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Cause we belong together now yeah,
Forever united here somehow yeah,
You've got a piece of me, and honestly
My life would suck without you

Being with you
Is so dysfunctional
I really shouldn't miss you
But I can't let you go

Hunter woke up in the morning with Anne curled into him. He smiled and looked at her.

"Hey," he said. She looked at him and smiled. "Did we?" She nodded. "Did you?"

"Mm hm," she kissed him. "You were wonderful." He smiled. They kissed. "You really don't remember?"

"It's coming back to me." He whispered. They kissed again.

"I'm breaking up with Kevin," she whispered nuzzled her head against his neck.

"I've her that before," he whispered.

"I mean it this time," she said. "I love you, and I want to be with you, for real." He kissed her.

"You want to be with me?" He asked. She nodded. "Always?"

"Well, for now," she shrugged. "I mean, I'm still me, you know how I get restless." He smiled and they kissed again. "It always should have been you though," she whispered.

"We just weren't ready yet," he said. She smiled. "Anne, um, you swear that I was good?" She giggled.

"I swear," she nodded. "But if you don't believe me," she wrapped her arms around his neck. "Why don't you prove it to yourself?" They kissed for a while and then they made love again.

Connie sat quietly on her bed as Eddie paced in front of her. She wanted to so badly tell him that she was OK. She understood.

"And I mean, I really didn't think that she was ever gonna come around," he said, "but you get it right?"

"Eddie," she said standing up and kissed him. "I really like you. But we've talked about this, it can't last." He nodded. She kissed him softly. "I'm really glad we were together." He smiled.

"You're amazing Connie," he said. She smiled. They kissed again.

"Go to Ellie," she mumbled and pushed him away. He nodded. "Be safe." He laughed.

"Always," he nodded and drove. He hadn't realized how late it was, how long he and Connie had sat talking. It was almost morning in fact. He got to the "big house" as they had all always called it and walked quietly back into the poolhouse. Ellie was lying on the bed asleep in a ball, she was wearing a silk night gown. He laughed and sat down, stroking her hair gently and kissing her on the cheek.

"Mm," she cooed and blinked her eyes open. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," he whispered. "You alright?"

"Mm," she said, "I was sleepy, from the flight."

"I'll bet you were," he said. "I'm all yours now." She smiled and nodded and sleepily letting a yawn out. He laughed and lay down with her. "Go back to sleep honey, there's no reason to rush, I can wait until tomorrow." She nodded and curled her head into his chest and fell instantly back to sleep.

Trina sat awkwardly at dinner with Lizzie, Tony and Jace. Since their kiss, she and Jace had barely spoken to her. It was weird. Lizzie was doing her Lizzie thing and chattering to cover the awkwardness.

"Anyway, she's claiming she's going to quit Julliard," Lizzie said. "I'll believe it when I see it."

"Hm," Trina nodded. "I have to go to the bathroom." She announced and stood up. She walked into the bathroom and sat on a toilet for a while breathing deeply and wiping the tears from her eyes.

"Trina?" Lizzie's voice came through. "Honey, are you OK?" Trina walked out. "So, how long have you been cheating on my brother with that guy?"

"I'm not," Trina said. "It's not like that, I mean, we kissed, it's not a big deal. I'm not going to cheat on Dean."

"Why not?" Lizzie asked. Trina stared at her. "Trust me, I understand, you can love someone and still cheat on them. I cheated on Tony."

"And then he broke up with you!" Trina said. Liz looked at her. "Why do you keep looking at me like that?"

"Because," Lizzie said softly. "Trina, I love you, and I love that Dean loves you so much, but I don't think you're ready for what he's ready for. Just because your parents met and fell in love when they were your age, doesn't mean that you have to be with Dean for the rest of your life." Trina looked at her. "I mean, personally, I'd break up with him first but, if you like this Jace guy, then go for it."

"She's hot right?" Tony said. Jace looked up from his food. "Trina? She's got that whole down to earth smart girl thing."

"She thinks you hate her," Jace said simply. Tony laughed, "something about her mom and aunt."

"Yeah," he nodded. "It's complicated, her Aunt Tammy is my half sister." Jace furrowed his brow. "We have the same dad, he cheated on Tammy's mom with my mom, and um, then Tammy's mom married Trina's grandpa, Kelly's dad. Tammy and Dad don't talk, and so, until I was fifteen, I'd never even met her. But Trina, and her cousins, Tammy took care of them, she's got a lot of money and so she took care of them, they were her family. Me and my sister, we weren't." Jace looked at him.

"Cal's mom?" He asked. Tony nodded.

"Yeah, Cal's my nephew," he said.

"So he's not really her cousin?" He said.

"Oh, the weird sexual tension vibe they have going?" Tony laughed. "Yeah, that's slightly less gross than you might think. But they'd never do anything about it. It would break Kelly and Tammy's hearts, those two are sisters, blood or not."

"And Julie, the one my mom was in a sorority with?" Jace asked. Tony smiled.

"Julie's married to Kelly's younger brother, Jimmy," he explained. "My friend Steph is Julie's sister, half sister, Julie raised her, and her brother when um, their dad and mom died." Jace looked at him. "They're pretty remarkable people, the Rileys. Family's really important to them."

"I didn't know any of that," he shook his head.

One Month Later

Gordon walked silently into his dorm room at Notre Dame after practice. He collapsed on the bed. He was completely worn out and sore. He smiled when he realized what day it was and said a silent prayer for Kevin and Bella, who were moving in at Georgetown today. He picked up his phone and dialed.

