The Changed Timeline
by Teddylonglong

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COMPLETELY AU! Partly OOC! Time travel!

Quickly stepping over to his grandmother, Harry enquired, "Granny, Sirius is all alone at his table. Would you mind him sitting at Merlin table just for tonight?"

The Gryffindor head cast a glance at her great grandson, which turned into a small smile, when she allowed, "All right, but only for tonight."

"Thank you," Harry replied in delight, before he returned to his friend. "You may; come on," he whispered to Sirius, who immediately rose from his seat, his eyes shining with joy. In the meantime, food had arrived on the tables, and as usually, the house elves had outdone themselves.

When everyone was full and the tables were cleared, Dumbledore rose again from his seat. "As Harry has already announced, he has invited the group 'The Bay City Rollers' for tonight, and I'd like you all to welcome them with a huge applause."

In an instant, the grand doors of the Great Hall opened and Harry guided The Bay City Rollers up to the large stage just beside the high table. Deafening applause greeted the band. Harry quickly got back to his seat, and The Bay City Rollers began to play. His grandparents were the first on the stage and opened the dance; after a few songs, Lily dragged Severus up to dance as well. Remus asked Amelia to dance, and Harry and Sirius had fun observing their friends dancing.

During the evening, several girls came to Harry and invited him to dance, and Harry enjoyed dancing with one or the other classmate, while he observed in amusement how Sirius flirted with everyone.

Later in the evening, his grandmother came and asked Harry to dance, but he said in a small voice, "Sorry, Granny, but I'm really tired now."

She looked at him with apparent suspicion but relaxed, when he added, "I'm fine; I'm just tired. I haven't been sleeping well lately."

"All right then, Harry; do you mind me sitting with you for a moment?" the professor enquired.

"No, of course not. As you can see, I am sitting here alone anyway; everyone is dancing. I think my choice of the group was not the worst," he replied, jokingly, and she agreed.

"Harry, I think you did very well in the organization of the whole tournament. Everything was a complete success." After a moment she asked a little hesitantly, "Harry, how are you faring? I know, that you're still not very well; are you able to study for the NEWTs? Or would you like to just leave them now and take them in the future at a later time?"

"No Granny, I'm fine," Harry replied quickly. "I think I'll be all right with my NEWTs. I've always done my homework for every class, even if I missed a lot of classes. Lily and Severus helped me a lot of course. And I have still two weeks until the tests start."

"No," his grandmother interrupted him, firmly. "One week. The NEWTs commence on Monday in a week. Afterwards, you'll still have one week before the end of the school year. It's scheduled like this in order to give the students the chance to just enjoy Hogwarts with their friends for the remaining time."

Harry's face turned pale. "Are you sure? I mean… sorry, I just didn't know that. But… I'll attempt to take them, and if I fail, I'll just have to do them again in the future, won't I?"

"Exactly; if you have any problems with the preparation for the tests, come and see me, I'll help you," his grandmother promised.

At his very instant, the song ended, and Dumbledore quickly spoke into the microphone. "May I ask for a short break and your attention for a minute please?!" He waited until everyone was sitting again and continued with a twinkle in his eyes. "As you know, a tournament is nothing without a Cup at the end, and at this stage I would like to present the Quidditch Cup to the captain of our Hogwarts Team, Mr. Harry Pane."

Lily and Severus pushed Harry from his seat and in the direction of the high table. Harry went over to his grandfather and took the beautiful golden Cup from him, which had a fine gold engraving of the names of the three teams together with their school emblems, as well as their team members' names together with their positions. He took the microphone from his grandfather and said, "I'd like the members of the Hogwarts team, both our teams of course, to gather for a moment".

As soon as his first and second team had gathered around him, he showed the Cup around and once again thanked his members for their good playing skills, before he motioned his team to come with him to Dumbledore and offer the Cup to him for the headmaster's office.

The headmaster accepted the Cup with his eyes twinkling merrily.


