I got bit by the One Piece bug, and you know what I'm like with Crossovers. It had to be written – or I wasn't going to be able to sleep. XD

Here's to hoping you guys enjoy!


Slash, very little canon divergence(1), Blood, Gore, Manga and Anime refs.

Magic is unpredictable at best, chaotic at worst – no one could have predicted the backlash of magic in the Second Task when Harry attempted to use something more complex than a 'Relashio'. No one could have known what would happen, or where Harry would end up. Four years after his disappearance, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Cat Thief Nami and Usopp rescue a man lost at sea who has no memory of life before he awoke on a beach in the Grand Line.

Pairings are a SECRET! 8D But. They have all been decided with the exception of Robin who gets a choice between Franky and Sirius (atm: I'm leaning to Franky. The Mr and Mrs Smith Vibe I get from them is just too hilarious – see Thriller Bark arc if you want to know what I mean.)

There will be Slash.

And, importantly, Luffy will NOT be paired with anyone from the Strawhat Crew. And Harry won't be paired with anyone from the HP universe either.

Chapter One

Blue skies overhead.

Fluffy cotton-wool buds of clouds, stretched out across the horizon.

A single tiny pinpoint of light, of white and pale yellow, heat seeping into his body as it beat down upon the world.

The distant cry of a gull.

The scent of salt-water, of seaweed and brine, of rich thick soil, of ripe fruit and heat caught on the gentle breeze sweeping across him, cool air smoothing the burn of the sun overhead.

Green eyes stared absently above, almost unseeing in how glazed they were.

He was on an island.

Long sandy beaches with hot white sand, an ocean with turquoise shallows and deep sapphire blue depths, a heron's egg blue sky with fluffy white clouds overhead, and a jungle with thick undergrowth, rampant plant life and animals of every kind behind. An island in the middle of the sea, not a soul in sight or sound, all alone.

Thin fingers tightened on a slender length of Holly in his hand, taking comfort from the inner warmth the simple innocuous twig of light coloured wood gave him, tracing the grain patterns that felt familiar but for the life of him he could not remember.

He didn't know – couldn't remember – how he got there. Where he came from. Who he even was.

It was gone, nothing there, the barest of fuzzy recollections, he could remember a dim face, blue eyes that seemed to twinkle mockingly from behind half-moon spectacles, a tiny room with shelves lining every wall and a thin ratty cot on the floor, a pile of dirty misshapen clothing as pillow and blanket, the smell of something greasy cooking, the pain of skin splitting and the distant scream of a woman engulfed in green light.

Amnesia, his brain provided, unhelpfully, severe retrograde amnesia possibly brought about by head trauma – unlikely though, there's no head injury. Possible Post Traumatic Stress making the memories repressed? Or is there internal damage to the hippocampus? He thought, staring at the clouds over head. That one looks like a bunny. He chuckled absently, his memory was a mess, his mind was a mess, his clothes were a mess and so was he. He was a mess.

Sitting up, the green eyed individual brushed sand grains from his body and tugged at an errant lock of hair.

How long had he been here?

Two beautiful sunsets had passed in front of his eyes so he guessed it was about three days, he was getting a little peckish to be honest, and thirsty. Luckily for him there was a fresh-water spring not far inland and the trees were thick with fresh fruit and nuts so it didn't look like he would be going hungry anytime soon.

"Land Hooo!"

Unbidden, fuzzy faces with the same brilliant flame red hair danced in and out of recollection, just out of conscious grasp of their identities. He'd spotted the people tramping through the jungle and hidden himself in a hollow tree log, only to find himself getting hooked out by the scruff of his neck like an errant kitten by its mother, only it wasn't his mother, it was a tall man with long black hair, streaked grey, with kind eyes and a wrapped package over one shoulder. He'd then found himself being gently lowered to the ground in front of this strange red haired man who brought memories of a family he knew he should know, but couldn't place.

"Ohaiyo, koneko-chan," the man said, smiling broadly at him, his dark eyes twinkling warmly, "Ore wa Shankusu. Yoroshuku ne. Dareka?"

"I don't understand. Who are you? Who... who am I?"


