Pinkshuchan: LALIHO! Pinkshuchan here. This is the conclusion of A Mermaid's Tail. I'm really happy you liked this story. But of course this is the end. However I do have a poll up if you guys want me to make a sequel. In the meantime, I'll be making other stories. I don't know if the next fanstory I'll write will be either a Gravitation fanstory or on something else. I'll figure it out later on. Anyways, here's the last chapter.

Chapter 23

Normal P.O.V

It had been six months since Taki was defeated and the Sea of Japan was filled with so much joy. Especially since they were to be ruled by the Golden Poseidon. The ocean shined with so much radiance under the light of the sun and there was nothing to disturb this peace. But enough of that, let's get to the where they nows!

Master Uesugi's time had come and passed the fortune to Tohma and Mika in his will.

Tohma created his own recording company and Mika got pregnant with the next heir to the Uesugi fortune.

Tatsuha stayed as the designer of the costumes for Sakuma and Kumagoro's Karaoke Extravaganza but was not only Ryuichi Sakuma's designer, but boyfriend as well.

Hiro got to check out how humans lived and found himself in love with a Miss Ayaka Usami. Ayaka had finally gotten over Yuki and started falling for Hiro. The two of them got married and live together in Yuki's old house.

Suguru remained as the king's right hand man even if the king was different. To him, it didn't matter.

K and Judy along with their son Michael moved out of Japan and bought themselves a boathouse where they could travel and have an adventure everyday.

Sakano stayed as royal advisor to the king but he became Riku's protector instead of Shuichi's.

As for the royal couple, they officially got married and became king and queen. For their honeymoon they got to explore every sea and ocean all over Earth like the Coral Sea and the Mediterranean. When they got back, the people had a wonderful welcome back party for their king and queen.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End