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Chapter One: 4 Weeks

It had been a decade since the development of an artificial uterus, and male DNA created in a tiny little egg and it had been 8 years since the successful pregnancy and delivery of a healthy baby boy named Adam Steven Cass to two DNA sharing fathers. And with that, it had been 5 years since the rise of Domestic same-sex unionship and for the first time, some willing men, in place of their wives, were carrying. On time, it had been 2 years since I considered the idea of creating my own with the one I loved and as of 4 weeks ago, I did.

It has been 24 hours since my partner left me and at the age of 23, barely out of college, with the desire to be a stay-at-home father and perhaps live a somewhat similiar life to that of my own mother, I was left in our new apartment, with the master bedroom and the tiny closet room we reserved for our child.

I still felt ill from the insemination and I knew a bit of my ailes had something to do with the knowing that although everything he ever possesed was out of our home, there was something else he was missing - essential to him.

I went to our appointments as planned, checking up with my health and going over the books and brochures about my changing body - about the breasts I didn't have to milk a child or how constant back pains and swollen ankles were common. The A.I.S asked about him, where he was and when he was ever going to accompany me. I made up lies, covering for him. He was my age when men first had reproductive organs grown for them, and now he was 'on travels', although it was clear that I knew what he was really on travels for.

By the end of my 30th day, I was attending my first Expecting class. It was a requirement for me as a carrying parent. As explained by the A.I.S before conception, I was to attend a 9 month program with other expecting and veteren parents. It was network that shared stories, fear and pretty much anything involving that that was growing inside of us. They were all beautiful women, rosy cheeked and tearing with joy about the lives they were bringing to the world. One fairly calmer woman sat next to me in our circle. Her hair was a pleasant length, brown and flowed onto her shoulders. She turned her chocolate brown eyes to me and her eyes crinkled as she smiled.

"How far along are you?" She asked. It was my first time hearing her speak. Her voice, although not much louder than a whisper, was clear and audible. She kept our conversation amongst us as the women debated on food choices and how it applies to gender determination.

"4 weeks." I answered. It was my first time speaking in the group as well.

Her head tilted and she considered my words for a second, "The doctors are much more heralding with you, aren't they?" She asked with a smile.

"They are." I wasn't sure if she wanted me to go into detail. Many pregnant women found this as an atrocity.

"My best friend knows a couple in Orange County undergoing the same thing. They're about 30 weeks in." She offered, probably sensing my hesitation.

"I never met anyone who's-" I wanted to finish, but admitting that made me feel empty. He knew a couple, he worked closely with them for years. They already had a little girl with sandy brown hair like the dad that carried her and blue eyes like her other father. I never met them though.

"Me either," She answered thoughtfully, "It's really hard to pass for the tests. You have to be healthy, financially stable, emotionally stable," She went on, "How are you handling all the tests and hormones."

I could sense the genuine curiosity in her tone. It made me feel a bit more comfortable to share what I had to undergo, "It gets tough sometimes." I admitted, "I have to sort out the medication with one of those day sorters. You know, the one everyone's grandparent's use?" She giggled and that caught the attention of the mothers in the room. The Head Counselor's eyes rested on mine.

"Jasper is it?" She spoke softly, offering me a maternal smile, "Sweetheart, is there anything you want to talk about?"

I hesitated, locking eyes with her before glancing at the girl on my right, "It's okay, Jasper." She spoke my name as if it was of significance to her, "Esme is good help." My eyes were back with the older woman with kind eyes and I opened up, more so than I ever would have expected to that day.

* * *

The air was damp and heavy, but more liberating than it was before entering the building. The hour long session went by so quickly after the floor was opened up for me. In the short time that I had to talk, I finally admitted being left, being jobless and fearful of the unknown. I admitted that without my partner, I didn't see myself fit to be a parent. With professional care, Esme, along with the other women explained that what I was experiencing was similiar to that of many young single women.

Single mothers.

Was I the first single, pregnant father?

The brunette met me outside, clutching a small purse that she had tucked under her arm. She waved an arm wildly to me as if trying to catch my attention, "Hey!" She yelled out, small puffs of air gathered before her face.

"I was waiting for you." I called to her, "I want to thank you for getting me to open up."

She caught up with me, stopping just feet away from the parking lot, "Oh, but I didn't do that. You did." She shook her head, "Oh! I'm Bella, by the way."

I didn't even have to decency to ask. I shook my head, surprised at my rudeness, "Sorry for not introducing myself. I'm Jasper Whitlock." I took her small hands in mine and we shook.

"No need to be formal. This is a meeting for peers. Esme has been a big help these last few months. Me and my husband have been trying for a year now. She was good support."

"Congradulations." She beemed at the support.

"And congrats to you too, Jasper." She smiled sweetly, "You're such a gentle person; being aware of what's going on, having priorities and fears. It's part of being responsible for a life."

We began a slow pace to where I assumed her car was, "And how far along are you?"

Her eyes shun and she turned to me, "I just entered my second trimester last week." A hand floated over her stomach as she spoke the words, "Ever since then, my husband has been attempting to take care of me like a damn princess. He was adament about giving me a ride here, but I'm still capable of driving." She ranted, feigning annoyance with a small blush in her cheeks.

"Sounds like he cares a lot about you." I couldn't hide the yearning that gave me.

"He's always been the chaser." She said more to herself than to me, but I was surprised to catch her brown irises staring intently at me, "Jasper, sometimes things happen at pivotal points in our lives leaving us weaker and more vulnerable than we have ever been before. And then, when we least expect it, something greater than what we had, comes along," That hand now rested comfortably on the small bulge on her abdomen, "I know it sounds like something from a fairy tale, but your miracle is right around the corner." She spoke, and with that, she rested her other hand on my flattened stomach, where something miraculous was indeed forming to be.

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