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Royal Conspiracy: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 10/10

Adam stirred slightly and Anya brushed his bangs away from his forehead, as he slowly came around. He opened his eyes and focused on his Mother's face, as she gazed down at him.

"Mom…" he rasped.

"It's okay baby, you're going to be fine," she soothed.

"Pooja…" he cried, as he tried to sit up, but she stopped him.

"She's fine too, thanks to you," Anya said, as her son looked up at her, noticing the bandage on her nose and the bruises on her face.

"I'm fine too. He's gone, they both are. They can't hurt us anymore," Anya promised.

"Good…they ruined too many lives. I'm glad they finally got what was coming to them," Adam said bitterly, as Anya stroked her son's cheek.

"I met Pooja because of Father, but it's also because of him that she'll probably never want to see me again," Adam said, as tears welled in his eyes.

"That's very untrue," Obi-Wan said, as he appeared in the doorway. Adam sobered and quickly wiped the tears away.

"He's right darling. She's been here by your side this whole time," Anya promised.

"She has?" he asked.

"Yes, I finally dragged her away and sent her to get something to eat, but she'll be back soon," Sola said, as she approached with her husband.

"You saved my baby's life at what could have very well been at the cost of your own. Thank you," Sola said sincerely.

"I love her, but I will understand if she wants nothing to do with me," Adam said, lowering his head in shame.

"Oh I believe she still very much wants to be a part of your life. I know that in disobeying your father's orders, you knew that he would try and have you killed. But you did anyway and did everything you could to protect my daughter. For that, I am very grateful," Obi-Wan stated.

"What about my Mother? Anything she's ever done was because Father made her. Even when she obeyed him, he still abused her," Adam said.

"Sweetheart, I still did some very bad things and I accept whatever sentence the Jedi Council deems appropriate," Anya stated.

"If you had not obeyed Xalazar, he would have killed you. You wouldn't have been any good to Adam if you had been dead. You did what you had to in order to protect your child. Believe me; I know what that's like. My first husband was a monster too, but Adam is the good man he is because of you. This will be a new beginning for both of you on Naboo, if you wish," Sola replied.

"My wife is right. You and your son are just two more of Xalazar's victims. However, for full clemency, the Chancellor has asked for something from you," Obi-Wan stated.

"Name it," Anya replied.

"You have the power to bring the rest of the De'reux Empire down. You have all the information and knew all the operatives. Will you give us all the information you can?" Obi-Wan asked.

"You have my full cooperation. I can give you names, locations, operations, aliases, and conspirators. I can and will bring the entire De'reux Empire down," Anya replied. Obi-Wan smiled.

"Then you and your son will become official citizens of Coruscant and Naboo as soon as the papers are filed," Obi-Wan told her.

"May I make a change on the identification papers?" Anya asked.

"What kind of change?" Obi-Wan asked.

"My last name and my son's. I would like both changed to my maiden name," Anya requested.

"Consider it done. What name should it be changed to?" Obi-Wan asked.

"Knight. Anya and Adam Knight," she answered.

"I'll have the change made," Obi-Wan promised, as Adam's eyes got big suddenly.

"Captain Landrey…he's employed by my father," Adam panicked, but Obi-Wan put his hand up.

"Landrey was arrested this morning, which leaves me without a Captain of the Royal Guard. I suppose I will have to interview new candidates unless you'll just help me out by accepting the promotion and position, once you're fully recovered, of course," Obi-Wan said. Adam's eyes widened.

"Me Sir?" he asked in surprise.

"You did save my daughter's life," he stated.

"But surely there are more qualified and more experienced candidates," Adam replied.

"Perhaps, but I think you're the best man for the job, if you'll accept," Obi-Wan stated.

"He accepts, because I'll have no one else by my side other than my beloved," Pooja told him, as she entered.

"Pooja…" he said.

"The Queen always gets what she wants," Obi-Wan said, as he kissed her forehead and left to tend to his many duties the whole debacle had created.

"Anya, would you care to join me for some tea out in the gardens. I am meeting my sister and we'd love to get to know you," Sola stated. Anya smiled and followed her.

"I'd like that too," she replied, as they left the young couple alone.

"Pooja I…" he started to say, but she silenced him.

"Shh…it's okay, my love," she assured him, as she sat down beside him on his bed.

"But I lied to you," he said shamefully.

"You were only trying to protect me from your father and you saved my life. My feelings for you haven't changed and I still love you. Just never lie to me again. You can tell me anything because nothing is going to change the way I feel about you," Pooja told him.

