A/N: Hola. Is me again. I dedicate this little thing to Mistress Happening. I had the idea in my head, but she convinced me to give it a go. And yeah, this chapter is kind of short and stuff, but the real story will progress with time. So, stick around if you're interested. And please, review if you read. It would make me really happy. (: The story takes place on Wally's POV, during his summer spent in Australia. The rest of Sector V will be featured in the story, but it centers solely around Wally.

Op. AUSSIE- A Unique Summer Spent In Esperance
Yeah, I had to find a city that started with an E. :c

Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. Need I say more?

So, hi. Before we get started here, there's a few things you need to know. First of all, the name's Wallabee Beetles. Yeah, Wallabee. Call me that and you're dead. Wally's fine. I'm ten years old, going on eleven, and I live in Cleveland, Ohio. I'm not originally from around here, though, and we'll be getting to that in a second. But you're probably wondering why you can read my thoughts....In fact, 'm wondering the same thing. You're not my conscience are you?

I would ask you to please get out of my head; but yanno, I don't even care anymore. I'm too mad to care. No, not mad at you, don't worry. It has nothing to do with you. It has to do with...nah, you don't want to hear this...

....Oh. You do?


....Well, okay, then. I guess...discussing it with somebody else might make me feel a little better. Huh? Okay, then. I'll tell you. Like I said; I ain't from around here. I'm from Australia, actually. Born there. Lived there seven years of my life. So, needless to say, I'm a foreigner. Got the accent and everything. Some people think that's cool. I do, at least. Don't know any other Australians, 'cept for my family.

Oh, right. You don't know them, do you? Well, let me tell ya about them, real quick. I live with my mum, dad, and little brother. My dad's kind of cool. Yanno, as cool as a dad can be, anyways. He's also kind of lame. My mom's basically as cool as he is. But she gets a lot more angrier than she really needs to. But I love her, either way. And my dad, too.

Then there's Joey. He's my baby brother. He just turned two a few months ago. He looks...well, he looks like a mini-me. He's the coolest baby in the entire world. I mean that. Mess with him and I'll kill you.

...Right. So, where was I...? Oh, yeah. Anyway, my family's from Australia. And sure I miss it there a little (but I pretty much got over it, already), and I remember heaps about it, and haven't been in a while...but, I don't feel like going. We usually visit sometime every summer, (which I might add, is the winter in Australia!) but we didn't go last year...and I don't really feel like going this time, either. Did I mention school just ended? No? Oh, well it did. Just last week. And I was really looking forward to spending summer vacation with my friends and all...

...but my cruddy parents are dragging me to Australia. Did I mention we were going ALL SUMMER?

Yeah. It bites.

Three months, away from my bestfriends, and the Kids Next Door...you do know what that is...don't you? It's an elite group of kids who basically fight against adult tyranny. Yeah, hard to believe, I know...But, it's a lot cooler than it sounds. Been apart of it for a whiiile, now. Just like my bestfriends. We're Sector V. Nigel Uno...he's Numbuh One, and the team leader. He's a British kid...bald, too. Something to do with the Delightful Children from Down the Lane. (They're villians, just so you know...) Not quite delightful at all.

Then there's Hoagie P. Gilligan. He's been my bestfriend since I moved here. We call him Numbuh Two. He's sorta a big kid, if you know what I mean...But, he never seems to pay attention when people tease him about it. He doesn't care, or act like he cares. I kind of admire that about him. Numbuh Three, aka Kuki Sanban...uh, what do I say about her? She's Japanese. Her mom works in an accounting firm with my dad (whatever the heck that means...) And she's kind of crazy. A good crazy, though. But she's really into all that cruddy girly girl junk, like Rainbow Monkeys, especially. Has tea parties with them and everythin'. I don't know what she sees in them...I think they're stupid.

And then there's Abigail Lincoln, or Numbuh Five. She's like a big sister to me, really. (But, don't tell her I said that...) She likes reading magazines, and listening to music and whatnot. I'm kind of surprised she isn't leader. She's a lot more calm than Numbuh One is. But, anyways...I think I'm getting a little off topic ,here.

As I was sayin', my parents are forcing me to go with them. I wouldn't mind going, actually, if we weren't going for so long. I'd at least like to spend some time here during the summer, with my friends. But now that idea isn't looking so good. Ugh. This is totally, completely, one hundred percent not fair.

You're welcome to join me, if you like. Would kinda make things better, I guess, if I had someone to talk to. Somebody to keep me from going absolutely crazy, (even though, me talking to you right now, seems a little crazy...)I'm gonna be bored, yanno. Long flight. Tomorrow. Oh, crud. We're leaving tomorrow! I haven't finished packing yet. If my mom comes in here, she'll kill me.

On second thought....

If I'm dead, she can't make me go.


.....Meh. She would probably just stuff my body in her suitcase and take me there anyways. So, I better get going. Waking up super early tomorrow. Like, disgustingly early. If I'm not going to school, I don't like waking up before ten. So, this is gonna be hell.

See you at 4 AM, sharp. Wally, over and out.