Zoro jolted, his eyes snapping open from where he had been resting them, enjoying the calm of the afternoon now that they had finally finished painting the 'Luffy-Approved' Jolly Roger on the main-sail and flag. He'd been about to drift off to sleep when the almighty sound shattered the peaceful atmosphere and ruined his enjoyment of the warm sun overhead seeping through his clothes and skin. Frowning and twisting around the mast to see the source of the sound, he paused and then glowered, "Oi, Luffy, what are you doing?" he demanded, eyeing his Captain warily.

"Practising cannon shooting!" the younger teenager announced loudly, placing a hand at his forehead and squinting out to the sea as the cannonball he'd just launched hit the water with a splash, throwing spray a good eight feet into the air. "Apparently I am very bad at it!" he added matter of factly, glowering at the ocean as if it had moved the massive rock he had been aiming for to the side, just to thwart his attempts at gunning.

Zoro sighed and pushed himself to his feet, he should have known better than to relax even for a moment with Luffy prancing around on deck, sometimes he wondered if he was an idiot for choosing an idiot as his Captain. Usopp only managed to refrain from laughing at the look on the seventeen-year-old's face with the thought of finally being able to play with the cannons Kaya-chan had given them.

"Let me take a look!" he called enthusiastically, jogging up the steps to the deck where Luffy was stood.

"Shoot that rock," the dark haired teenager challenged, pointing to the very rock he had missed.

Usopp grinned and began to adjust the angle of the cannon, "OK!" he declared, tightening the rigging on the massive metal monster as he stuffed a packet of gunpowder down the canon and followed it up with the ball. He lined his eye along the barrel and hummed, "Maybe it's about... here!" Usopp ignited the fuse and looked up gleefully, eyes scanning the ocean for where the canon-ball would land; the sound and crash of rock exploding had the curly haired Pirate gaping in surprise, he had expected it to miss!

"Wooow!" Luffy crowed gleefully, "In one shot! You're really good Usopp!"

"Heh, who'd've thought it?" Nami asked in an undertone from Zoro's elbow, a small smile of amusement and oddly enough pride on her face.

Usopp grinned, staring at the ruin of the rock-face in excitement, opening his mouth to launch into another one of his monologues of greatness only to freeze, eyes catching sight of a dark shape floating on the water. That wasn't a rock... rocks didn't float.

"What... what's that?" he asked quietly, digging into his shoulder bag for the telescope Kaya had given him for his fifteenth birthday. Snapping it out, he placed the piece to his eye and trained it on the shape floating on the churning water.

"Na, Usopp, what is it?" Luffy asked, pumping his arms as Zoro and Nami approached, curious about what was going on now.

Usopp gasped, eyes widening as he took in the sight of the figure sprawled across a ruined section of wood, clinging to it with bloody fingers.

"Man overboard!" he practically howled pointing to the figure as the rest of the group crowded at the railings to see.

Nami gasped, "He's tipping!" she cried, spotting the way the waves were threatening to flip the scrap of wood and dislodge the figure clinging so desperately to it.

"Yosh! Gomu Gomu no –"

"No you can't!" Nami shouted, grabbing the stretched out limb, "He could be injured, you might make it worse!" she shouted at her idiot captain.

"O-o-o-o-oi Zoro!"

The two looked up just in time to see their Swordsman take a dive into the water – Usopp trying to juggle all three swords without dropping them as the green haired 19-year-old propelled himself through the water to the distant figure.

"Wonder who it is..." Usopp muttered, watching as Zoro dove under the water to grab at the sinking figure.

"Who knows," Nami muttered, "Maybe it's another Pirate or the victim of one..." she trailed off, glancing up at the Jolly Roger emblazoned upon their sails, absently wondering how the Drifter would react to being saved by pirates.

"What's taking so long?" Luffy complained, eyeing the water for any sign of Zoro.

It was a well known fact in East Blue that Zoro had a very poor sense of direction, it was only pure luck that had the high waves move the floating piece of scrap wood into his path just in time to witness the person clinging to it, slip off and into the water. Cursing under his breath, he sucked in a deep breath and dove down, ignoring the cold that was beginning to seep into his flesh as he pursued the sinking figure down into the darkness of the ocean. They weren't sinking fast but the weight of the backpack clutched in a senseless pale hand was dragging them down faster than a normal person would sink.

