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Shuichi was up early the next morning, refreshed from both his nap and sleeping with his head on Yuki's chest. Still he didn't want to bother Yuki, afraid the man would kick him out for the smallest things so he dressed quickly with out showering and headed into work, he was the first of the Bad Luck members there and opted to work on some of their new stuff.

While he wasn't as skilled as Fujisaki at playing the keyboard he had taken piano lessons when he was younger. It had been a while since he played but it was kind of like riding a bike you never truly forget how. He was a little rusty at first but it quickly came back to him as he let his fingers flow across the keys.

For a while he just played letting the music wash over his being but then he added in his vocals. He wasn't singing the actual words just working on hitting the notes and the timing. He'd add in the words later after he knew what notes he needed to hit without looking at sheet music.

"My, I didn't know you could play the piano as well as sing Shindo-San." Touma Seguchi said quietly when Shuichi stopped for a moment.

"I'm not a pro like you or Fujisaki-San but I took lessons when I was a kid…" Shuichi said blushing.

"I wouldn't be so sure, you are quiet good. With a little practice you could be an amazing pianist." Touma said calmly.

"Thank you Seguchi-San," Shuichi said with a short bow.

"I think I will allow you to continue your work for now, try not to strain your voice to much though." Touma said kindly before removing himself from the room.

A short time later Hiro, Fujisaki and K-san entered the room all but Hiro surprised to find Shuichi playing the keyboard. They just stared in interest for several moments listening as he worked through their new songs playing flawlessly as well as hitting all the right notes vocally.

"I didn't know you still played Shu-chan." Hiro said calmly when Shuichi stopped and opened his eyes.

"Sorry Fujisaki," Shuichi said sheepishly. "I wanted to work on our new stuff and I don't like singing Acapulco much…"

"It's fine, I didn't know you played the piano." Fujisaki said eyebrows furrowed slightly.

"I haven't since I was a kid, it was more to see if I could still do it than anything else…" Shuichi admitted shrugging off their amazement moving away from the keyboard and to his spot by the microphone.

"It's fine, just unexpected. It's not like this is my personal keyboard it's the studios so anyone can use it." Fujisaki said calmly taking his place so they could start rehearsal.

"Were starting on a good note, so lets keep going and maybe we can get out of here at a decent time." K-san said shooting his gun into the ceiling causing some plaster to rain down onto them.

"K-san I'm going to hide your gun one of these days." Fujisaki said glaring at the man as he brushed plaster off of himself and the keyboard.

"That ever happens and I'll know just who to shoot now get to work." K-san yelled before going to the other room so he could listen with Sakano-San.

The day went by fairly fast and all of the members of Bad Luck were out of the studio before it was dark out. Shuichi was the last one out of the room dragging his feet as he walked towards the door. He was surprised to find Yuki leaning against the wall out side the studio.

"Yuki, what are you doing here?" Shuichi asked surprised.

"Touma called and said he thought you guys would be done early tonight; I thought we could go out to dinner." Yuki said with a shrug.

"Really," Shuichi asked shocked; Yuki never wanted to go out to dinner he enjoyed cooking too much.

"Yeah, come on." Yuki said wrapping an arm around Shuichi's shoulders as they walked out to the Mercedes.

"Oh jeez," Shuichi muttered shuffling closer to Yuki as the walked out into the mass of paparazzi waiting for them.

"Chill just ignore them." Yuki murmured tightening his grip on his lover as they walked.

Shuichi did as he was told and was grateful when Yuki closed his door for him shoving the reporters back to do so. He slammed his lock down incase some crazy fan tried to open the door and sighed in relief as Yuki closed his own door and started the car. Before long they were out on the road heading away from Tokyo.

They stopped at a small restaurant on the very outskirts of the city having lost the mass of fans and reporters about halfway out.

"I thought we could use a night out just the two o us." Yuki said in explanation when Shuichi looked at him oddly.

"Oh, that does sound nice," Shuichi admitted happily as the two of them headed into the restaurant.


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