"Never, I'll never lie to you again, my beloved, I promise. I love you and I'll never do anything to jeopardize what we have again," he promised. She smiled.

"Then you're forgiven…Captain," she said, as she leaned over him.

"I will cherish your benevolence and remember everyday how lucky I am to have you, My Queen," he replied.

"You better," she teased, as they both laughed.

"I love you Adam," Pooja whispered, as their lips were only inches apart.

"And I you, Pooja," he whispered back, as their lips met with tender passion.

Kendra calmly approached her Mother's Throne and waited quietly. She did not have favorable news and knew Ysanne would be angry. Despite their possession of the nearly complete Death Star, the Skywalkers continued to strike down their operatives and score victory after victory against them.

"What is it, Kendra?" Ysanne questioned.

"The Alleman family has failed. The Chosen One and his wife discovered their plot and had the antidote administered to the Queen. And it seems the youngest Alleman has defected to our enemies," Kendra reported.

"Fools…we needed control of Alderaan. But we will have to adjust our plans then for the time being, until we can devise a way to gain control of both Alderaan and Naboo. Fortunately, thanks to the De'reux family, we will have Corellia when the time comes," Ysanne stated. Kendra bit her bottom lip.

"I'm afraid our hold on Corellia is gone as well," Kendra replied.

"What do you mean?" Ysanne demanded.

"Xalazar and his son Devan were killed by Kenobi and his brat on Alderaan after they attempted to kill the Queen of Naboo. De'reux's wife and youngest son have turned against us too. She is telling them everything and the Jedi will have what they need to dismantle the entire De'reux Empire and arrest all conspirators," Kendra reported, as she watched as anything not bolted down in the room began to shake violently as a result of her Mother's anger. Kendra screamed in agony, as black Force lightning hit her chest and sent her falling to the cold floor in agony. Mother tortured daughter for several agonizing moments, before she ceased and loomed over her trembling offspring. Kendra whimpered, as her Mother stepped on her blonde hair.

"Because you're my daughter, I have allowed your failures in the past, but no more. Fail me again, daughter, and I will be forced to make you pay with your life," Ysanne growled, as she lifted her foot off Kendra's hair and allowed the young woman to pick herself up.

"I hope for your sake that your son is progressing better, because your Father needs a strong warrior to possess if he is to go up against Skywalker again," Ysanne stated.

"He is, I assure you. The Kaminoans said he'll be full grown and ready within a year. His abilities have proved to be just as amazing as the Chosen One's. That, combined with Father's superior knowledge of the Force, will be enough to lay waste to the Skywalkers, and thus, the Jedi," Kendra reported.

"Let's hope so or all we have worked toward will be for nothing," Ysanne said, as she stood and strode toward her view window.

"The dark energies that were channeled into him as an infant on Korriban bonded to his spirit. Not even the great Anakin Skywalker can combat something like what we've created," Kendra replied with a smirk.

"Then losing Alderaan and Corellia for the time being matters not, for we will soon take Coruscant instead and therefore, the galaxy will belong to us," Ysanne chuckled evilly.

Padme sighed deeply, as she lay propped up against her husband's bare, glistening chest. Their breathing was slowly returning to normal after a session of powerfully passionate lovemaking. It never ceased to amaze Padme how incredibly raw and insatiable their passion still was for each other, even after almost twenty years of marriage. Padme inched her way up his lean, muscled torso, dropping kisses along the way, until she finally was face to face with him. It had been quite the day; one filled with turmoil and surprises, as they had learned that the diary did not belong to Sifo-Dyas at all and had been written by someone else. The implications of what that could possibly mean had stifled their thoughts all day. Then finally when they were alone for the evening, they let everything, all the uncertainties melt away, until it was just their love remaining. And as always, they came to realize that it didn't matter what they would have to face, because their love would always win out in the end, even in their darkest hours. Those realizations had, of course, given way to the physical manifestation of their love and was the exact renewal for their minds, bodies, and souls that was needed. Anakin gently kissed her lips, as he tilted his head. Padme mewled into his kiss, as he moved his lips over hers sensually. He smiled at her as their lips parted.

"Your beauty continually takes my breath away. I am truly the luckiest man alive," he told her.

"I'm the lucky one. You're so wonderful to me, so handsome…and sexy," her voice trailed off, as he kissed her neck.

"I can't believe that in just a few weeks we'll be celebrating our twentieth anniversary," he said. She smiled.

