Set in chapter 38. Spoilers are in here about that chapter.


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By Dark Ice Dragon


He was missing something. Slightly puzzled, Kenshin observed the scene unfold after Fairsky had declared that she loved Sunshine. So not to interrupt, he kept quiet, waiting.

After a while, Sunshine and Fairsky began twirling around together, the others watching them do so blankly. It seemed like a good time to ask his question.


Prince looked away from the pair. "Hmm?"

He searched for the right words, unsure how to phrase what he wanted to say. "Why did Sunshine and Fairsky..." He trailed off, frowning as he thought it over again. How would he describe it? "When you press your lips to another's, what does it do?"

The other two players turned to stare at him. Prince's eyes widened. "Uh, you mean a kiss?"

He didn't know what they called it. "The action that Sunshine and Fairsky are doing now."

"Huh? They're just - ack!" Prince quickly spun back to face him, cheeks pink. "Yes, that's a kiss," he said in a rush.

"What does it do?" Kenshin asked again.

"What does it do...? It's, uh, a show of affection. Um."

He waited for Prince to continue, but when he didn't, Kenshin frowned again. It explained what Sunshine and Fairsky were doing right now, but there was still something that he didn't understand. "When I... kissed you, you woke up." He said the new word slowly, trying it out. "Isn't that what a kiss also does?"

Jing and Yun gaped at him, their jaws hanging as far as it could go.

Then Yun snickered behind his hand. "It's a good thing your fan club didn't hear that."

That didn't make sense to him, but he was used to that from these three players.