Cold Blood

By DerLaCroix

Chapter 1: Do not meddle with the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

FWOSH – he felt a wave of heat somewhere behind his back as he ran for cover.

Harry jumped onto the troll's back, trying to save Hermione from being smeared against a wall.

SLAM– the rock he was hiding behind trembled from the hard impact.

Hermione lying to Professor McGonagall to get him and Ron out of trouble.

FWOOOOSH – A long jet of flame licked across the rock, and its temperature became unbearable.

Hermione setting Snape on fire to help Harry.

ROAR! – The dragon saw Harry running for a different hiding place, and voiced its disapproval.

Hermione still believing in him, even as the rest of the students thought he would eat them alive as the heir of Slytherin.

FWOSH – A well-aimed jet of flame cut off Harry's path, leaving him no other choice than to throw himself backwards, lest he be grilled.

Hermione running off to the library, alone, to figure out a clue only she would get.

SLAM-SLAM – The spiked tail tried to squish him onto the rocky ground; he rolled quickly out of the way, avoiding both strikes.

Hermione petrified, just a small, lost figure in a bed as he visited with her. And still, she had the solution in her hand.

FWOOOOOOSH – A fierce, nearly bluish flame was scorching a line into the ground while Harry frantically skittered over to the safety of another rock.

Hermione running at him and hugging him,hard, shouting "You solved it! You solved it!"

CRUSH – Some fine dust fell upon the heavily panting Harry as nearly a third of the rock was ripped off by a powerful strike of the dragon's tail.

Hermione turning his broom in, to protect him from Sirius Black.

Hermione getting him away from Were-Remus.

Hermione going back in time with him to save Sirius.

Hermione pressing herself against him while riding Buckbeak.

Hermione hugging him as they left for Kings Cross.

FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH – A relentless continuous flame started melting the dragon's side of the rock, letting a small puddle of lava accumulate at the foot of the rock.

Hermione staying by his side when even Ron didn't believe him.

Hermione helping him plan a strategy for first task and practicing with him relentlessly.

"Isn't it funny what thoughts run through your head while you're dodging an angry dragon?" Harry spoke to no one particular as he, again, jumped behind a different rock, while the Hungarian Horntail was still busying itself melting the previous one.

While the audience still was up in stitches seeing the vicious dragon dismantle the arena, trying to get Harry - who had had only enough time to cast a single spell between entering and the first attack - the same boy was anxiously counting the seconds until his broom's arrival. Fifteen so far; and half of the arena was already pulverized or melted to slag.

A summoning from over more a mile was no small feat, and even if it had worked - 'Stop thinking like that!' he heard Hermione's voice scolding him in his mind – and the dragon didn't incinerate the broom before Harry got a grip on it - 'Honestly, Harry! Why do you always have to be that negative?' - it would take the broom some time to fly that distance, leaving Harry to dodge a dragon while waiting and scanning the sky.

Just as Harry frantically scuttled up a rockslide to avoid a spiked tail swinging in his general direction, he spotted his trusted Firebolt making the descent from the arena walls towards him. He had no time to gracefully catch it, as he was forced to hurl himself at it, off the small heap of stones he just climbed, to avoid a jet of fire aimed at precisely the spot he was standing on a few fractions of a second earlier.

Though his back was aching from exposure to the immense heat, he managed to get the broom under himself and shoot into the relative safety of the sky, just in time before he would have smashed into the rocks that were 12 feet below him.

"What a daring move! Potter has summoned his broom and is trying to out-fly a dragon, ladies and gentlemen!" Bagman's voice echoed across the arena.

'I bet tomorrow's papers will depict it as an act of reckless bravery and showing off, instead of a simple saving my ass moment,' he thought as he gained altitude and speed, both essential to avoid attending dinner as a dragon's main course, evading a jet of flame like he would have dodged a Bludger.

He circled the dragon for a while, trying to find an in. He swooped in and out, but the dragon stayed put, and protected her eggs with her body, crouching low above the rocky nest, glaring at him with her vertically slitted pupils, and twitching her big, leathery wings.

She gave him a short burst of fire every now and then, but he was just too fast, too annoying, and she was itching to give chase, which Harry counted on. Their plan - with which, of course, Hermione had helped - depended on the dragon's aggression overwhelming her motherly instincts. So he continued imitating a gnat on a hot summer night.

Finally, as he passed the dragon in a relatively low pass, it happened. She reared on her hind legs, trying to snatch him out of the air. She missed him by a few inches, her deadly jaws ripping a big chunk out of his robes, making him spin out of control for a moment.