Thankfully though, Zoro was strong enough to move through the water with little difficulty. Grabbing at a thin limp wrist he straightened in the water, curving his spine as he dragged the figure up and towards him, not taking much stock in their appearance as he wrapped a second arm around their waist and swam upwards, feeling light headed with lack of oxygen and a faint buzzing pain in his ears from the changes in pressure.

Breaking the surface he choked in a lungful of sweet, salty sea air and twisting around to find the Going Merry.

"Oi! Zoro, over here!" Luffy yelled happily, seeing his friend finally reach the surface, wet black hairy thing in his arms.

Catching sight of his Captain waving his arms like a windmill, he grumbled quietly and swum awkwardly back to the Going Merry, limp deadweight in his arms.

"Luffy! Get over here and help us pull them up!" Nami ordered, throwing down the rope ladder for Zoro to climb on, with his arms currently full he wasn't going to be able to safely climb up the ladder. Luffy nodded and hopped down from his favourite seat to help the ginger-haired Thief and Usopp pull in their swordsman, "One-two-three-heave!" Nami called once she'd made sure Zoro was attached to the ladder. The three of them yanking backwards on the rope and practically wrenching Zoro out of the water and onto the ship in one solid rush of movement.

Opting to cut them into ribbons later, Zoro pulled himself off the figure he'd landed on and began checking him over, "He's not breathing," he told them grimly, only to grunt as Nami shoved him aside and pressed her fingers to his skin.

"He has a pulse, but it's insanely weak," she exclaimed before adjusting the limp body, pulling his backpack off and shoving it at Usopp before taking a knife and cutting away his skirt, hissing in sympathetic pain at the livid angry bruises that stretched across his ribs and stomach – there was a clear boot-tread pattern in dark purple relief on his pale skin just a little bit away from the rest of the black and green mottled pattern. There were a number of clumsily wrapped wounds done with strips from his trousers – now shorts – and his shirt, they were still bleeding ever so slightly in the salt water. The young woman shook it off and tilted the boy's head up, pinching his nose shut and then blowing into his mouth, she would wrap them later, or better yet, get Zoro to do it for her.

Luffy frowned and looked at Usopp, "Why's Nami kissing that stranger?" he asked curiously as she broke away and used the palm of her hands to press down on the man's chest, chanting 'one-two-three-four-one-two-three-four' under her breath before pinching his nose and blowing air into his lungs again.

"It's CPR Luffy. Not Kissing." Usopp told him with a frown, was he really that stupid?

"Oh," the Captain confirmed before turning to watch the proceedings, just as green eyes flew open and the young man spat up, rolling to the side and coughing out a mixture of blood and water onto the deck.

"Thank goodness, you'll be alright now," Nami sighed happily, sitting back as she rubbed the stranger's back, smiling as he finished spitting up seawater, green eyes hazy and pain filled craning up to see her.

"Thank you," he croaked before losing consciousness.

Luffy blinked, "Na... 'Sankyuu'? Three Nine? What does that mean?" he asked.

Nami blinked and shook her head, "I... don't know. Usopp, what did he have in his bag?" she asked, glancing to the curly haired teenager who paused for a bare split second as if fighting with his morals and then opened up the sopping wet knap-sack.

"Spare change of clothes, gloves, a knife, soggy map of East Blue, handful of Belli, two apples, flint and a small lock-box, oh and a weird necklace," he listed, laying each of the objects out on the deck as the stranger shivered in his wet clothes.

The clothes were a simple pair of white trousers and a red top, the gloves were a pair of sodden black leather things, the knife was just a single edged blade with leather wrapped around one end of it, the map of East Blue may have been valuable if the ink hadn't run all to hell and made it illegible – and stained the white trousers – the Belli were all soggy and a little mashed together but Nami estimated he had about3,000. Luffy ate the apples before they even touched the wood of the deck – Zoro hit him in the back of the head – the flint was a small cylinder with a hole bored through it attached to a small length of string, she'd seen it done before by Pirates who often went exploring uncharted islands, Flint was more reliable at starting fires than tinder so they tended to tie a small piece of it to their clothing so as not to lose it. The Lockbox was just that, a metal box that oddly enough didn't have a keyhole, it sounded like there was stuff in there but it was completely airtight, no water had gotten in and there was no way for her to pick the lock and open it up. And lastly, the strange necklace, because it was pretty damn strange. A length of wood on a red leather thong, it was pale Holly wood in the shape of a blunt stake but with a handle, a small hole had been bored through the handle to thread the leather. An ever so delicate design of a bird had been carved onto the grain with an unskilled hand.

