Chapter One


Shuichi slept away even as a masked man snuck into Bad Luck's tent at the concert grounds. It had been a big performance and the others had gone to watch everyone else but Shuichi had been exhausted and opted to take a nap instead. Gentle hands holding a pair of scissors cut at random patches of hair. Some were kept long and others as short as possible while others were left in-between.

When the task was finished the masked man crept out as silently as he had come. And not a second too soon, he had just made it back to his own bands tent when the other members of Bad Luck returned to take their friend home.

"Shuichi," Hiro asked timidly. Afraid of how his friend would react when he realized what had happened.

"Go away Hiro." The teen mumbled rolling over; unfortunately he was sleeping on a rather small couch and found himself on the floor with said action.

"Shuichi, I need you to stay calm. It's not such a big deal but you're going to want to freak out, but you can't okay?" Hiro asked.

"What's wrong Hiro…" Shuichi's voice trailed off as he ran his fingers though his hair.

What was left of it at least, he could tell that there would be no repairing the damage to it besides shaving his head.

"It's not so bad. At least your bangs won't be in your eye's now." Hiro said helpfully as Fujisaki burst into laughter.

"Not so bad, Hiro, I probably look like a freak, I'm going to have to shave my head. I'll be bald!" Shuichi yelled.

"Calm down, I'll shave it for you, I think I have a hat around here somewhere," Hiro said rooting around his stuff until he found the skull cap he'd been looking for.

Shuichi just whimpered pathetically as his friend grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the hair down as far as he could before grabbing a razor and some shaving cream K-san had produced from seemingly nowhere.

"Goodbye hair," Shuichi said sniffing as a few tears slipped down his face.

"Oh grow up Shindo-San it's only hair." Fujisaki said rolling his eyes as he watched Hiro fix the over dramatic teens hair.

"You don't under stand Fujisaki," Shuichi said quietly head bowed. It almost scared Fujisaki to see his band member and kind of friend so subdued and quiet.

"He hasn't gotten more than an inch off every two years since Junior High School." Hiro said as he spread the shaving cream over his friends head being as gentle as he could as he drug the razor across.

"Maybe you'll like it better this way," Fujisaki said trying to be helpful, he had decided he didn't like a quiet Shuichi and was trying desperately to get rid of him.

"But Yuki likes my hair long," Shuichi said snuffling as he rubbed roughly at his eyes.

"I could convince him to like it short as well," K-san said fingering his gun hopefully.

"NO! Just I'll not tell him until I have to…he'll probably be in his office or passed out in bed when I get home, I'll sleep on the couch tonight and come into work early. I've got so stuff I want to work though anyways." Shuichi said hysterically.

"I really think it would be better if you just told him out right what happened." Fujisaki said skeptically.

"No, he won't mind if I'm at work and K-san doesn't have to break anything," Shuichi said shaking his head furiously.

"What ever you think is best Shu," Hiro said calmly sliding the hat on his friends head squeezing his neck lightly before grabbing his guitar and heading home for the night.

"I'll see you guys later," Shuichi said quietly grabbing his messenger bag and heading out after Hiro to his own home.

K-San and Fujisaki said their goodbyes and made their way out.


Yuki leaned heavily against the kitchen counter as he waited for Shuichi to come running into the apartment. Knowing his young lover well enough to not bother going to bed or try and work on his book when he should be getting home. He was surprised however when the door opened and closed quietly and there was a soft thud as Shuichi dropped his bag next to the door.

Even more surprising was when he heard the teen fall onto the couch groaning as he lay there. Yuki could tell that Shuichi was distressed and obviously didn't want him to know. Heading into the front room sitting by the teen's feet.

"What's wrong," Yuki asked quietly.

"Did I wake you; I tried to be quiet…" Shuichi said not looking up from where his face was planted in the couch.

"No I was in the kitchen; I thought maybe you'd want something to eat when you got home. Come on and eat, then we can go to bed." Yuki said keeping his voice low and soothing.

"I can't move." Shuichi groaned hoping Yuki would just go to bed instead of trying to get him up.

No such luck. He could feel himself being rolled over and Yuki lifting him bridal style to carry him to their room. The man laid him gently on the bed and pulled his shoes and socks off then his jacket was discarded as well as Hiro's hat. Yuki paused for a moment when he saw Shuichi had no hair but continued on without saying a word.

"Please don't hate me," Shuichi said quietly as he and Yuki lay in bed after the man had helped him into his pajamas.

"Never," Yuki whispered quietly, pressing a kiss to Shuichi's temple as he drifted off to sleep.