In the morning, Harry decided to not go to Hogsmeade with his friends but just stay in his room and read and study for the NEWTs. James was not allowed to go anyway, and Poppy suggested Harry could visit him and have breakfast together and perhaps even study together. Therefore, Harry stayed with James for the whole day, while the four other Marauders went to Hogsmeade with a few students from Beauxbatons.

When Pomfrey came and brought lunch for them, James sighed, before he spoke up, questioningly. "Harry, may I ask you something?"

"Yes, why, of course," Harry replied, absentmindedly, shrugging.

"Harry, who are you?" James enquired, giving Harry a sharp look. "Are you a cousin of mine, or how are you related to me? My parents obviously know you, and you seem quite close to them, so I'd like to know the truth."

Harry let out a long sigh. "James, you have to swear me a wizard's oath that you don't talk to anyone about what I'm going to tell you, except for your parents."

James stared at his friend in shock, however, apparently realising that Harry was not going to reveal anything, he finally swore his oath.

Smirking, Harry told him, "I come from the future, and I'm your son!"

"You're what?" James blurted out in apparent shock.

"You heard me correctly…Dad," Harry said, grinning at his father.

"So, who's your mother?" James asked.

Harry rolled his eyes in exasperation before replying, "You'll have to find that out by yourself."

"Eh, how am I in the future? Will I become an Auror?" James asked, curiously.

"Yes, you will," Harry admitted, inwardly groaning. "But apart from this I'm not going to tell you anything about the future."

"Why not? Look, son, don't be such a brat," James said, beseechingly. "I promise I won't tell, and by being here for so long – two years now isn't it? – you'll have changed the future anyway."

'Ah, why did I ever tell him anything?' Harry thought in annoyance. "Very well then, I'll tell you, but remember that you asked for it," he slowly began to speak. "I've changed a lot. In my time line, you and my mum had to go into hiding with me and made Sirius your Secret Keeper, but Sirius managed to convince you to make Peter your Secret Keeper instead, and Peter betrayed you to Voldemort. He came and killed both of you when I was just a year old, and as everybody thought Sirius was your Secret Keeper, he ended up emprisoned in Azkaban until he managed to escape after twelve years. I grew up with some horrible relatives of my mum and didn't get to know Remus until he became our DADA teacher in my third year. That's all. So, as I've already killed Voldemort and Peter, I hope that you'll still be alive, when I go back to the future in the summer."

"Wait," James said, clearly shocked by Harry's relevations. Finally, he asked, "So my parents know that they're your grandparents?"

"Yes, they know," Harry admitted. "That's why they took me in although I was ill and only a burden to everyone."

"You are and were not a burden," James replied in a firm voice. "Don't say such a thing, especially not when my mum hears it, or she'll be very upset. She took you in because she knows that you're her grandson and loves you."


During the next week, Harry, Lily and Severus studied together whenever they could. Finally, the dreaded week of the NEWT exams arrived. Harry was not overly frightened, knowing that it was not essential for him to take them this time. As his grandmother had assured him, he could still take them in the future. Nevertheless, he found the exams relatively easy. They had written tests every morning, and the practical exams in the afternoon. Even in the Potions practical, he was sure he had gotten the potion right. 'At least is has the correct colour,' he assured himself.

Suddenly a thought penetrated his mind. 'When and how am I going to get my NEWT results?' In the future, their OWL results had arrived around his birthday. 'I can't ask anyone to keep them for me, because they're all going to be obliviated, except for Pomfrey and Dumbledore,' he thought, recalling his conversation with his great grandfather from a few weeks ago. 'Can I ask one of them to keep my results for me for more than 18 years?' he wondered, finally deciding to discuss his problem with Lily and Severus, when when they were studying for their last exam – Transfiguration – in Harry's room.

"Why can't you just stay here until your birthday?" Severus suggested.

"But you're going to be all gone, so what am I going to do here at Hogwarts just by myself?" Harry asked, letting out a long sigh.

