The Changed Timeline
by Teddylonglong

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COMPLETELY AU! Partly OOC! Time travel!

"Harry, I'm sorry dear, we didn't want to surprise you so much. I take it, that it was a shock for you to see who your father actually is?" Lily asked in a soft voice.

Harry cast her a look of absolute disbelief, before he whispered, hesitantly, "Is it true then? The two of you are my parents?"

"Yes Harry; I'm sorry, from your stories I knew that in your old time line, I was married to James. And please believe me, I would have married him in order to ensure for you to be born, but Albus told me that I could marry anyone, because you would be born as my son anyway, so I decided to marry the person I really love. Can you understand that?" Lily enquired, smiling at him.

Harry beamed at his parents. "Of course, Mum – on the contrary, I'm very happy with it. It just couldn't be better in fact. Over the whole summer, I spent much time thinking I'd be able to live together with a father whom I wouldn't be able to respect at all, because of what James and Sirius did to Remus and me. Knowing that I have a father whom I can love and whole-heartedly respect is the best surprise I can imagine. I'm really glad about it. Although, maybe it'll take some time to get used to calling Severus 'Dad' I'm afraid."

Severus smiled at his son. "Harry, are you ready for some more surprises?"

Harry glanced at his father and nodded, curiously. "You have two sisters, Julia, who is 13 years old, and Marina, who is 5," Severus informed him, smirking.

Harry excitedly sat up and looked from one to another. "I have two sisters?" he asked, incredulously.

"Yes Harry," Severus confirmed. "Unfortunately, that is about the only thing we're allowed to tell you, because as you've surely been told, Poppy is the expert, and she insists that you have to get your memories of the 'new time line' back by yourself, so that they can mix with your 'old time line's' memories. We can only help you, when you become aware of memories and you need help, but we can't tell you a lot."

Don't worry though," Lily added, "we'll help you as much as we can; you're not alone. And your sisters and your best friends will try to assist you, too."

"So have I lived my whole life, sixteen years, with you in the 'new' time line?"

"Yes, my son," Lily said, giving him a proud look.

"Who are my best friends?" Harry enquired.

"Anna Lupin, Hermione Granger and Ron & Ginny Weasley," Lily informed him.

"Do they and my sisters know that I went to the past?"Harry asked, feeling extremely uncertain at the prospect of having to be friends with people whom he had not even met before.

"Yes, but we only told them the day before yesterday, when you were actually gone," Lily explained, gently.

"So what's my actual name? Harry Snape?" Harry asked, quirking an eye at his father.

"Harry Snape–Dumbledore in fact, Harry. As Lily wasn't able to assume his name because of her parents, Albus wanted you as the heir of Merlin and Dumbledore to assume his name," Severus explained, patiently.

"I see" Harry mumbled. "Are you still the Charms and Potions teachers?"

"Yes, that's correct, Harry", Severus answered, "and your mother is head of Merlin, and I'm head of Slytherin, but you and Julia are in Merlin, and you are a prefect and Merlin's Quidditch captain as well as the captain of the Hogwarts Quidditch team."

Harry groaned. "That sounds like I'm going to be busy during the school year."

"No Harry, in fact you can take it quite easy, as you've already taken all your NEWTs, and all very well, so there's no need to do everything again, if you don't want to," Severus explained. "In order to get back your memories, however, I suggest that you try to sleep some more. We'll talk more later on."

When Harry obediently closed his eyes, Lily and Severus both gave Harry a kiss on the forehead and stood up only to sit down at a small table at the side of the room.


Beginning of memory

A boy of about 14 was sitting on a sofa in front of a large fireplace, and a small girl came running in his direction, climbed on the sofa and onto his lap saying, "Hawwy, you weed the dwagon stowwy for Mina pwease."

He smiled fondly at her and took a small book from her with a wizarding story, in which a boy called Harry fought a dragon in order to save a school which the dragon had attacked, because children had taken away her eggs.

When he finished reading the story, the little girl said, "Fank you Hawwy, you weed again pwease, pwease Hawwy."

But he did not read the story again but threw her into the air, caught her again and proceeded to tickle her, until his mom came and called them, "Harry, Marina, come, we have to go to the Great Hall; it's almost dinner time."

End of memory

With a gasp, Harry was sitting upright in bed. 'What was that for a dream? Who was the little girl? Mum had called her a name, what was it?' He shivered and let himself fall back into the cushions before realising, 'That must have been one of my sisters.'

"Harry, are you alright?" suddenly a voice asked, and he looked around to see his great grandmother sitting at the table in his room grading essays.

He groaned, lightly shaking his head. "I just had a very strange dream; I've never had such a dream before." He told her about the dream. "And now I have a bad headache; it's like after one of the visions of Voldemort," he added, reluctantly.

Minerva sighed. "That was not a dream or a vision; that must have been a memory of you and your little sister Marina. During the next weeks or months, you will probably have lots of these dreams; they will bring your memory of this 'new time line' back, so it's a very good thing that they happen, but Poppy already told us that unfortunately they would probably be quite uncomfortable. I will call Poppy; I'm sure she can help you."

She went to get Pomfrey, who came immediately and said, seemingly very pleased, "Now Harry, it is very good that your memories have already started to come back. I know you won't feel well after these memories, because they will probably cause you headaches; therefore, after experiencing a new memory, you always have to either come to me, or if you are in your quarters, go to your father to get a potion and rest until you'll feel better."

"All right," Harry agreed, inwardly groaning at the prospect.

Pomfrey nodded and left the room, only to return a few seconds later with a small phial, which she handed to Harry.

"How long do you think it will take until I have all my memories back, Madam Pomfrey?"

