The Changed Timeline
by Teddylonglong

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COMPLETELY AU! Partly OOC! Time travel!

"Of course," James assured, eagerly. "Don't tell me anyone has asked you before, because nobody knew about this, so will you go with me?" he enquired.

Letting out a long sigh of clear annoyance, Lily reluctantly agreed. "If I have to say yes in order not to be bothered with it every day for the next six weeks, then 'Yes'."

"Yeeah," James cheered, causing Lily to groan.

Only Harry noticed the slightly disappointed glance which Severus cast at Lily.

On the last day before they had to return to Hogwarts, Harry composed five colourful parchments announcing the two weekend dates. He also wrote three letters to the four captains of the house teams with the exception of James to ask for their agreement to give up their own team practice sessions in order to let the Hogwarts team train every evening during the last week before both tournament weekends. As soon as everything was finished, he called Dobby, who arrived immediately with his distinctive 'pop'.

"What can Dobby do for you, Master Harry?" the elf enquired with apparent enthusiasm.

"Thanks for coming Dobby. Would you please be so kind and put these up on the walls of the five common rooms? And could you please hand these three letters over to my owl to have them delivered tomorrow at dinner?" Harry asked the elf, handing over the parchments.

"Of course Master Harry, I will do it right now," Dobby replied. A second later, he was gone with a pop.


Fortunately, the night of the full moon was not until three nights after the game against Ravenclaw, so that Harry was in top form for the game and Gryffindor managed to win 290:10. Remus had become a very good keeper, and barely let anything through.

During the winner's party in Gryffindor tower, James announced, "As you know, we lost the game against Slytherin, when Harry was in the hospital wing because of his fight with the dragon. But fortunately, we only barely lost it, so if we manage to beat Hufflepuff by a goal difference of 200 points – in other words the Snitch and five goals more than Hufflepuff – we can still win the cup. Let's try hard to achieve it, I mean it's our last year here, and I really want to get the cup once again."

Under huge applause, he plopped into the seat next to Sirius, making Harry feel slightly incomfortable at the idea that everything depended on whether he would manage to catch the Snitch at the right time.


On Friday evening, the teams of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons arrived just on time for dinner. Each school had brought a starting team and a reserve team. Dumbledore and Harry, who was organizing everything concerning the other schools' stay at Hogwarts, had decided to accommodate the teams in Merlin House. According to their gender and age, the guests were taken in by the Hogwarts students, who also took the meals in the Great Hall at the Merlin table together with their roommates.

The morning of the game against Durmstrang started as rainy as the whole week had been. Harry groaned, when he woke up looking up at the dark grey sky. He quickly took a shower, fetched his broom and ran down out onto the grounds, waiting for the Minister of Magic to arrive just on time for breakfast. He was quite proud that he had managed to win the minister to referee all three games of the Quidditch tournament. Fortunately, he did not have to wait long, because Minister McNeill arrived just after a couple of minutes.

"Good morning Mr. Pane, thank you for inviting me here for this big event," the minister said, kindly, shaking Harry's hand.

"Good morning, Minister McNeill," Harry replied, smiling. "Thank you so much for coming here for our Quidditch tournament, especially in this weather." He accompanied the minister to the high table, where his great grandfather took over. He motioned the minister to the seat between himself and his wife and stood to address his audience.

"Good morning Minister McNeill, good morning dear guests and residents of Hogwarts, welcome to our breakfast on the first day of our Quidditch tournament. As the weather is not very enjoyable, I'm not going to say anything outside, so please allow me a few words at this time. After you have finished your breakfast, you're very welcome to watch our first game Durmstrang versus Hogwarts. I wish you all much fun and hope for a nice, fair game. Now tuck in."

'I wonder how their Seeker is' Harry thought, as he unobtrusively eyed their visitors. 'Fortunately, I don't have to play against Victor today'.

The game was extremely hard, and he just could not see the Snitch, because it seemed to be hiding in the low hanging clouds. However, the Durmstrang students played quite aggressively, and he often had to escape from Bludgers coming in his direction. When a Bludger hit his left arm, Severus came over immediately and asked if he should ask for a break, but Harry just gripped his left arm with the right hand and let a small amount of healing magic flow into his arm, and his bones mended immediately. No one except for Severus had noticed the small incident at all. Finally, after nearly four hours, Harry was able to spot the golden Snitch and managed to retrieve it right away, while the Durmstrang Seeker was searching for it at the other end of the pitch. He held up the Snitch for the minister to see, who immediately blew his whistle.