"Me either. They've been the most wonderful years of my life," Padme replied, as she kissed him passionately. Anakin slowly slipped out of bed, even as their lips still met in a continuous series of passion filled lip locks

"Where are you going?" she asked, as she saw him slowly slip on a pair of underneath shorts. She pouted her lip out, making him chuckle.

"And why are you putting clothes on?" she asked.

"I had room service send up a bottle of wine and some chocolate covered shurra earlier. It's chilling in the fridge. I'm going to get it, but I'll be right back," he promised. She sat up with the bed sheets wrapped around her petite body and she kissed him, as he leaned down over her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and the sheet slipped away from her form, as she plundered his mouth, while pressing herself against his chest. She bit her bottom lip playfully as she released his lips and enjoyed the glazed look on his face.

"Those shorts look uncomfortably tight, baby," she purred seductively.

"That would be your fault, star nymph," he retorted back playfully.

"Hurry back sexy Jedi," she called, as he turned away and hurried to the kitchen to get the snack and wine, which would lead up to more passionate lovemaking. Padme covered her body with the white silk sheet and wrapped it around her body, as she got out of bed and walked to the window, gazing out at the beautiful half moon that illuminated the midnight sky. She opened the latch and slid the glass open, letting the fresh cool night air dry her still slightly dampened skin. The air quickly gave her chill bumps and she slid the window closed to lock out the chilly night air. She turned and walked back toward the bed when suddenly, the window slid open again and a strong gust of wind tossed her hair about. She turned and looked at the window with wide, horrified eyes, as it slid closed again and the wind ceased. Padme's heartbeat quickened and her eyes darted around the room, as she suddenly felt like she was being watched. She clutched the sheet tightly around her body and she was about to scream for Anakin, but he came through the bedroom door at that moment. An angry gust of wind extinguished the candlelight and he set the tray down, before hurrying to her side.

"Angel…was he here?" Anakin asked.

"I…don't…" she said, as tears welled in her eyes. She tried hard to hold them back and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"I didn't see him, but I could feel his eyes on me…" she cried, as she fell into his arms.

"He's gone angel…he's too much of a coward to show himself to me," Anakin said, as his sapphire gaze pierced every corner of the room. She quickly sobered.

"I'm not going to let him do this to me; not tonight. I'm spending a quiet, romantic evening with my husband and no disembodied, cowardly old man is going to spoil that," Padme spat, as she let her gaze travel over the room too. He was long gone, she knew, but she had a feeling he could somehow still hear them. His form was still too weak for him to show himself around Anakin, for his Force light would snuff what was left of him out of existence at this point in time.

"You've been mine for the last twenty years and you'll be mine for the next twenty and the twenty after that. You'll be mine for eternity, just as you always have been since the beginning," he told her. She smiled.

"You're right, I'm yours. I always have been and I always will be. And I'm not going to let some insane old fool spoil our romantic respite anymore tonight," she responded, as their lips met in a tender kiss. He smiled and picked the tray up, before setting it down on the bedside table. He poured the velvety red wine into two long stemmed glasses and handed one to her, as he guided a piece of chocolate covered fruit into her mouth. She bit into it and enjoyed the taste of rich chocolate and sweet fruit, before sipping at her wine.

"You know that wine and chocolate make me frisky," she mentioned playfully. He smirked.

"Yes, which means fun for both of us," he replied, as he ate a piece of chocolate covered fruit as well. She kissed him with passionate fervor, beckoning him to the bed. Their kisses turned feverish once again, as passion's spell claimed them. Using the Force, Anakin extinguished all light in the room and their sexual euphoria resumed and their love burned as brightly and hotly his as ever…

The next morning, as parliament got settled, Anakin escorted Padme to the guest seating. Today would be no ordinary session though. Duke and Duchess Alleman were going to be sentenced for their crimes. There would be no need for a trial, for the evidence against them had forced their confession. In exchange for their cooperation, Shefan and Elsa would not receive the death penalty. Merek had not accepted the same deal and would likely face capital punishment for refusing to tell them all he knew about his people and his work. And unfortunately, what Shefan and Elsa knew was of little help. But thanks to their son Shane, they would hopefully uncover the secrets in the mysterious journal that had once been in the possession of Sifo-Dyas.

To everyone's surprise, Breha entered, walking slowly on her husband's arm with a walking cane assisting her on the other side. Anakin smiled at Padme, knowing how much it meant to her that her best friend was going to be okay. Natalie beamed at Jayden, as he greeted her with a hug and they sat down in the row in front of Anakin and Padme.

