A Mermaid's Tail

Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! This is Pinkshuchan here, but you guys can call me Shu. This is my first fanstory, so I hope it's good.

Yuki: I think it's crap.

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Yuki: I may not have read it yet, but I can tell when a story is good and when it's shit.

Shuichi: YUKI!

Pinkshuchan: That's ok Shuichi! I guess he forgets that I have control on what happens to him in this story! And I might just accidentally kill him before he could say "mama"!

Yuki: (gets a little nervous) Never mind what I said. Please continue.

Pinkshuchan: Thank you. Anyways this is an AU story, meaning that it doesn't take place in the actual Gravitation universe!

Yuki: Yeah, no shit Sherlock!

Pinkshuchan: (ignores Yuki) Also I don't own Gravitation or its characters.

Shuichi: That's right! Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami!

Pinkshuchan: Warning! This story contains Yaoi and M-preg. So if you don't likey it, then please don't read it.

Yuki: (raises an eyebrow) Likey it? Oh boy. I'm stuck with a couple of idiots. One who has zero talent at writing lyrics and another who writes a shitty story.


Yuki: (stays silent)

Pinkshuchan: Thank you. Anyways, onto the story. Shuichi, is the popcorn done yet?

Shuichi: (comes with a giant bag of popcorn) Here it is!

Pinkshuchan: Thanks! Hope you like it, everyone! And enjoy the show!

Shuichi: I thought this is a fanstory?

Pinkshuchan: You're lucky you're cute, Shuichi.

Yuki: (glares at Shu)

Pinkshuchan: You know I don't mean it that way, Yuki. Now let's just read the story before I blow someone's head off.

Chapter 1

Eiri's P.O.V

Have you ever thought that things you dream about couldn't come true no matter how much you wish it? Would you keep thinking its just fantasy for the rest of your life? I thought so too; that was until that night. It was my 16th birthday and it was celebrated on the yacht of my brother-in-law, Tohma Seguchi. In case you didn't know, I come from a family of millionaires. Anyways, Tohma went all out for this. He made sure everything was made perfect just for me. And it was. As long as we were near the ocean, it was already perfect. You see, I love the ocean so badly! Every book I've ever read had something to do with the ocean. My favourite story out of everything I had ever read was The Little Mermaid. My favourite part of the story was when the mermaid princess saved the prince from drowning. The idea of being saved by a beautiful mermaid inspired me so. But alas, it can't be done! I've been told millions of times by Tohma and his wife, my sister Mika that mermaids don't exist. No one has ever been able to prove that fact wrong, and it seemed like no one would. So I gave up on believing that that could happen, but I can dream about it, can't I?

So I was on the yacht enjoying myself and having a great time. It was so great that I had to go onto the deck to get some air. Fireworks were going off at this point. They were so pretty. Never had I seen some beautiful fireworks. I looked down at the ocean. The fireworks were far more beautiful through the sea's reflection. Suddenly, I hear a beautiful tune. It was nothing I have ever heard before. I look to see a figure on a rock. I couldn't see the figure well because it was so dark; even with the fireworks, but judging by the small body and curves, I guessed it was some kind of girl. But why was a girl doing in the middle of the Sea of Japan? As I looked at the figure; trying to figure it out, I didn't notice anyone behind me until…

"There you are, Eiri!"

I turned around to see my tutor, Yuki Kitazawa leaning against the wall! I was really happy that he came. I loved him like he was an older brother. I turned back to the ocean and found the figure gone. I sighed. Who was that? Well I wasn't going to let that control me so I decided to continue looking at the ocean. "The ocean is so beautiful tonight!" I said to Yuki.

"Yes it is!" replied Yuki "It is very beautiful."

Yuki knows everything I desire. He knows about my passion of the ocean more than any else I know. He was the one who told me of the books that contained stories of the ocean; especially The Little Mermaid. I felt him walk up beside me.

"I know you are in love with the ocean, but it's your birthday!" he continued "If you don't go back in, people will find you a little weird."

