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"Man, that hunk of metal had no idea what hit him," Tommy said as the rangers walked into the command center after defeating another of King Mondo's goons, but this time it was with Jason's help as the gold ranger.

The other rangers nodded and agreed as Trey stepped forward and went on thanking Jason for stepping in and helping in this time of need. When he was done, the other rangers relived their recent victory, and Jason stepped back a bit and looked around, taking in the "new" command center.

Man, it's good to be back here. He thought to himself, turning around in a circle to look at everything. Even if it is a bit different than what it used to look like. At least we still have Zordon floating over there, and the sliding doors to the outside over there, and the slightly different viewing globe over there, and the Mighty Morphin' suits over there, and Alpha's still got his panels of complicated looking buttons and what not over there, and now Billy's here to help him and-hang on…

He spun around to look at the back wall, opposite from Zordon.

The Mighty Morphin' suits?!

"Hey bro," Tommy came up to him and slapped him on the shoulder. "What do you say to a trip to Ernie's?" He took Jason's stunned silence as hesitation. "Come on, I'll buy."

"What," Jason said slowly, pointing at the wall. "Is that?"

Tommy looked at him with a confused look on his face and replied just as cautiously. "Those are the Mighty Morphin' suits. Why, what's wrong?"

"And why," Jason said, slowly again. "Are they there?"

"I dunno," Tommy said, shrugging. "I didn't exactly design the place. It's just kind of a…remembrance? Maybe? I mean, it's not like we use them anymore or anything."

"Tommy! Jason!" Adam called from where the rest of them were waiting by the sliding doors. "You guys coming?"

"Yeah, hurry up," Rocky added. "I'm hungry."

"Rocky, you're always hungry," Tanya said teasingly, and everyone laughed with them. Everyone, that is, except Jason, who was still looking at the suits displayed along the wall.

"But, what are they here for?" he asked.

"Does it really matter?" Tommy said.

"No," Jason said. "It's just…they're here." Tommy nodded, although he wasn't quite sure what the former red Mighty Morphin' ranger was getting at. "They're here, on display, doing nothing, for no reason?"

"Yeah…" Tommy said slowly. "What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing's wrong with it," Jason said reassuringly. "It's just…" he looked around helplessly. "You have the Mighty Morphin' suits on display?!" he spat out.

"Yes," Billy said, coming over to them. "It was Alpha's idea. This place could use the decoration anyway."

"But," Jason said exasperatedly. "You have the Mighty Morphin' suits…on display!"

"What do you think they've been feeding him over on the other side of the world?" he vaguely heard Rocky mutter to Adam.

"Um…" Tommy just stuttered, looking around for anyone to help him.

"Why don't we just go over to Ernie's," Kat said stepping forward, and tugging lightly on Jason's arm. "And worry about redecorating later?"

Jason wordlessly obliged, his head still spinning because he just couldn't figure out why they would put their old power ranger suits on display.