"Harry, I'm going to stay here as well," Severus said, lightly. "I'm going to take over Slughorn's chambers as soon as he leaves. I have to take the Potion Master's exam, and there's no better place to study for it than Hogwarts."

"And Remus and I are going to stay as well, because we're the new Defence Against the Dark Arts and Charms teachers," Lily added, smiling. "Maybe we, or at least I, will stay at James' parents' house for a few weeks, but you could just accompany us, knowing how they adore you."

Harry looked at his best friends in excitement. 'I could really stay until my birthday and spend some more time with them,' he thought, happily. "I think I'll go and speak with my grandfather," he said, pensively. "Would you mind coming with me?"


The three friends spent a few minutes trying to guess the password for the gargoyle guarding the headmaster's office, before McGonagall came up from behind them. Casting them a slightly disapproving glance, she uttered the password, "Chocolate phoenix".

When they arrived in the office, Dumbledore seemed surprised but nonetheless very pleased at having visitors and said, "Oh, I see, Minerva, you've brought very good company for this fine evening. Would you like some tea?"

"Yes please," his wife replied for all of them, and an instant later, each of them had a cup of tea along with a small plate with biscuits placed on the table in front of them.

Harry cleared his throat and hesitantly spoke up. "I'd like to discuss something with you, both of you in fact. Today I remembered from my own time that the results from the end of year tests always arrived around if not on my birthday. Then Severus suggested that I should stay here until my birthday to get the NEWT results. So, I'd like to ask if it would be possible for me to remain here until then," he asked, giving his grandparents a pleading look.

Dumbledore's eyes twinkled, merrily, as he replied, "Like I told you before, I don't mind when you go back, as long as it is before you're going to be born. Shall we fix it for the evening of your birthday, directly after dinner then? What do you think Minerva?"

His wife who had been very absendminded, looked back at the headmaster. "Yes, I believe that this sounds like a good idea. We can have a birthday party, and after dinner you can floo back to the future."

They agreed on this schedule, and Harry asked in a small voice, "What am I going to do though? I mean where should I stay until then?"

"As you're our grandson, you can of course stay here at Hogwarts; your room in Lily's and Severus' apartment is still there," his grandmother said, smiling fondly at him.

"You could also go to the Potters for a week or so if you wanted to," Dumbledore added.

"Maybe we should go to the Potters while Severus has his Potions Mastery exams, so that he can study without being disturbed, and we can have some time together here afterwards," Lily suggested, causing Dumbledore to give her an approving nod.

"And as this is all decided, I suggest that you return to your rooms and rest, considering that you're going to have your last exams tomorrow," McGonagall concluded the conversation in a strict voice.

"Ah but Transfiguration will be the easiest of all, as we'll get 30 points just for transforming into our snake, owl or phoenix forms," Harry replied, teasingly.

"Good night to you too, Harry," his grandmother replied, sharply.


Finally, even the last exam was over, and the seventh-year students could relax. Now they could just enjoy their last week of term at Hogwarts.

At dinner, however, Harry suddenly blurted out, "Quidditch!"

His friends shoot him worried looks, before he explained, "I completely forgot, but on Sunday, we're going to have the Quidditch game against the teachers. See, in autumn we said the first Sunday in October and the last Sunday of the school year. That's this Sunday, and we haven't practised even once."

"Calm down Harry," Lily said in a soothing voice. "Do you think the teachers have practised? I'm certain that they've forgotten about it as well."

Harry quickly rose from his seat and walked over to the high table. "Granny? On Sunday, the Quidditch match is going to take place, right?"

"Quidditch match?" McGonagall asked in apparent bewilderment.

"Yes. In autumn, we said the teachers versus students match will take place on the first Sunday in October and the last Sunday of the school year. That's this Sunday," Harry replied quickly.

"Oops. I completely forgot about that, and we haven't practised once," McGonagall replied, clearly shocked, glancing at her husband.

"We haven't either, I just remembered a few minutes ago. Are we going to play or cancel the match?" Harry asked impatiently, eager to return to his dinner.

