Tonight, In the Sand

Hey everybody! Well, I've been inspired to write another Zelda fic! I hope you enjoy it! By the way, if you have read any of my other Zelda fics, this one is not sequential in any way to the other 4 stories. I'm a little nervous about how this story will be received. Many thanks for all my readers and reviewers!

I don't own the Legend of Zelda. Nintendo does.

The sky tonight was a diamond covered black canvas. Even though it had been a hot summer day the nights in the desert were often cold once the sun sank below the horizon. The air was moving across the barren sand. Hopefully there wouldn't be a sandstorm tonight. The Desert Mesa was full of dangers such as scorpions, coyotes and snakes and most unfortunately they came out at night.

"So, how's the chicken?" Link asked rubbing Zelda's back.

"It's delicious! I can't believe you actually cooked this so well on the open fire." Zelda said dragging chicken through barbeque sauce.

"I thought you'd like it. It's the wood that gives it such good flavor. Are you cold?" Link asked her.

"No, I'm fine. I would be if we didn't have the fire." Zelda said. So, what in the world were Link and Zelda doing in the middle of the Desert Mesa on a summer night surrounded by dangerous desert creatures? It was simple, really. Three days prior Link and Zelda were trying to plan a weekend trip away from central Hyrule, away from the hustle and the constant requests of others. Zelda was in charge of things now; if Zelda said she and Link were leaving for a long weekend…that was exactly what happened. Link knew Zelda had never been to the desert and let's face it, no one in their right mind went into the desert except the Gerudos who were passing through to their settlement. It was the perfect place for a long weekend away from the palace and away from the people who constantly chased after them with endless demands.

Now, here they sat before a roaring campfire eating a roasted chicken. Their tent was pitched and they were more than prepared to bask in the isolation of the swirling sands. Epona rested comfortably nearby. Even she needed a break and she was content to let her mane flutter in the night air.

"This was such a good idea. It's so beautiful out here tonight and listen…all you can hear is the sands shifting with the breeze. Mmm…I think I could spend weeks out here with you." Zelda said smiling.

"No one can even send us a letter out here! Think about that Zelda, no mail, no orders, no requests, no events to attend, no deadlines, and no meetings." Link said putting one arm around her and laying his head on her shoulder.

"And no one walking in us when we're trying as hard as we can to have sex in the study." Zelda sighed but couldn't help but laugh.

"Zelda, that was your 21st birthday party…you were kind of expected to remain active at the party." Link reminded her kissing her shoulder.

"I know, but I was drunk and it seemed like such a great idea at the time! I didn't know my stupid friend would come looking for me!" Zelda remembered.

"Yeah…yeah, and I was drunker than you were and I too thought it was a great idea at the time." Link said.

"Should have picked the tea room instead of the study…no one EVER goes in there." Zelda said. "So, when was the last time you were here? It's been a while hasn't it?"

"It has. It's probably been about a year since I've been here and that was just to deliver a package. I only came to the edge of the desert then. It has to have been….geez…um closer to three years since the last time I was in this desert." Link told her.

"What is that light burning in the distance over there?" Zelda asked pointing behind their campfire to the distant embers.

"Oh that? That is the Gerudo settlement. Those are probably the fires within the settlement." Link explained.

"You know, never in my life have I met a Gerudo…unless maybe you count the dark lord himself Ganondorf." Zelda said.

"The Gerudo women….they're….they're…oh geez, how do I put this…they…" Zelda interrupted Link.

"I've always heard that they have a reputation." Zelda laughed and set her now empty plate aside.

"That is an excellent way of putting it, actually. They are very hospitable, they know how to throw a party that's for sure, and they never know a stranger to their door. But…they are also a very, very provocative clan." Link said.

"You know, it makes you wonder how they became a race of women, historically speaking." Zelda said.

"I don't think anyone knows for sure and the Gerudos certainly don't talk about their history. I've heard different things such as they practiced sacrificing off their men in days of old as a way to please the goddesses and I've also heard that there is a genetic flaw in male Gerudo DNA…but really…no one knows." Link said. "Hey…do you want to go drop in on them? So then you can say you've met a Gerudo? They won't care. Don't get me wrong, they are aggressive women but they won't hurt us. Come on, it won't take long to get there on Epona." Link encouraged her.

"Oh but look how comfortable Epona is." Zelda said pointing over to a restful Epona.

"We won't stay long. It's a short trip for Epona, now come on." Link said getting up from the sand and pulling Zelda up with him. Zelda smiled. She couldn't say no and she had to admit that it did sound exciting. She had heard so many things about the Gerudos…not necessarily good things. But this race of vengeful women intrigued her and they had never wronged Link once he earned their trust. What could possibly go wrong by dropping in on them? And so Link rustled Epona to her feet and picked up her saddle, brushing the sand away from it.

"Should I change clothes?" Zelda asked looking at her tank top and her baggy knee length pants and touching her hair pinned on top of her hand. A few lose clumps fluttered in the breeze…but she still looked beautiful. But she felt it wasn't the way you presented yourself when you were meeting the Gerudos for the first time.

"You're fine, they won't care. Besides…I think you look amazing…I really do." Link said and he was sincere. Of course, Zelda could make him weak in the knees regardless of what she was wearing.

"Well, whatever you say. Let me put our plates in the tent." Zelda said as Link prepared Epona for them to take off across the desert to the Gerudo settlement. Zelda zipped the tent and brushed the sand off her pants. She looked up only to see Link standing before her. Before Zelda couldn't react Link's lips were on hers, her slim form wrapped in his arms. Zelda sighed as she pulled her lips away from his and rested her forehead against his. She slid her hands up his back. "You know…when we come back…I want you to undress me in our tent and do anything you want to me." Zelda whispered.

"I will…I most definitely will. And…I will most certainly look forward to getting you undressed…and getting you all…wet." Link kissed her again. "Come on beautiful; let's get going so we can get back." Link said taking her hand in his.