Chapter 19



It has been two weeks since Bella fell into the coma. All her tests were normal and the doctors could not figure out why she hasn't woken up. If it wasn't for Charlie, my dad, Embry and Gabi I don't know what I would have done. I begged Bella to wake up and she never stirred. I brought Alex and Jake to see her hoping that make that would help, but to no avail she stayed comatose. I didn't know what I was going to do if she never woke up. Now I know how she felt the five years I was gone. I don't know how she survived without me.


I could hear everyone around me and I wanted to let them know that I was in here. That I was okay, but every time I thought I was getting closer to the surface the darkness pulled me back in. I wanted to see my sons. I wanted to kiss Jacob and feel his arms around me. If only there was a way I could let them know I was in here. I didn't know how long I had been like this and the darkness was hard to bear, but at the end of the tunnel was the brightest, most beautiful light I have ever seen. I had to follow it.

When I walked into the light I saw Jacob's house. Sitting there on the porch swing was Sarah Black. Was I dead and I didn't know it? Had I crossed to the other side without so much as a warning to tell my family goodbye? This really couldn't be happening. I walked over to the swing and sat down.


"Ah…Bella. You are so beautiful"

"Sarah where am I? Is this heaven?"

"No of course not honey. I am just a figment of your imagination"

It was so good to see her. Sarah died when Jacob and I were seven. She was coming home from the store and was hit by a drunk driver and died instantly. I will never forget how horrible it was and how much I knew I was going to miss her. She was like a second mother to me when my mother left my father. It was very weird seeing her though and it kinda threw me for a loop.

"I know you are probably wondering why you are here."


"I love you Bella and I want you to know how happy you make my son. I watch over him all the time and I have never seen him happier. Your children are beautiful and I wish I was around to see them."

"I still don't get it Sarah. What happened?"

"I think your body was just in too much shock from the pregnancy and it shut down, but it is time for you to go back now honey. Your husband and wonderful boys are waiting for you."


"Good bye my sweet Bella. I will always love you guys"

She was gone and I could feel myself being sucked back into my body. I could hear Jacob talking to me begging me to wake up. I finally was able to open my eyes and saw my handsome husband just staring at me with tears in his eyes.

"Bella. You're awake"

"Jake? What happened?"

"You had the baby and had a seizure and went into a coma. You have been out for two weeks."

I started crying. I was so overwhelmed. I knew Sarah had been a dream, but she was so real.

"What's wrong honey?"

"I had the weirdest, most wonderful dream. I was sitting in front of your father's house on a porch swing with your mother."

"My mom? Really? What did she say?"

"She said she watches you all the time and wanted to thank me for making you so happy. That we have beautiful children and she wishes she was here to see them."

Now it was Jacob's turn to cry.

"Bella that is beautiful. Thank you so much"

"For what baby?"

"Confirming what I always knew. That mom was always here"

"Oh. You're welcome"

"Let me let everyone know you are awake."

"Jacob where's Alexander?"

"Alex is at home with Gabi. Embry and Gabi moved in while you were out. They have been a great help. Alex is so cute. I can't wait for you to meet him. I will bring him and Jake by after the doctor gives you a clean bill of health."

"Ok. I love you so much, Jacob"

"I love you too."

The doctor came in and told me I seemed fine, but that he wanted to keep me for a few more days to make sure. I wanted to get out of here and go home, but I knew I had to make sure I was healthy. As promised Jacob went home and got the kids and brought them back. Alexander Paul was gorgeous. He looked like his father, of course. He had my nose and eyes though. It was if he already knew who I was. Jake ran into the room and jumped on the bed. Jacob scolded him, but I told him it was alright. This was the longest he has gone without seeing me. My world was complete. I was released a two days later and went home to start life again with my family. I have never been happier

20 years later


It is hard to believe the last 20 years have gone by so fast. So much has happened. Jacob was still the most handsome man I have ever known. He was a little gray, but he was still sexy as hell.

When Alex was six we had to buy a new house due to the unexpected arrival of our daughter Sarah Kayleigh Black. Talk about a daddy's girl. If she said jump Jacob asked how high. The boys hated it at first, but they spoil her just as much as their dad does when they come home on leave. Yes, both boys have followed in their dad's footsteps. Jake Jr is in the navy on the USS Harry S Truman. He has been deployed for the last five months and I miss him terribly. He is stationed in Norfolk and we are flying out there in two months for his homecoming. His wife Liz and their two girls are visiting right now. Alex is in the Marine Corps and is stationed in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He and his wife Laura are expecting twins at the beginning of the year. Sarah is getting ready to finish the 8th grade.

Both Billy and my dad passed away two years ago. It was really hard for both of us but we made it through together, with Embry and Gabi's help. Embry and Gabi got married when Alex was three months old and they have four kids of their own. Two girls and two boys. Gabi is my best friend and Embry and I share a closeness that only the four of us understand. Jacob and Embry go fishing every Saturday and we now have enough fish to last a lifetime.

Once Sarah is finishes with school we are moving to Virginia to be closer to the boys. Embry and Gabi couldn't bear to be away from us and they are moving with us to the east coast. Honestly I couldn't imagine my life without them.

My life has definitely been filled with ups and downs. I thought I lost everything when we thought Jacob was dead, but Embry was there for me. Even though it was very awkward when Jacob came back from the "dead". I am glad that Jacob and Embry found their way back to their friendship. I cant wait to start the next chapter of my life on the east coast!!