"I'm so glad you're here," Padme told her. Breha smiled.

"Me too and it's all thanks to the two of you," Breha replied.

"We're just glad justice is going to be served and that you're still with us," Anakin said.

"And I'm so excited to have my best friend back," Padme gushed, as she and Breha hugged.

"Yes, it's been a good day for justice. I just broke the news to the Chancellor that the De'reux Empire is being dismantled piece by piece now. He wants us all to meet at Calin's resort to celebrate as soon as we return," Bail said.

"Sounds great to me, we could all use a night out," Anakin mentioned, as the room quieted and session came to order.

"Today's session will be swift as we do not wish to delay justice," the head speaker stated.

"First allow me to say that it warms my heart to know that our beloved Queen is making a full and complete recovery. I believe I speak for all present in parliament when I welcome you back, Your Highness," he said, as the room applauded for Breha.

"Now onto the business before us," he continued, as the floor turned all attention to the three people in the center of the room, all in stun cuffs.

"Will the accused please rise to hear the sentence upon which this parliament has agreed upon," the speaker motioned, as the accused rose from their seats.

"Shefan Alleman, you have been found and charged with conspiracy to commit murder of Alderaan's Queen, the attempted murder of the Queen, and high treason. Your sentence usually carries capital punishment attached to it, but since you saved the people a trial, your sentence has been plead down to life without parole to be served in the Jedi run prison on Yavin IV," the speaker announced, before continuing.

Elsa Alleman, you have been found and charged with conspiracy to commit murder of Alderaan's Queen, the attempted murder of the Queen, and high treason. Your sentence usually carries capital punishment attached to it, but since you saved the people a trial, your sentence has been plead down to life without parole to be served in the Jedi run prison on Yavin IV," the speaker stated, before continuing again.

"Merek Alleman, you have been charged and found guilty of conspiracy to commit murder, the attempted murder of Queen Breha, and treason. You have also refused to divulge vital information to our government. Therefore, you shall receive the full mandatory punishment for treason, which will be death by lethal injection to be carried out in twenty-four hours. This session is dismissed," the speaker announced.

"You may kill me, but you will never uncover the secrets you need until it's too late! And my people will rise and stamp out the disease that is the Republic and the Jedi, including you and your pretty wife, Chosen One!" Merek ranted, as he was dragged away.

"And you, boy, you'll burn for helping them! The King will see that you suffer!" he ranted to Shane. But Dooku placed his hand on the young man's shoulder.

"Don't let his threats frighten you. We'll see to your protection," Yan promised. Shane nodded.

"I'm in this for the long run. His threats won't scare me into silence," Shane stated firmly. Kimberly touched his arm and he smiled down at her.

"I'm glad you're moving to Coruscant," she mentioned.

"Me too, I can see you everyday now," he replied. She smiled.

"I better go finish packing, but I'll see you on the ship," she said. He nodded, as he began to start for his quarters in order to finish packing himself, when his parents were led out by the guards.

"You're dead to me," Shefan spat.

"Don't worry Father, I'm dropping the last name Alleman and I'm going to find a new last name for myself. I don't want to be associated with the family name anymore than you want me to be," Shane replied.

"Shane…how could you do this to us? We're your parents!" Elsa cried.

"You tried to murder the Queen and I want no part of your evil. I may be your son, but I am an Officer in the Alderaanian military first. It is my duty to see that those that threaten the crown are punished. I'm just sorry both of you can't see that it's your evil that tore this family apart," Shane said, as he left, not even looking back at them.

Two days later…

Bel Iblis raised his glass in a toast, as Anakin and Padme, Sola and Obi-Wan, Bail and Breha, Qui-Gon and Shmi, Yan and Elana, Anya, Calin, and Rex, joined him and his wife Lily. Bel was in especially good spirits this evening, as they celebrated not only Breha's miraculous recovery, but the crumbling of the evil De'reux Empire.

"This toast is the Queen Breha and also to our newest friend, Lady Anya Knight, who is responsible for allowing us to bring down one of the largest crime empire's in history!" Bel called, as they toasted.

"Thank you, but most of the credit goes to my son. Without seeing the courage he displayed by defying Xalazar, I may never have mustered the courage to stand up to him too. Xalazar's cousin has promised revenge, but I've done what is right and my son is happy, so that's all that matters to me," Anya said.