"I don't give a damn, Mr. Kitazawa!" I explained "It's my dream to stay with the ocean forever. I'm tired of living the life of a millionaire and just want to explore life in the ocean. I want to go to every single sea and ocean on Earth, like the Coral Sea, or the Mediterranean! But I don't think my family would allow me."

Yuki wrapped his arm around me and brought me into an embrace. I leaned my head onto his shoulder and closed my eyes. He could read my feelings like a book. That's why I only trust him. Tohma and Mika keep telling me that I need to get my head out of the clouds and look at reality. But I can't do that! The sea is my life! I just wish they would let travel to every single one and then I would consider finding myself a wife. Yep, they already want me to find a bride. And I've only just turned 16 today! I hate this! I just wish I could be free.

"Well, Eiri. I think it's time I give you my present." Said Yuki. And I can't believe what he did next. He started kissing at my neck. I tried to push him off but I wasn't strong enough.

"What's wrong Eiri? Don't you want to be romanced near the ocean?"

That's not what I want! Well, not exactly. I might've said this before, but what I would like if it were real would be to fall in love with a beautiful mermaid. To have a mermaid with eyes like gems and a beautiful voice. Most of all, I want the mermaid to have the most beautiful tail I've even seen. I would want her to embrace me with love and we would make out near the ocean. And Yuki thinks I would want him to do this to me? I don't think of him that way. He's like a brother to me! I don't care what he says; I need to get out of this. I started kicking him and screaming at him to let me go. He just wouldn't give me up so easily.

"Getting a little forceful there, aren't we?" he asks "Well, would you like it better if you had more people to admire your beauty?"

My beauty? What am I, a girl? Sure, I sound like a woman now and I have a small figure but still. And I can't be beautiful! I've been picked on because of my looks when I was little because of my gold hair and eyes and my pale white skin! Suddenly after Kitazawa said that, five guys came out and went to where we were. I noticed one guy had a gun. Were they going to shoot me if I don't cooperate? I don't remember what happened next, but the next thing I know, I stood there with the same gun that one guy I saw had and Kitazawa lying on the deck; a puddle of blood surrounding him. Did I kill him? Please tell me I didn't kill him! It was merely out of self defence I keep telling myself. He was about to rape me! Why did all this have to happen to me on my birthday? Why?!

"Hey, you killed our boss!" yelled one of the guys.

"He was gonna pay us 10 000 yen to do this!" said another.

"You're gonna pay, you little brat!"

I had to run, but I couldn't! I was trapped between them and the edge of the deck. They grabbed me and stripped me. I kept kicking them, and every kick got me punched. They punched me in the stomach, my legs, my face, and got both my eyes. I couldn't see anything and every time I tried to scream, blood came out instead of sound. I could feel them almost having their way until…


It was Tohma! He always knows when I'm in trouble somehow! I'm so happy he has that sense.

"Security! Get those men! Get them away from Eiri!"

Security? Wow, I didn't even know Tohma hired security for my party. He thinks of everything! But then I felt myself being lifted up but those men. What were they going to do?