"Hey you," Bella smiled.

"Hey," he said. "How's it going?"

"OK," she said, "Cassie's having a nervous breakdown." He laughed. "I wish you were here."

"Yeah, me too," he whispered. "Have you seen Kevin?"

"Not yet," she said. "How was practice?"

"Hard," he said, "I'm third string, I don't see why I have to work so hard."

"You're third string at Notre Dame," she giggled. "You still have to work hard, so that you can go to the NFL and we can be tacky and use new money as our excuse." He laughed.

"No matter how much sports money I make, you never get to claim new money," he said. "Miss Annabelle Riley of the Minneapolis Rileys." She giggled. "Get settled in, baby, I love you."

"I love you too," she whispered and hung up. She leaned back on her bed. Her roommate was gone and she heard voices outside. She stood up and looked outside. "Kevin!" She squealed running out to the room across the hall and throwing her arms around his neck and hugging herself close to him. Kevin laughed. "Oh God! You live across the hall."

"Calm down, Riley," he said, "you're gonna suffocate me." She grinned at him and he touched her face gently. "Bella," he whispered. "Such a good name for you." She smiled, she was ready to accept whatever it was that was between her and Kevin, because she'd realized this summer that she needed him.

"I'm sorry about you and Anne," she said, "I was so worried about you!" He smiled.

"I'm OK," he said. "She's happy I want that for her." She nodded. "So, the congresswoman wants to take you out for food. Unless Cass and Rick,"

"No, Cassie needed a clean break," she said. "Let's go." Kevin nodded and they walked outside.

Trina took a deep breath and walked into Jace's room. It was her second to last night in Arizona before heading home, and then back to school. He didn't look up from his book.

"Jace," she whispered. He looked at her.

"Trina," he nodded.

"I'm leaving tomorrow," she said. "I thought we should,"

"Don't worry about it," he said. She looked at him.

"Why are you doing this?" She said. "You kissed me, you told me that you liked me and then you ignored me for a month." He looked at her.

"You didn't want to be ignored?" He said. "When we stopped kissing, you cried and said that you loved your boyfriend and then ran away." She frowned.

"Well, you caught me by surprise," she said softly. "And I do love Dean." He nodded.

"Look, when we went to that dinner," he said, "I talked to Tony while you and Liz were in the bathroom." She swallowed. "I really didn't know, about your family and how nuts it is." She nodded. "Dean, he like, keeps it simple for you?"

"Pretty much," she picked at a pull in the bedspread. "But I um, I mean, I think I might break up with him." He looked at her. "There's sort of this other guy, and," he kissed her. Then he pulled away.

"I'm the other guy right?" He said. She nodded and kissed him again, pulling his tee shirt over his head.

"Hello, abs," she giggled. Jace blushed under his tan.

"Yeah, I uh," he stuttered, "some girls think it's weird."

"No," she said and ran her hands up his stomach, "it's nice," It's a nice change, huh, Katrina? A mean voice in the back of her head said. She kissed Jace hard to drown out the voice.

"Obviously you think its nice," he said.

"Please don't be sarcastic while we're making out," she shook her head. They kissed again.

"Earnest real feeling only," he said and nodded. He reached for her fly and she stopped his hand.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Unbuttoning your pants so that we can um," he said, "well, if I say it, I'll either sound cheesy or gross." She looked at him.

"I'm not going to have sex with you tonight," she said and sat up.

"But you're leaving tomorrow," he said, "and I might never see you again."

"I know," she nodded, "but I'm not going to have sex with you tonight." He looked at her. "I like you, but I'm still with Dean, and until have a chance to talk to him, face to face and end things, I can't sleep with someone else."

"But you're leaving tomorrow," he repeated. She nodded. "So what exactly do you want to do?"

"Just kiss," she shrugged. He nodded. "Well, a little more than kiss, but not much more."

"Sure," Jace nodded and then they kissed some more. Then her stopped. "So when do we get to have sex?"

"If you're ever in Minneapolis or Connecticut," she shrugged. He nodded. "You could keep kissing me."

"I don't really want to keep kissing you if it's not going to go anywhere," he shrugged and stood up. "Do you want a soda or something?"

"God, you are such an ass hole!" She screeched and stood up and then stared at him. "I mean, I'm breaking up with my boyfriend for you!"

"Clearly that is not the case," he said.

"Ugh!" She groaned and marched out.

Elisa popped out of the water in the pool and smiled as the door to the bungalow in the Vegas hotel she was staying at with her parents opened.

"Hey there beautiful," Eddie Cole grinned at her. She smiled and hugged him and then kissed him.

"When did you get here?" She asked.

"About two minutes ago," he said. "Your dad let me in." She nodded. "I like the bikini." She blushed. "I missed you." They kissed.

"I missed you too," she whispered, "how was Seattle?"

"Oh, you know," he shrugged and sat on a chair as she dove back into the water. "There was granola to be eaten and yoga to do."

"Sure," she giggled.

"How was everything out here?" He asked. "Stephie any better?" She shook her head. He stood up and leaned down into the water and kissed him and she pulled him into the water, still fully dressed. "That's mature Ellie." She giggled and kissed him. "You're a child."

"Well then," she pulled out of the water and wrapped herself in a towel. "Then when you go to Michigan in a few weeks you can meet some college girl who won't pull you into a pool." He got out and wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't pout," he mumbled and kissed her neck. "You look way too much like Bella when you pout."

"I love you," she whispered and kissed him.

"I love you too," she said.

To Be Continued...

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