Dumbledore stood from his chair and addressed the students. "Attention please. We've just realised that the second Quidditch match 'students against teachers' was scheduled for this coming Sunday. However, in fact both team captains, Harry Pane and Professor McGonagall forgot about it and didn't practise with their teams. Would you nevertheless want them to play Quidditch for you? If yes, then clap your hands!"

An instant tumultuous noise of broke out, and when it ebbed a little, Dumbledore spoke again: "As you see, your fellow students and teachers want to see the match and will not release you from it. Tomorrow morning, the teachers are allowed to use the pitch, and tomorrow afternoon the students. We want to have our fun on Sunday," he decided, grinning mischievously.

Harry returned to his table and glanced at Amelia Bones, who was as usual not sitting far away from him and his friends. "Amelia," he whispered.

"Harry? We'll fight and win on Sunday, I'm sure," Amelia replied, grinning.

Harry could not help laughing. He was not worried at all about the match. "As you know, many of our first team members are leaving Hogwarts this summer, but I'd like the team to continue, as I think it's one of my better inventions," he said, grinning. "So I wanted to suggest a new captain to my grandfather to ensure the continuity, and I've thought about you. Would you mind me suggesting your name to the headmaster?"

Amelia flushed deeply and said, "Oh Harry, thank you very much; I'd love that very much, although I'm sure that it'll be difficult to step into your footsteps."

Harry let out a snort. "All right, I'll talk to him," he promised, feeling very much relieved.


The next morning dawned bright and sunny, but by lunchtime, huge, dark clouds spread over the sky, and while they were in the changing rooms changing into their Quidditch robes, the thunderstorm began.

Harry cast the Impervius charm around each of his team members including himself and said, "we won't have to do a lot, just practise for maybe twenty minutes. We're the best team out of three wizarding schools, and we'll do just fine tomorrow."

He ended the practice after just fifteen minutes, afraid that he or his team mates might catch colds in the rain.

The weather on Sunday was not much better, however. Harry groaned, as he looked out of the window. Mr. Potter, who had kindly agreed to referee once more, took the microphone.

"Welcome to the second game of the Hogwarts Quidditch Team in their match against the Hogwarts Teachers' Team. Just to recall: In their first game, the students beat the teachers 220:200, so this re-match might become quite interesting.

"Here are the players of the students' team: Deborah Molloy (Ravenclaw, Keeper), Roger Burke (Slytherin, Beater), Donald Quirke (Ravenclaw, Beater), Amelia Bones (Hufflepuff, Chaser), Severus Snape (Slytherin, Chaser and Deputy Captain), James Potter (Gryffindor, Chaser) and Harry Pane (Gryffindor, Seeker and Team Captain).

"And here are the teachers: Professor Sinistra (Keeper), Pamona Sprout (Beater), Albus Dumbledore (Beater), Filius Flitwick (Chaser), Poppy Pomfrey (Chaser), Minerva McGonagall (Chaser and Team Captain) and Rolanda Hooch (Seeker and Deputy Captain)

"I wish both teams good luck and hope we have a fair and clean Quidditch game." With this, he released the Snitch and the match began.

It was nearly impossible to even catch a glimpse of the Snitch. The dark clouds were hanging so low, that Harry could not even see the goals on the opposite side of the pitch. He circled around looking feverishly for the small ball, fairly alone between the clouds. 'What was that?' he suddenly wondered. 'Was that a flash?' Anxiously waiting for the thunder to come, he continued to fly huge circles through the clouds around the pitch, until suddenly a second flash came nearer.

Maybe because of his strong desire to find the Snitch, maybe even just because of sheer luck, suddenly the tiny golden ball was hovering just in front of him. He reached out and caught it. Letting out a relived sigh, he started to pull down at such a speed that he could hear a giant gasp from the stands, when he came out of the clouds and in sight of the stands. He landed just in front of his grandfather and held his hand up showing the Snitch for everyone to see.

