! Driving was invented in Korea!"

"Shut up."

"You're so mean Hong Kong!"

With Hungary and Austria...

"You're going to what?" Hungary asked venomously. She had just gotten back from the U.S. after failing to capture the twins and had come to Austria's house only to hear Roderich's ridiculous announcement.

"I am going to end this ridiculous mess by cancelling the ball." informed Austria.

"You can't do that!" The Hungarian woman gripped a nearby frying pan and slowly stalked towards her ex-husband. "I'll make sure of it."

"Is there a reason you want this goose chase to go on?" Austria nervously adjusted his glasses as Elizaveta's lady-like manners were giving way to her old, boyish ways.

"This chase is raising sexual tension. I'm fuckin' getting man-on-man action every fifteen seconds because of this!" She pointed the frying pan at her laptop to emphasize her point.

"And how are you getting that footage?" he inquired. Elizaveta glared at the aristocrat.

"You don't need to know." She spat. "And you're not going to interfere! Am I making myself clear, Roddy?"

"Y-y-yes ma'am…" Why did he feel like he was still married?

With the Baltics and Poland...and Belarus...

Estonia glared daggers at the back of Poland's head as the blond continued to complain.

"Like seriously Liet, if you're not going to take this thing seriously then I'm going to have to drive!" announced the Pole. Lithuania rolled his eyes when he noticed a familiar person walking alongside the road.

"Is that Miss Natalia?" he asked, pointing toward the Belarussian.

A gasp escaped Feliks. "Why is my BFF walking on the side of the road? She's, like, seriously gonna ruin her cute shoes! Liet, hurry, pull over!"

Lithuania complied and slowed the can to a stop beside Natalia. "Hello, Miss Arlovskaya! Do you need a ride?" he greeted.

After recognizing who was in the van, Natalia sternly said, "No."

"But you're shoes!" Feliks pointed out.

Belarus glanced down at her dirty footwear before looking up at Poland with a slight urgency in her eyes and tone. "We'll go shoe shopping once brother is done with his business here."

Poland sighed in relief. "Okay, whatever you say, but are ya sure?"

"Yes." she answered.

"Fine, tell the big jerk 'I hate you!' for me!"

Natalia frowned."I will not speak to my future husband like that."

Poland rolled his eyes and scoffed. "Like, just do it. Come on Liet, we, like, have twins to find and stuff!"

"O-okay! Bye, Miss Arlovskaya." The Baltics and Poland gave quick waves before zooming off.


With Prussia and England...

"Where could they be…" England thought aloud. He was pacing in front of the parked car letting his fingers trail ove rhis wand.

"I don't know." Prussia gave an exasperated sigh as he leaned back in his chair, "This is so un-awesome!"

England cursed and facepalmed. "Why didn't I just use a charm on him in the first place?"

"Dude, you still think you're a wizard?" laughed Gilbert. He ignored the furious green glare shot at his direction

"It's true dammit!" The Brit groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose, "Bloody hell, I need a drink."

Prussia turned the keys in the ignition. "Me too. Let's go look for a bar."

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