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A/n: First up we have some angst (I think it's angst, maybe I'm wrong) for 88Ivories. I've really been wanting to write something about Bobby and his wife so I figured I'd try and tie it in with a birthday. Happy birthday!

She was the most beautiful woman he'd ever laid eyes on.

On their first kiss she'd left him with a fluttery heart. Men weren't supposed to get fluttery hearts.

She was a puzzle. She was a terrible cook. Her shoulders were slender.

Her smile left him breathless.

As Bobby held his wife's body he remembered her. In these memories her deep sea-grey eyes would turn black.

He would solve the mystery tomorrow.

For now he would cling to her lifeless body. Try to erase the memory he had of black eyes inside his love coming at him with a blade.

A/n: Now for Kiwiplasj we have Dean's pet. It's a bit farfetched, but that's the joy of fluff. Happy birthday!

Sam reached across the bed to check on Dean and was received with a low growl.

After they'd taken out the ghost at the zoo they had been forced to cut their way of the tiger cage. The tiger had followed Dean home.

Sam needed to make sure Dean's shoulder was setting writing but the tiger wouldn't let him close enough.

"Dude could you call this thing off?"

"What can I say? Cher knows a bitch when she sees one." Dean chuckled and then winced as pain shot through his shoulder.

"You named it Cher?"

"She had some good hits."

Let me know what you think and I hope you both have/had wonderful birthdays!