Nami grumbled, "Alright, lets stick him in one of the backrooms until he wakes up. Zoro, I think you should guard him, Luffy would probably let him escape and if he turns out to be pretty strong Usopp and I would be useless," Zoro grumbled about taking orders from someone who wasn't the Captain but never the less scooped the stranger up and took him inside, "Oh and get him changed into some dry clothes, or he'll just get sick!" she called after him as she helped Usopp repack the stranger's belongings, swiping the Belli as she did so – after all, they would need some compensation for their troubles.

Zoro muttered grumpily under his breath as he finally sat down, having taken the stranger into Nami's room – which was the only one he could reach without possibly jarring one of his injuries – and stripped him out of the wet clothing, cleaned and bandaged the multitude of punctures that looked to have been made with some kind of spear or sharp ended bullet, he'd then ended up having to get some of his own clothing to dress the stranger, Luffy's clothes all reeked of raw meat and probably hadn't been washed since they were given to the Straw Hat moron, he wasn't going to use Nami's clothes on another man because that would just be insulting and Usopp's clothes were covered in gunpowder which was itchy and uncomfortable. Really, was he the ONLY one in the crew that kept his clothes clean?

The swordsman supposed it was just a carry on from living with Kuina's father, he had once told him that to not take care of one's belongings means that one simply does not deserve to have them. He had, of course, been talking about sword maintenance at the time but it was something that Zoro had taken to heart – for the most part in any case and ironically enough, not for any other sword than Kuina's.

Usopp had appeared only very briefly to drop off the stranger's bag and take the wet clothes to go and hang up on deck, they should dry soon, hopefully before the stranger woke up and wondered why he was in someone else's clothes and put two and three together and figured out he'd been stripped and reclothed. Some people got a bit iffy about that.

He yawned absently and glanced to the stranger when he heard him shifting slightly.

All that Zoro could think of when he saw him was that he was far too pale to be healthy, his skin was almost a milky-white colour, which he couldn't say with any amount of certainty was due to blood-loss either, but when coupled with his below the shoulder length black hair and the blue tracery of veins on his eyelids and the lingering blue on his lips it made him seem sickly and fragile. His body had quite firmly brushed that idea aside, he had muscle mass and a collection of scars to rival his own, long limbs and a body built for speed and agility more than for physical strength and endurance. His features were somewhat exotic as well, obviously not from East Blue, or West or North Blue for that matter, South Blue maybe – he'd never been there so he wasn't sure – and the Grand Line was a possibility too, he'd heard legends of Giants and Angels in the Grand Line so people with funny faces wasn't so far out of the realm of possibility. High cheek-bones, slightly sunken in with starvation, a straight nose that was slightly upturned, thin lips and a narrow jaw, his eyes were shaped differently as well, more rounded and larger, lacking the slightly upswept angle that almost everyone he'd met possessed. He didn't look feminine, if anything he was no Bishounen, his features were just a little too sharp, the long hair just didn't help him much in the whole 'effeminate' category.

Zoro frowned, leaning over the figure as he noticed his eyes moving restlessly beneath the lids.

It would occur to him a split second later that perhaps looming over someone in their sleep was a bad idea. Especially when all evidence pointed towards that person being a fighter.

It would also occur to him that he needed more training in how to take down opponents without causing them harm.

And that the stranger had a rather odd, nearly invisible lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

But as it was, Zoro only just managed to wrench himself backwards in time to avoid a fist to the chin as green eyes snapped open, he cursed as he automatically jerked backwards and grabbed for a sword hilt that wasn't there as the figure twisted his legs around and launched himself from the bed straight at him, Zoro's own sword pointed towards him.

There was a clash and shriek of metal on metal as the green haired swordsman only just managed to pull Kuina's sword to meet the blow. Gritting his teeth as he was bent backwards, the stranger putting his whole weight behind the blow and pressing down on Wado Ichimonji, oddly enough, with the flat edge of his blade.

"What the hell?" the green clad swordsman growled, pushing experimentally against the other male, "Who the hell are you?" he demanded.

"Right back at ya," the stranger bit out, his was a little softer than Zoro's, distinctly male though and right now rough and croaked, "Where am I and who the hell are you?" he pressed against the green haired male's blade with a bare toothed snarl, forcing him backwards a step.

