When Sakura was still a small little girl, she and Ino would sit outside the academy together, basking in the sunlight while they traded hair ties and love stories.

It started as an innocent enough practice. In the beginning, they talked of crystal swans and ice sculptures, roses and weddings. But soon their talk progressed to boys.

Realistically, they had only ever looked at Sasuke. It didn't matter that Neji was just as smart, or that Naruto had a bright smile and pretty blue eyes. —Sasuke was the one they wanted.

And so, it came as no surprise when they got a little petty during the Chuunin exams. For an endless stretch of time, they had sat in the forest among their teammates and argued about, of all things, hair, and what they thought their dear Sasuke would like best.

Now, worrying about hair seems almost laughable. Sakura counts scars on Sasuke's battered chest and tries not to flinch while her wedding-crystal dreams shatter all over.