When he regained control, he noticed two things: First, he was headed roughly at the dragon's nest, and therefore the dragon itself, at high speed now, which would be bad. But also, the dragon had thrown herself into her chain to get him, which probably had saved his life, but now she was straining against it, which held her up and opened a gap between her and her nest.

Seeker instincts took control, and he sped down at the golden egg, ignoring Hermione's voice screaming bloody murder in his head at this, reaching it exactly when the dragon slammed herself back onto the ground.

A gasp went through the arena, but this very second Harry emerged at the other side, holding the egg in his hand, and the gasp turned into a cheer!

"He did it!" Bagman proclaimed, his Sonorus-enhanced voice only barely heard over the cheer in the arena. "Harry Potter, the youngest champion finished the first task in the shortest time. My, my, that will surely change the odds!" He concluded, thus declaring the task finished. Too bad the dragon didn't understand English.

The Dragon handlers had stood in awe, applauding over Harry's skill with his broom. Only now, they came to their senses and made their way into the the arena to subdue the beast. It turned out being too late,as the Dragon took his last chance to lash out with its tail, this time connecting with Harry - who had been relieved and daft enough to do a victory lap - and throwing him into the arena walls. The audience went silent for a short moment before panic set in. Screams sounded across the stadium as Harry dropped to the ground with a meaty thump, the golden egg rolling away slowly.

Poppy Pomfrey was irate. "Dragons! Why by Merlin's hairy ass did they have to use dragons!" she yelled as the broken body of Potter was levitated into her makeshift hospital tent. "Stupid! So stupid! He had already completed the task, unharmed even, and then those damned handlers slept on their job!" Furiously muttering under her breath, she went to stabilize the poor boy as good as she could.

After a few charms, she let a sigh escape her lips. It wasn't half as bad as she had expected. He had a concussion and bruises, and the worst injury was a broken tail spike of the dragon, sticking out of his right upper arm.

A few seconds and charms later, she became aware that it was in fact embedded firmly into the bone. Her summoning spells just weren't strong enough to free it. Sighing, she conjured some ropes and boards onto the bed to immobilize the boy and stripped off her confining outer robes.

A minute of hefty twisting and pulling later, she had extracted the spike. Of course, she had given the poor boy some heavy sedation already. She didn't fancy working through the screams of a patient, especially one she actually liked.

While closing the wound, she got distracted by another stretcher being levitated into her tent, and, noticing the bushy hair, nearly absent-minded cast the bone mending charm at the boy's arm before turning towards her new, unconscious patient.

Fate is a fickle thing. Ignoring the absurd probability, the spike of dragon bone had pierced exactly the same spot as the basilisk tooth did, nearly two years earlier. Pomfrey had not checked the spike, and being distracted, she forgot to summon for eventual fragments after the necessarily manual extraction.

A small piece of dragon bone was still in there, and her bone knitter mended it with human bone.

That might not have been that bad, if it hadn't been for that minuscule, long encapsulated amount of basilisk venom the spike had punctured.

Being busy checking the unconscious Miss Granger for the cause, and putting some ointment onto the bloody nail-marks the girl had inflicted onto her own cheeks, Pomfrey never noticed Harry convulsing silently for a few seconds behind her back.


DerLaCroix was peeved. This was the third time he tried to make himself some snake-men minions, but no matter how much snake poison he injected them, they only died, but none of them transformed. Embirsiphonelilathia had already told him that this was the last batch of minions she would provide. While she liked cruel killings as much as the next girl, it was getting repetitive.


Come on, people. Why should Harry turn into a basilisk by getting bitten? It's a basilisk, not some vampire or werewolf. I have to work a bit more to make things believable - you don't turn into a Cobra by being bitten, either.

Also, basilisks are lame. Huge snakes with killing eyes. Meh... What is it good for to have eyes that kill everything you look at? "Here's looking at you, cutie!" isn't any fun if you kill the girl by accidentally slipping your glasses. How do you have sex with such eyes? Also, you guys forget that if a basilisk looks at you through shaded glasses (or a camera, or a reflective surface), it petrifies you. So Harry would need electronic goggles or whatnot. And before he found out what happened to him, he would probably have killed Ron(not that this would bother me) and/or Hermione (which I do not want) by accident.

I was tempted to write a small fic where Harry is to stand in front of his bathroom mirror for eternity because he forgot about the eyes, and no one is brave enough to look after him when he doesn't show up.

I bet you can think what my opinion of Cyclops is...

I am a bit peeved at the movie depiction. The book clearly said it had front legs, and a spiked tail, not this Nazghul thing they made for the movie. Maybe they shared the CGI department with Lord of the Rings to save money.