I've decided to start up a new Witfit 'story' as the other one has grown into something I never expected from myself. I stunned myself with all the different ideas I came up with, and I want to thank you all for the incredible support you've shown me with these. You all are the best!!!

Penname: kyla713
Creative Original or Derivative Fiction: Derivative

Rating/Warning(s): M

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Prompt: Imagined Image: Consider the affect lightning can have on people, such as injury, property damage, and fear. Imagine an instance when lightning has an affect on you. Write about it in third-person narrative.

Her heart was racing and her breaths were heaving. Turning her head toward him, she attempted to calm herself by focusing on his even breaths.

I am twenty-three years old, she thought to herself. I should be able to sit through a lightning storm without an anxiety attack.

Yet just as that thought completed in her mind, another flash of lightning illuminated the dark room and she turned away, pulling the blanket over her face.

"Bella? You alright?" His deep voice mumbled from behind her, his arm sliding around her waist beneath the covers. She nodded quickly in response, though never uncovering her face and he chuckled as he kissed her shoulder. "Baby, you're still afraid of lightning?"

"No!" she exclaimed, throwing the blanket from her face to look over her shoulder at him. She and Edward had known each other since they were five years old, though not always on the best of terms.

The first day of kindergarten, there had been a late summer storm very similar to this one. When she'd burst into tears in the middle of circle time, he'd laughed and made fun of her at recess, calling her a crybaby. Subsequently, they'd both been sent to the principals office when she'd hit him in the head with her bag.

After another flash of lightning and a loud crack of thunder, she turned her face back into her pillow and his embrace tightened around her.

"Okay, maybe a little," she admitted softly, muffled by the pillow.

"You do know how to overcome this, right?" he murmured against her hair, slowly rolling her toward him and she shook her head with tears in her eyes. His fingers traced lightly over her cheek, slowly lowering his lips to brush against hers. "Find something to distract you, something to take your mind off it."

"Edward," she sighed heavily.

"Trust me, Bella," he whispered softly, his bare chest pressing against hers as he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

As her arms slid around him, she pulled him flush against her body anxiously and gave a soft moan against him. And soon, just as he'd said, the fear began to gradually subside, and the moment he entered her, the storm was the furthest thing from her mind.

Every one of her senses was heightened as all her attention centered on him, shutting out everything else around her. Through the intensity of her focus, her body began responding to him more powerfully than ever, sending her over the edge quickly into a mind-blowing orgasm.

And beginning that night, despite her lingering fear, she developed a new appreciation for these storms.