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She hears the call of her name, but it's too good to be true.

"Fang!" she smiles and cries all at the same time. And then, her bouncing riot of auburn curls are suddenly shining in the light, and her viridian-tinted irises are iridescent with cheer and relief. Her sweet mouth is curved in a welcoming, innocent smile. Her cheeks are rosy as she dashes toward her, slim legs flying to keep from tumbling down to the ground. Her teammates look on curiously and watch as she comes to a sudden halt. The sun on the clouded horizon is a brilliant thing, but nothing could possibly be more brilliant than this very moment.

She meets her half-way, quickly pulling the red-haired girl into her protective arms. She's leather and brass, reassuring and solid, tender and coarse, always holding her, just her, only ever her. There is perfection woven and stitched in the spaces between them, where she is tailored to her every curve, the yards and angles surrounding her, loving her. Her eyes are shut tight, her heart running a marathon, tantalizing shivers running down her spine. Fang's gentle kiss placed upon her forehead causes her to feel nothing but safe.

As long as she is with Fang, she is safe.

► I just had to write this —
because FangxVanille is too darn precious. x3