She sighed. "Harry, I don't know that exactly, but it'll probably take a few months; but even in the worst case, it should be over in a year."

Harry groaned. "So when can I go back to classes?"

"Let's wait a few days in any case, and then, we'll try to let your mother take you to your quarters for an hour for the first time to see your room, meet your sisters and so on. And the next time, perhaps you can stay longer. We can also have your friends whom you remember from your old time line visit you here, one by one, to talk to you. About going back to classes, I think it would be better to wait a little, at least until you know your friends well enough to be able to confide in them if you had a memory return in classes, because this will happen as well, and maybe they'll have to help you to come back here or return to your room at home. As long as you don't remember them and haven't had the opportunity to speak to them, you probably won't feel comfortable enough to rely on their help, which you will definitely need," the healer explained, gently, and Harry nodded his agreement.


On Sunday morning, Pomfrey deemed Harry was well enough to get up, but he was not allowed to go anywhere on his own; she suggested that he could start unpacking his luggage. He did as he was told and had just begun to read one of the books which he had received for his birthday in the past, only five days ago, when his father entered his room.

"Harry, would you care to accompany me to my private lab to brew a potion?" Severus asked, watching in amazement as Harry's eyes started to twinkle happily.

"Yes Dad, I'd like that very much," Harry answered, and together they headed to the dungeons.

Severus stopped in front of a door, which was guarded by a portrait of a younger wizard who immediately started talking in Parseltongue, when he saw Harry.

"Hello Harry, how are you?"

"Hello. I'm fine, thanks."

Fortunately, Severus saved Harry, who was starting to feel uncomfortable because he didn't know the wizard, and told the portrait, "The password is 'back to the future', now open please, we're in a hurry."

The portrait opened and revealed a huge living room with a grand fireplace. "Harry, these are our quarters. The second room on the left side, the one with the green door is yours. Do you want to have a look? You need not worry; your mother and your sisters have gone to Hogsmeade for the morning, so you won't meet anyone. If you feel up to it, you can stay for lunch later. On Sunday, we always have lunch all together here in our quarters. I'll go to the lab, which is the room with the blue door."

Harry went to his room – and looked around in awe. Apart from his room in the hospital wing that Poppy had assigned him in the past, he had never had his own room, and this room was just beautiful. The huge four poster bed with dark blue drapes on which a golden snitch was moving around, looked so comfortable and inviting, that he just had to try it out – and fell asleep immediately.

When Harry did not show up in the lab, Severus decided to look for his son; who knew what kind of problems he would happen to face. But when he entered Harry's room, he saw his son fast asleep on his bed. Deciding to let him sleep, he carefully tucked him in, before he went back to his lab. In case Harry needed him, he left both doors open, but Harry did not make a sound, and suddenly Severus heard Lily and his two daughters enter their quarters.


Harry's sleep was interrupted abruptly, when something heavy jumped on his stomach, shouted joyfully "Harry!" and suddenly screamed in fear.

Harry was torn out of his sleep and would have certainly jumped, if the weight on his stomach had not been there. In the next instant, he got a glance of an unknown, screaming face. Fortunately, at this moment both his parents came rushing into the room to see Harry lying in his bed with his little sister sitting on his stomach screaming like hell.

Severus immediately took Marina off Harry and told her, "It's alright, my little Teddy, that's Harry. I know he looks a bit different, but that's okay – it's him. But Harry has been a little sick and is not yet back to his normal self, so you must be patient with him, alright? And maybe sometimes he will have difficulties remembering things, but you will help him to remember, right Marina?"

She nodded, eagerly. Of course, she would help her adored big brother.

"Of course I will help my Harry, Daddy. You know I'm already five and a big girl!"

"That's good my Teddy. Now, can you come with me to the lab and get a potion for Harry?"

She nodded enthusiastically and followed her father out of the room, where Lily was sitting next to Harry on the bed with Harry in her arms. "Harry, it's alright dear. That was your normally sweet little sister Marina. You know that you look different from before, don't you? In your old time line, you looked like James Potter; in the new time line, which is the one Marina knows, you look like a combination of Severus and me. But now you look like a mixture of Severus, James and me – and as you even don't need your glasses anymore, you look very handsome, but Marina has to get used to it first, and as it was the first time for her to see you, it seems to have been a shock."

Harry, who had calmed down a bit, nodded and said, "It's alright, Mum, I just was fast asleep and suddenly something jumped on my stomach just to yell at me, so it was a slight shock for me, too."

"I believe that; sorry for not realizing what she was up to," Lily apologized. "I thought you were in the lab with Dad; that's why I didn't care where she was going."

At this moment, Marina returned and handed a potion to Lily. "Thank you, my dear. Now go to your room and play for a while please; Harry needs to take the potion and rest." She handed Harry the calming draught and carefully caressed his face, before she made him lie down again and tucked him in. "There's still an hour until lunch; try to sleep, and I'll wake you up at lunchtime; if you don't feel up to facing your sisters then, you don't have to."

"Alright, Mum, thank you," Harry mumbled and fell asleep immediately.


Woken up by his mother, Harry decided that he would like to have lunch with them and decided to face his family, although he was not very hungry. He glanced secretly at his two sisters; Julia had her father's black eyes and looked exactly like Severus, while Marina had green eyes like her mother and brother. Harry noticed just how cute she was and smiled happily.

"Harry, why do you look different than you did before?" Julia asked him, curiously, and Harry still wondered what to tell her, when Severus came to his rescue and explained to his daughters what had happened to their brother and that it was only because of him that they were alive. When Harry looked at the older of his sisters, he was pulled into a memory.


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