"Still, don't think we're going to leave you without any protection," Anakin said.

"Or a job," Padme added.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"We're keeping pretty tight guard on Xalazar's cousin and all the head operatives, but just in case they somehow get the word out and put a hit on you, I've assigned Commander Rex, my best Officer, as your bodyguard," Anakin said, as Rex bowed politely to her.

"Milady," he greeted.

"That's very kind of you, but I haven't even decided where I'm going to live yet," Anya said.

"Well, I was hoping to help you with that," Padme stated.

"I'll understand if you would rather go to Naboo with Adam, but I could use someone like you as an assistant in my cabinet. You would live in the staff apartments on the thirtieth floor of Republica 500 and you could visit Adam on Naboo during Senate recess," Padme said.

"I…I don't know what to say," Anya replied, shocking by Anakin and Padme's kindness. She had forced herself to hate them for the last twenty years, but had secretly admired them both from afar.

"Say yes Mom, you deserve it," Adam said, as he and Pooja approached. Anya smiled, as she hugged her son and his girlfriend.

"I accept, Senator and I won't disappoint you," Anya replied.

"I know and please, just call me Padme," she said.

"Well then, to new beginnings," Bel toasted, as they all raised their glasses once again and drank.

Leia smiled, as she finished a dance with Jake and he kissed her cheek.

"It's so good to have you back. I missed you," he said sincerely. She blushed.

"I missed you too and I'm sorry you missed the social because of me," Leia replied.

"It…wouldn't have been any fun without you," Jake said. Leia sensed nervousness from him, but she was suddenly distracted by her twin brother, who was moping in the corner by himself while he watched Mara dance with Tek Traviss, a fellow senior Jedi padawan, who was tall, dark, and very handsome. Mara had a crush on him and it looked as though Tek's attention had finally turned to her. Luke didn't like it. Tek was a player and hopped from girl to girl. He had dated half the other female padawans in their age bracket and thought he was the Force's gift to women. He couldn't believe Mara was falling for his charm. Leia saw through Tek's charms too, but would always support her best friend, no matter what and now she needed to give her twin some comfort.

"I'd love to go out into the gardens, but I need to talk to my brother for a few minutes. I'll meet you out there in ten minutes, okay?" she asked. He nodded with a smile, as they parted for a brief time.

As Leia approached, she saw her brother take a glass of wine from one of the waitress' trays. Technically, on Coruscant, they both were of legal drinking age, but as long as they lived under their parent's roof, they were expected to abstain from alcohol until they were twenty-one, which was the legal age on Naboo. It was one of their Mother's stanch rules and their Father supported her fully. But their Mother's rule usually didn't stop either of them from indulging when they went out with friends. She knew her brother had to be stressed if he was risking getting caught by their Mom.

"Don't let Mom see you drinking that," Leia warned. Luke rolled his eyes.

"It's just wine. I don't know why it's such a big deal to Mom and Dad," Luke replied.

"Probably because it can get you drunk and cause you to do stupid and dangerous things," Leia answered, as she followed his gaze to Mara.

"You should go cut in," Leia mentioned.

"Yeah right, she'd lop my arm off if I interrupted her dance with Tek. She's had a crush on him for a long time and she looks happy. He's a sleamo though and he'll just end up hurting her," Luke lamented.

"Mara will hopefully realize that before he does and she does like you very much too," Leia told him.

"As a friend," Luke added.

"That's because you're too shy to make a move!" Leia replied in exasperation.

"I…that's not who I am. I'm not the great Tek Traviss that smooth talks his way into a girl's heart," Luke replied.

"No, you're not and for that, be grateful. Tek smooth talks his way into any girl's bed that he can and you're not like that. You're better than that, because you truly care about her and you'd never hurt her," Leia said. Luke sighed.

"Nice guys never get the girl. I'm not Dad and I've never had an instant connection with a girl before like he did with Mom. Sometimes Mom and Dad have no idea how hard dating can be. They knew the moment they met that they were meant to be," Luke said.

"I know. I've never had an instant connection like that with anyone either. It's going to be harder for us. I know you like Mara, but I think you should stop moping around, get out there, and find another girl, at least for now. That will get Mara's attention, believe me. You deserve to be happy too and you may have to wait for Mara to come to you. If she's the right girl for you, then it will happen," Leia told him. He nodded.

"Thanks Leia," he replied, as she patted his shoulder and left him to his thoughts. She was right. He couldn't just wait around forever for a girl who didn't have any romantic interest in him. He had to move on.

