Title: Snogging Session In The Broom Cupboard
Pairing: Lorcan Scamander/Roxanne Weasley
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Care of Magical Creatures
Word Count: 182
Beta: Not betaed! Sorry 0:)
Warnings: *shrugs* Lorcan is 15 and Roxanne is 17?
Summary: The title explains all I guess.
A/N: Originally written for the "harry potter uncanon drabble-a-thon v.2"

Snogging Session in the Broom Cupboard

Brooms fell around them as he pressed her against the wall of the cupboard. She parted her lips and he shoved his tongue inside desperately caressing hers. The hormones of the fifteen year old he was appeared as his hands frantically cupped her breasts through her robes.

"Easy, Lorcan. There's no rush," she whispered throwing her had back, letting him explore her smooth neck.

"There is. I should be in my Care of Magical Creatures class," Lorcan mumbled against her skin.

"What?" Roxanne pushed him softly by the shoulders. "You irresponsible boy! Go back to class or you'll never graduate," she scowled.

"Study for your N.E.W.T.s or you'll never graduate. I still have two more years," he said chuckling as his hands caressed Roxanne's waist.

"Oh, shut up and kiss me," she said before giving him a quick kiss. "Next time I choose the place. I have a broom stick against my back that's killing me and I think I will choke from claustrophobia."

"Oh, shut up and kiss me," he said winking at her and leaning for another deep kiss.