"Mr. Pane has caught the snitch," the minister announced under huge applause from the spectators. "Hogwarts wins 520:410."

Wet and dirty but very happy, Harry and his friends landed on the muddy ground, while Dumbledore invited everyone into the Great Hall for lunch.


The weather on Sunday was bright and sunny, and Harry and the other Marauders were sitting on the tribunes watching the game Durmstrang versus Beauxbatons. The game was over much faster than the one on the previous day; in only a little more than an hour, Durmstrang beat Beauxbatons 170:40.

For the afternoon, the Marauders had organized a beach party in the Great Hall, similar to the one that had taken place after the demise of Voldemort. The mood in the Great Hall was one of pure excitement, and even the students of Beauxbatons seemed not to dwell on their lost game. The party lasted until after dinner, when Dumbledore stepped over to the Merlin table and asked Harry to come to the high table and officially end the Quidditch tournament.

Harry immediately complied and announced, "Dear students of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, in the name of all Hogwarts students, I'd like to thank you very much for coming here and having this great tournament with us. The tournament will continue on the 24th of May, when I hope to see all of you here again. We'd also like to thank your teachers as well as our teachers, who made the arrangement of this tournament possible and Minister McNeill for taking over the position as referee. I wish you a safe journey home and I'm looking forward to having you here again next month."

Afterwards, the whole school went outside to say good-bye to their guests, who were travelling by the same manner as Harry could recall from his fourth year.

For the evening, Harry and Severus had invited all members of their first and second team to a victory party in the common room of Merlin House.

Once everyone had gathered, Harry addressed the players. "Dear Hogwarts team, I want to thank you for a great game. Our position is so good that all we have to do in the next match on May 25 is to score 60 points and the cup will be ours. I think that is manageable. I also want to thank every student here in Merlin House for the hospitality you have shown to our guests – I really appreciate it very much. I wish you all a nice evening and ask you to note that I have promised Professor Dumbledore that the party will end by midnight the latest. Please don't disappoint me and go to bed by at least midnight, although I will probably leave earlier. Thank you." He walked over to where Remus and Lily were sitting and joined them for a few hours.


One day, when he spent the hour until curfew helping Severus with his research, he cautiously asked his friend, "Whom are you going to take to the dance?"

"No one I think," was the short reply, and Harry cast his friend a sharp look. "The only girl I would have invited is Lily, and she's already going with James," Severus offered an explanation which Harry could understand all too well.

'And that's all my fault,' he thought, feeling very annoyed at his own unthoughtfulness, 'because I chose to tell them about the dance when James was with us.'

Harry would have invited Amelia Bones, but somehow, he just did not get around to do it. "All right, then the two of us can go together and don't have to dance," he replied, grinning.

"Why don't you invite someone?" Severus queried, quirking an eyebrow; however, Harry merely shrugged, not sure about the matter himself.


At dinnertime, James came over to their table and whispered to Harry, "Don't forget that we're having Sirius' birthday party tonight at about midnight in the Room of Requirement. Can you tell Remus, Severus and Lily to come as well please?"

Harry nodded and relayed the message to his three friends at the Merlin table. Together with Remus, he was one of the first to arrive on the seventh floor.

Since the door was already there, they could just enter the room, which was decorated beautifully. The room gave the impression of a forest with a lake in the middle, and on the grass beside the lake, several sofas and comfortable chairs were arranged in a circle around a huge table, on which the house elves had arranged a midnight birthday picnic. Everything looked amazingly delicious, and in the centre sat a gorgeous cake decorated with seventeen candles. Harry stared in awe at the stunning landscape, transformed into Icicle and sat down on a branch of a maple tree. It did not take long, before the others arrived and the party began.

After their midnight birthday meal, they changed into their Animagus forms and played for a while, racing around the trees, occasionally taking a swim in the lake, before they could not resist the delicious food anymore and transformed back in order to eat another piece of the huge cake. Afterwards, they spent some time playing exploding snap and a few other games, before they reluctantly decided to head back to their dormitories at nearly five o'clock in the morning.


Finally, on Friday just before dinner, the two other schools arrived and they were again having a huge welcoming feast for the guests, who were once more sitting at Merlin table and staying in the still more than half-vacant Merlin House. 'I'll just hope that we mange to win again,' Harry thought, eyeing the guests with apprehension.

After breakfast the following morning, the Quidditch players rushed to the changing rooms and got ready for the match. As soon as everyone had changed, Harry gathered his team around himself and said, "Let's do as well as the last time, and then the cup will be ours. We only need 60 points more than Beauxbatons, but although I'll try to do my best to catch the snitch, don't rely on me but try to get as many goals as you can. Let's fight!"