"Hey there handsome," Veronica said, as she snuck up on Jake in the gardens. He scowled at her.

"What are you doing here?" he spat.

"I heard you were here and I thought I'd come see if you're up for a little fun like we had the other night," Veronica said seductively. Jake grit his teeth. The night of the social, his Uncle had encouraged him to go with some friends, even if it was without Leia. He had gotten really drunk, blacked out, and then woke up in bed with Veronica, with no memory of how he had gotten there.

"I was drunk and I don't even remember the other night. I don't even believe what you said happened actually happened," Jake hissed.

"Oh it happened. It happened all night long," she mused.

"Besides, it's not like we haven't hooked up before," she added.

"That was before Leia and ancient history. Whatever happened the other night was a mistake and Leia CAN'T know," Jake stressed. Veronica shrugged.

"Fine, it'll be our little secret. But if she was a real girlfriend, she'd give you what you want and need like I did the other night," Veronica whispered, before disappearing out of sight.

"Hey, sorry to keep you waiting," Leia said, as she arrived. He smiled and put his arm around her waist.

"No problem. Is your brother okay?" he asked. She nodded.

"Yeah, he'll be fine," she replied, as Jake leaned in and pressed his lips to hers.

"Are you okay? You seemed aloof earlier," she mentioned.

"Me? Oh yeah, I'm fine. I'm anxious to hear about all the excitement that went down on Alderaan though," he said, quickly covering up his guilt by asking her questions that would take her mind away from his nervousness.

"Well, it's a long story. Let's go for a walk and I'll tell you everything," Leia replied, as they joined hands and began to stroll through the beautiful garden.

Kimberly giggled, as he twirled her and they bowed to each other as the song end, before the walked off the dance floor.

"You are such a good dancer," Kimberly mentioned. He shrugged.

"I used to hate learning that kind of stuff, but it was kind of mandatory growing up in the palace," he said.

"How are you doing with everything?" she asked. He smiled at her.

"I'm fine. I'm still trying to decide on a new last name so I can legally change it. I've been thinking about Shane Supernova!" he said dramatically. She raised an eyebrow and he busted out laughing.

"I'm kidding, I have no idea what to change it to," Shane replied.

"Well, we might be able to help you with that," Natalie said, as she and Jayden approached with Bail and Breha behind them.

"Your Highness," Shane bowed to the Queen.

"Shane, thank you so much for everything you're doing to help the Jedi decipher the mysterious diary. It may very well hold the key to defeating the evil that threatens to plague us," Breha said.

"It is my honor to serve the crown," he replied.

"Yes, you have shown great character these last few days and that's why Breha and I would like to adopt you into the Organa family. We know that you are old enough to be on your own, but you would honor us if you would accept us as your new family. You've brought honor to the crown and we would be honored to call you an Organa," Bail stated.

"I…I don't know what to say," he said in awe.

"Say yes, that is, if you can put up with having a little sister to bug you," Natalie said. He smiled at her.

"I always hated being an only child. I would be honored to be adopted into the royal family," Shane replied. Breha smiled and hugged him.

"Good. Then we will make it official on the legal documents tomorrow and you will officially be Shane Organa," she said. Kimberly smiled.

"I guess that answers your question. You have a new last name now," Kimberly said.

"I take it you approve," he replied. She nodded.

"Very much. I guess my brother isn't the only one dating an Organa now," she said. He smiled.

"Yeah, so I guess that makes you my girlfriend," Shane replied. Kimberly smiled and blushed.

"Yeah, I guess it does," she said, as her heartbeat quickened and his lips slowly lowered onto hers.

Padme smiled, as she danced with the man she loved more than she could describe. Her heart still fluttered with excitement every time he kissed her and every time he touched her, even after twenty years of marriage. The magic and passion had never died; if anything it had only grown and flourished over time. While she knew that they had many battles against evil ahead, she was more than satisfied that they had won this battle and saved one of their best friends.

"Things turned out even better than we hoped," she mentioned.

"Yeah, but that's what you get when you fight evil with the power of love," he replied. She nodded.

"You're right. I love you so much," she said passionately.

"I love you too, my angel," he replied, as their lips met with tender passion. Their lips parted and they were content to watch their children enjoy the evening with their respective friends and people they loved. There were still many questions to be answered the battle between good and evil still very much raged on, but as always, Anakin and Padme were confident that while they would face even more challenges than they had already, nothing would overcome their incredible love.