8.45pm on Wednesday the 4th of March 2011.

Back at the Lacey's flat H was waiting nervously near the phone in her favourite Pj's.


"H how you feeling now?"

"Chris said you give both her and Mary Beth a fright."


(Looking really sorry.)

"I'm feeling much better now Harv thank you."

"Sorry for giving you and Chris a fright Mary Beth."


(Giving H a kiss on the cheek and Mary Beth a big kiss on the lips.)

"I give you two ladies some space to talk."

"I go see if Chris needs a hand?"

Harvey had left the Lacey's flat thrown the joining door to see what Christine was up to.

Mary Beth.

"You look a lot better then you did in the ladies before you fainted."

"Don't look so worried Joe said that He'll ring when he had some news for you?"


"I know but I don't understand what Alex Mean by get ready to saddle up."

Then the phone started to brrrring Chris Harvey and Mary Beth all gathered around the phone to her what Joe had to say.


(Looking very happy and laughing too.)

"Thank you every so much for letting me know Joe."

"See you in the morning."

H has ended her phone call with Joe Mary Beth and Chris couldn't wait any longer to hear H's news.


(Putting her hand on H's shoulder.)

"Well what Com'on! We can't wait any longer."


"Max he can't come any were near me up to a year."


"That's wonderful H my love."

"Would you just look at the time it's 5am in the morning?"


"Who would be knocking at the door so early in the moring?"

Alex H's best mate who was dressed in his cow boy gear that Buck had brought for him.

The surprise for H was a Western min break with her friends and adopted family.

The gate at the end of the lacey's back garden leads to the woods were they will be staying in a log cabin or camping out in the moon light sky.


"Morning Harvey Mary Beth and Chris."


"What you doing here so early in the morning?"


"You ready to go did you get your note I left you."

"We are going on a min western break."

Mary Beth.

"Go on we'll catch you up in a bit go get saddle up."

"Buck thought it would be a good idea that we all had a min break."


"Go on get dressed and get going."

"Michal and Harvey junior will be waiting for you when you get there."

Mary Beth.

"You mean both my boys been here all the time and I didn't know about it."


"Yep they were here for weeks Mary Beth planning this min weekend break for H and us."

Now outside Joe and Alex were helping H on to her horse.

Mary Beth Harvey and Chris was waiting for their ride Alice was picking

Them up

Mary Beth.

"Be careful up there H see you two in a bit.


"Will do Mary Beth bye sees you later on."


"Coming partner Yeeha."

H and Alex are now on their way now to start break Mary Beth Harvey and Chris followed shortly.

Now it's coming up 8am and now Mary Beth Harvey and Chris have arrived at the log cabin

Mary Beth and Her boys were reunited with each other.

Mary Beth.

"Just look at you both you growing two wonderful young men."

Harvey Junior.

"We know mom."

"I better get back looks like H could do with some help with her tent."

Harvey Junior had go back to join Michael Alice Twinkle H and Joe and Alice to help to put their tents up.

Gem was having a whale of a time jumping around in the long grass.


"Any of you lot want a root beer."

"Don't all shout at once?"


(Out of breath from running.)

"Yes please Chris."


"H take it easy will you're."

"Do you like your root beer?"


(Giving Chris a hug then giving Mary Beth a hug.)

"I love it Chris just what the doctor ordered."

Mary Beth.

"Alex You enjoying your root beer."


(Putting his can on the table.)

"I really enjoyed it Mary Beth."

"Me and H we got something to show. "


"You love what they going to show you."

"Mary Beth and you too Chris"

"Hay every One Come up here."

Mary Beth.

"Hey Chris we got the best seats in the row."

Everyone had all got settled down into their seats around the trampoline.

Alex and H started to dance to one of the Abba songs that they loved to dance to.

Mary Beth and Chris was in stitches with laughter when they had finished every one was clapping


"H maybe you should set this one out?"


"No I'm alright."

"Yeah maybe your right."

Mary Beth.

"I think both of you should come down and come and eat your grub"

Twinkle Harvey Junior Michael Joe and Alice had gone back to their tents and getting the fire going.

It's now 10pm.

Mary Beth.

"Alex Hervey Chris and I would like to welcome you to our family."


"The Lacey Cagney Newt and Hall family."

H and Alex now sitting between Mary Beth and Chris.

Chris had wrapped a blanket around both of them to keep them warm


(Leaning against Mary Beth.)

"Thank you for been there for me."

I'll drink to been a part of the Lacey Cagney Newt and Hall family."


"Thank you for making me adapted member of the family."

"H would you just look how bright the stars are in the sky."


(Leaning over Alex and Mary Beth to see H.)

"Looks like one of our family members fast asleep."

Mary Beth.

"Poor sweetie she's gone and worn herself out."


(Trying to talk over the loud noise that was coming from Alex.)

"Mary Beth just look at us with our big family."

"Camping out in the moon light and having a great time."

Mary Beth.

"Chris at last H is safe and can start to chill out now."

"Hey Chris did you see that bat flying about."


"I sure did Mary Beth."

I would raise toast to the Lacey Cagney Newt and Hall family."

"Who I'm prude to be a member of."

Mary Beth.

(Tucking the blanket right round H before kissing her forehead and saying good night to her.)

(Even H is a sleep.)

"I'll drink to that Chris family.

Both Chris and Mary Beth now the only two that's still a wake are cheating about the future and watching the bats flying about.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of my story.

The end .