Minister McNeill, who was refereeing again, was already waiting for Harry.

Harry stood next to the minister and took the microphone. "As the organiser of this Quidditch tournament, I welcome you to the match Beauxbatons versus Hogwarts and hope that you have a lot of fun and that we have a fair and nice game. Thank you." With a short nod to the minister, he returned to his team.

Professor McGonagall took over the microphone and announced the names of the players, and the minister released the Snitch, starting the match. Harry did not care about the match going on below him – he was circling above everything, feverishly looking for the Snitch, knowing that they'd already have won if he just caught his favourite, golden ball.

'There it is,' he realised in delight and raced towards the ground with the Beauxbatons Seeker on his heels, before he pulled up in the last minute to grip the fluttering golden Snitch – after just fifteen minutes into the game.

Just when he closed his right hand around his favourite ball, however, a cry caused his attention to be directed to a scene just above him, where a Bludger had just hit James in the leg. James could not hold himself on his broom and tumbled down at full speed.

Without even pondering the matter, Harry immediately raced after his father and succeeded in catching him, whilst still gripping the Snitch. Somehow, he managed to get both of them to the ground, before they instantly collapsed. Like from far away, he could hear the minister blow the whistle and held his hand that was gripping the Snitch up for everyone to see. A short moment later, he heard Professor McGonagall announce, "Mr. Pane has caught the Snitch."

The Minister added, "Hogwarts wins 150:00. Congratulations Hogwarts!"

Now Severus' voice penetrated his ear, "Harry, are you all right? Can you open your eyes for me?"

Reluctantly Harry opened his eyes and brought himself into a sitting position. "I'm fine. How is James? Is he alright?" he asked and watched Pomfrey putting his father on a stretcher.

Then she kneeled next to him and asked, "Are you all right Harry? Can you get up?" When Harry nodded, she added, "Nice catch by the way; you have probably saved his life; he only has a broken leg."

Now Dumbledore's voice resounded through the microphone. "Thank you all for a nice but very short Quidditch game. Now you can have the whole day for yourselves, before our dance party will commence in the Great Hall at 6:00 pm. If you're hungry, you'll find a luncheon buffet in the Great Hall from about 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please help yourselves."

"Harry, do you think you could heal James?" asked Lily, who had just joined them.

Harry glanced at Severus, who quickly intervened, suggesting, "Let's accompany them to the hospital wing and have Madam Pomfrey decide if you're well enough to even think about it."

By the time they arrived in the hospital wing, Pomfrey decided that it would be too strenuous for Harry to heal James, considering that his condition had been quite fragile over the last couple of months.

"That means that James won't be able to go attend the dance tonight, will he?" Lily asked, sounding anxious.

"No, definitely not. He will have to drink Skelete-Gro Potion and stay overnight," Pomfrey replied in a stern voice.

Harry chuckled. "Wow, Severus, aren't you lucky?" he blurted out, causing Severus to glare at him.

Hearing this, Lily asked in apparent surprise, "And why might that be?"

"Because… He wanted to go to the dance together with you, Lily." Harry explained, grinning.

"Harry, you imbecile," Severus said, letting out an annoyed groan before turning to Lily. "Oh well, Lily, would you give me the pleasure of accompanying me to the dance?"

Lily smiled, happily, as she replied, "Yes of course, I'd love to go to the dance with you."


Finally, it was time to head to the Great Hall for the dance party.

"Dear Minister, dear guests from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, dear Hogwarts residents, I want to thank every one of you for a – in my opinion – grandiose Quidditch tournament," Harry said, as he opened the event. "It could not have taken place without the efforts and assistance of every one of you, and I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now let's have dinner first, and afterwards the group 'The Bay City Rollers' will play for us so we can dance," he announced.

After this statement, his words were drowned out by loud applause from all parts of the Great Hall. Dumbledore motioned for him to go back to his table and sit down.

As soon as the noise decreased, the headmaster stood and said, "The only thing I have to add to Harry's words is 'Thanks Harry for a very well organized and enjoyable event' and 'Please tuck in everyone'."

On his way back to Merlin table, Harry noticed that Sirius seemed a bit lonely at the Gryffindor table; therefore, he went over to his friend and motioned him to come with him to Merlin table.

"Don't you think McGonagall will kill me?" Sirius asked, and Harry could not help chuckling. Sirius was afraid of eating at a different table. 'That's outright ridiculous,' he thought, wondering what was wrong with Sirius.


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