Mr. Potter blew the whistle and announced, "Harry Pane has caught the Snitch. The students win 370 – 320. Congratulations to the Hogwarts Team."


Two days later, when Harry, Lily and Severus were sitting in Lily's and Severus' common room, he said to his friends, "Now we have only two days of classes left; do you know what? We still haven't tried the joke with the fake wand on Granny."

Lily gasped and nearly tripped over the bed laughing, while Severus looked enquiringly from one to another.

"Um… Severus, do you have Transfiguration tomorrow?"

"No. Charms in the first class, and then…"

"Oh right, we have Charms together. Then I will flash to James after curfew to get a fake wand."

"No Harry, I'll go now and retrieve it from him," Lily said sternly.

"Alright Lily, thanks. I will exchange Flitwick's wand as soon as he arrives in the classroom with the faked one, and we have McGonagall in the second class. She won't have enough time during the break to talk to Flitwick, so we can do the same thing to her; and then let's see."

Severus raised an eyebrow. "You can't think about anything but nonsense, now can you? If it is not about how to betray Pomfrey, it surely will be how to play pranks on the teachers," he said sternly, shaking his head.

"Dear Professor Snape, please remember that you not only helped me to betray the dragon, but that you're still a student for the remaining two days and are bound to play pranks on the teachers, especially being a Marauder," Harry replied, smirking.

Severus growled at him, and Harry continued, "With the fake wand, they can't do magic, only sparks that will transform into funny comments. We once tried it on James' mother during the holidays, and it was quite funny!"

Severus scowled and asked, "Tell me once again: What did I call you in the future?"

Harry grinned. "An arrogant, attention seeking brat."

"Hmm. No, you're neither arrogant, nor attention seeking, just the contrary of both, but you're very irresponsible," he decided.

"Do you know what, irresponsible would be if you were about to die and I did it to Pomfrey, who was trying to heal you. But to play a little prank on McGonagall at the end of seventh year probably isn't irresponsible, right Lily?"

Lily chuckled. "Well, I believe that a nice prank which doesn't hurt anyone is a good way to end our Hogwarts time as students."


While Professor Flitwick was on his way to the front of the classroom, Harry used his wish magic to exchange the wand in his hand with the one inside the teacher's robes. Nobody except for Severus who was sitting next to him watching him intensely noticed anything. As it was the last Charms class for the seventhth year's students, Flitwick intended to just enjoy the class with his students and wanted to show them a few special charms he had invented himself. But as soon as he waved his wand and tried to do a spell, pink sparks appeared forming the words 'Maybe a little practise is in order'. Puzzled he looked at his wand, while the whole class was trying to stifle their laughs. Now the teacher tried a different spell and was rewarded with yellow sparks saying 'I need holidays'. Now the whole class was laughing loud, and the poor teacher examined his wand with a piercing look, before he asked, "What did you do to my wand?"

Harry hesitantly stood up, went to the teacher's table, and handed Professor Flitwick his wand. "I'm sorry Professor, but as this is our last Charms class today, we had to do this tiny prank in order to leave Hogwarts with some dignity." When he saw the teacher's look turning into a smile, he added impishly, "Professor, if you don't mind, we would appreciate if you did not tell Professor McGonagall about this before lunchtime, because we'd like to do the same prank to her as well during the next class."

Flitwick's smile intensified and he said, "Twenty points to Gryffindor, Slytherin and Merlin for a prank well performed and for ending school year in a good mood. Class dismissed."


McGonagall obviously did not take it so easy. She tried hard to hide her smile and said to Harry, "Stay after class Mr. Pane, as we have to speak about your punishment", trying not to chuckle, when Harry's face turned white with shock.

"It's all right Harry, relax. She can't and won't do anything to you; the school year is over," Remus tried to calm him.

When Harry hesitantly went to the teacher's table after the class, his grandmother looked at him and said, "Do you know what it means to play pranks not only on your teacher, but also on your great grandmother? It means war. Just wait and see. You are dismissed."


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