Title Cagney and Lacey go to court part two of Cagney and Lacey living in the UK story.

I do not own Cagney and Lacey character I have written this story for other fans to enjoy.

I have dyslexia and I have had a lot of help writing those others stores

Cagney and lacey take a trip to the UK & Cagney and Lacey living in the UK.

They maybe still be spelling mistakes.

Monday the 2nd of March 2011

The weather is cold outside the paths and roof tops are covered in ice.

Alex were walking passed H's flat and he noticed the broken window.

H's fount door was half open.


(Out of breath from running to the Laceys's flat.)

"Mary Beth! Mary Beth."!

Harvey Lacey was on his way of the front door to fix a leaking tap in of the flats above them.


"Alex calm down take a deep breath in and out."

"Now tell me what's wrong?"


"Mr Lacey I had to come I need to speak to Mrs Lacey."


"Alex calm down and you don't have to call Mr lacey."


"H's flat been broken into I called the college police but I need to see Mary Beth.


"Alex Mary Beth inside with Chris just knock and go straight in."

"Bye Alex."


"Bye Harvey."

Alex had knocked on Mary Beth's font door and want straight inside.

Mary Beth and Chris was sat having a cup of coffee cheating about how H and Gem are doing.

It's been two months since that Mr Evens had hurt Gem and H.

If he steps out of line any more H could file for a restraining order.

Mary Beth.

"Alex love as something happened?"


"Mary Beth may I sit down?"


"Sit down what wrong? Alex where's H?"


"I had to ring the college police this morning H's flat been broken into.

Mary Beth.

(Pulling on her coat and passing Christine's to her knowing what Alex will say next.)

"We better get going if we want fined H."


"I hope she ok Joe been let out of boot camp today."


(Putting her arm around Alex to make him feel better.)

"Don't worry will find her and we better go."

"Looks like Mary Beth gone already."

Mary Beth Chris and Alex are starting their search for H.

Mary Beth had Rang Harvey to ask him to keep a look out for H.

Mary Beth.

(Talking her low voice so Alex would hear)

"I hope she not been out in this all night Chris.


"Mary Beth don't worry someone will of found her."

Time has passed now its 6pm in the evening.

Alex had spotted police Officer Sarah Silver and Officer Ray Smith coming around the corner.

Alex started to run towards them it's


"Officer Silver any news on H.?"

Officer Silver.

"Mr Hall we have and she down at the police station."


"How is she can I see her please."

Officer Smith.

(Handing Alex a letter.)

"Sorry Mr Hall you can't see her at the moment.

"We need you to give evidences ageist Mr Evens. "

"We can to tell you that Miss Newt safe and sound and to give you this.


"Evening officers."

Officer Silver.

"Good evening Mrs Lacey Mrs Cagney."

"We came to tell Mr Hall that we found Miss Newt.


"They found her they found H."


"That's good news.

Officer Silver.

Mrs Lacey we would like to a company Miss Newt to her court hearing.

"I have sent you a letter with your husband Mr Lacey."

"When he came to pick Miss Newt up."


"Officers would you be so kind give us a lift home?"

Officer Smith.

"Not a problem Mrs Cagney would you like to follow us."

Chris Mary Beth and Alex followed the officer to their police buggy.

Officer Silver and Officer Smith where going to drop Mary Beth Chris and Alex of at home.