"Happy Birthday, brat!" I heard them say before they threw me. They must've thrown me overboard. I could feel myself underwater. I'm a good swimmer, but the pain by those punches of the men Kitazawa hired hurt so much I can't move my body. But I was happy! If I had to die right now, I'm glad it was in the ocean. That's what I thought at first. Until I felt arms wrap around me. Whoever it was, this person was dragging me somewhere. Next thing I knew, I could feel air again. I was still being dragged in the water until I felt sand. We must be at a beach! This person laid me on my back. I wanted to open my eyes and see this mysterious savior of mine, but the pain wouldn't let me. Suddenly I felt something soft brush against me; like lips. Did this person want to rape me too? No, it was something different. Lips were touching my wounds. And by the feel of those lips, I no longer felt pain there. Then I felt those lips kiss my eye lids. The pain was actually gone. So I tried opening them. Who was my savior? It was blurry at first but then they cleared up. And the sight was very beautiful! Big wide violet eyes which perfectly curved eyelashes were looking into mine with joy. A bright smile across her face at my awakening. Long pink hair brushing against our bodies with a violet flower on the side. A flat chest covered with a couple of pink shells. A long pink tail splashing in the water… Wait a minute! Tail?! Does that mean I was saved by a mermaid? I was, wasn't I? Right here on top of me is a mermaid, and one far more beautiful than in the storybooks. She looks like she's a bit younger than me, like about 12 years old. I wanted to say something! I wanted to thank her! But all that came out of my mouth was blood. Her smile turned into a frown and looked like she was about to cry. She leaned into me and… Oh my! She kissed me! On the lips! And swirling her tongue in my mouth. I couldn't believe it. My first kiss and it's with such a beautiful mermaid. I ended up kissing her back. She gasped but then regained her composure and we started making out on the beach. My hands wouldn't keep to themselves, for I kept touching her backside. First I just stroke her soft pink hair. Then I moved down to her back. She kept her arms around my neck, trapping her fingers in my hair. I don't how long we were doing it but we kept going until neither of us had any breath left and pulled back. I looked into her eyes. They looked like amethysts! I moved my hands onto her tail. I couldn't help it! It was far too beautiful to keep my hands off of. But I still looked into her eyes! She looked like she was to say something until…



It sounded like Tohma and Mika! They've come to get me! After hearing their voices, I noticed the mermaid move her arms off my neck and turned to the ocean.

"Wait!" I cried out, but it was too late. She already dived back into the ocean.

"Eiri!" Their voices sounded close! I felt arms wrap around me. Mika was holding on to me, bawling her eyes out. Tohma sighed in relief. They were talking about how they were worried, but I never took my eyes off the ocean. They pulled out some clothes and got me dressed. I couldn't have just stayed naked. Wait a minute! I was making out with a mermaid naked. I blushed at the thought. Did that mean she kissed my… No! She only kissed places with wounds on them and obviously I didn't hurt there… right? As I pondered into my thought, Tohma and Mika didn't say anything. Finally, Tohma spoke up.

"What happened to your wounds Eiri? I'm pretty sure before you were thrown overboard that you had wounds all over your body!"

"I did!" I replied "But then a mermaid kissed them away!"

"A mermaid?!" they asked in unison and in disbelief. I knew they would act that way. They are always like this when I mention anything about mermaids existing.

"Yeah!" I continued "When I was drowning, she grabbed me and brought me to this beach and then she kissed my wounds away and she was crying that I was hurt and…"

"Stop!" Tohma looked very angry at this. "Eiri, we've told you a million times before. Mermaids. Do. Not. Exist."

I was furious! Why wouldn't he believe me? "If they don't exist then why have my wounds suddenly disappeared, huh?"

"You obviously are able to heal very quickly."

Damn him and his realistic conclusions. I know I was saved by a mermaid! I felt her kisses and I kissed her back. I felt her tail and I could tell it was real. I know I was saved by her. I needed to find her again! Every day, I went to the beach and wait for her; hoping she would come back. But she never came.

Six years after, I became a novelist. I was no longer that brat people looked differently at. My body was not as small and skinny like it was back then, but at the same time I was not fat. Instead I had a bit of muscle. I had looks that attracted lots of women, but I was not attracted to them. I wrote stories that had anything to do with the ocean. A couple of times I've written about mermaids. Though I had grown older, I never forgot about her; the mermaid that saved my life. I even made my house close to the ocean, at the same beach she brought me to. It was on a large cliff that had a great view of the ocean. That way, if she came back, I would see her. But I haven't seen her yet. I would wait forever for her! I had fallen for her! What I wouldn't give to look into her amethyst eyes again, to kiss her soft lips, to smell the scent of the ocean on her, to feel her beautiful tail. I wish I could stay and fantasize seeing her again but I have to go check out this new aquarium my editor recommended me to see. Maybe she will be here when I come back. Who knows?

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