A fair question, he decided, if he'd woken up in a strange place with someone looming over him he wouldn't be best pleased either. "You're on our ship; we saw you drifting and brought you on board," he explained.

"Oh?" he asked sceptically, "And why would a Pirate do something like that?"

How the hell this guy knew they were pirates was completely beyond Zoro – the fact that they obviously weren't on a marine ship and there was a suspicious character armed with swords standing guard was a bit of a give away but no one could accuse him of being the sharpest crayon in the box when it came to drawing logical conclusions.

A loud crash on deck saved him from answering, and distracted the stranger enough for Zoro to act and disarm him.

He twisted Kuina's blade, metal shrieking as he rammed the hilt into the stranger's temple, knocking him aside like a rag doll and sending the stolen blade to the far side of the room. He rolled to his feet and looked up just in time for Zoro's hand to close on his jaw and pin him against the wall of the room before he could damage any of Nami's belongings – woman would probably make him pay to replace them.

Pale hands grabbed his arm, thin fingers digging into his skin ruthlessly as the taller swordsman lifted him off the ground, twisting his body to he wasn't going to get a kick to the family jewels.

"Because you were in trouble, that's why. Now are you going to keep attacking me or are you going to settle down so we can talk?" he demanded, giving the other male's face a warning squeeze, threatening to dislocate or break the other male's much more delicate jaw.

For a moment, it looked as if he was going to continue to attack before he released a short huff and dropped his arms, looking away pointedly. It was as good as a surrender as he was going to get. Sighing warily, Zoro released the stranger and allowed him to slide to the floor, rubbing at his jaw with an almost petulant look on his face as he stood back up.

"Roronoa Zoro," the green haired male introduced himself.

"Namikaze Kai, nice to meet you, I guess."

"Kai?" Zoro asked, a smile threatening to curl onto his mouth. That was a girl's name, a girl's name meaning 'Of the Sea' of all things.

Green eyes narrowed, "Oh yes, ha ha ha. Don't you fucking dare," he hissed warningly, Zoro held his hands up peaceably, taking a step back and fighting not to start laughing at the indignant and generally embarrassed and pissed off expression on the shorter male's face. It was quite funny how the long haired male had bristled over the implied mocking of his name, even his hair seemed bigger for some reason, kind of like a porcupine. "The Old Bastard thought it would be funny," he said by means of explanation, who the 'old bastard' was Zoro could only guess was the stranger's father.

"I wasn't going to say a thing," he promised, fighting back the smirk that was twitching at the corners of his mouth at the sceptical look on Kai's face.

"Suuuure, you weren't," he retorted sarcastically.


What in the hell was Luffy up to now?

Making his way out of the room, after pausing briefly to pick up his fallen sword, he paused at the stairs upon seeing Luffy sat cross legged on the floor, the railings broken into splinters, slice marks on the mast and broken barrels littered across the deck, and one very familiar swordsman. It was hard to forget someone who tattooed their face.

"Johnny?" he asked, a little bit wary about running into an old friend this coincidentally.

The man seemingly blinked, it was hard to tell with the sunglasses, and was instantly on his feet, the injuries he got from his brief tussle with Luffy vanishing. "Zoro-Aniki!" he practically howled, flailing his arms around in a mixture of relief, glee and surprise. That sealed it; this was Johnny, no one else acted like some kind of adoring puppy towards him.

"What happened? Where's Yosaku?" he asked, recalling the other young man who partnered with Johnny in their little Bounty Hunting expeditions. The relief in his eyes turned to concern and desperation as Johnny flailed a little more.

A little while later, after Nami and Usopp had stopped hiding in the kitchen and Johnny had pulled Yosaku onto the ship, everyone had clustered on the lower deck.

"Sick?" Zoro asked, eyeing his former friend, he really didn't look all that well. He was pale as death with unpleasant and painful looking spots littered across his skin – particularly his legs, bleeding from his nose, his teeth had even fallen out, that couldn't have been good. He was sprawled out across the deck, motionless with laboured breathing, Usopp looked nauseated to even be within ten feet of someone so obviously ill while Luffy was morbidly interested – asking if he could still poop while in such a state only to be ignored.

"Yeah," Johnny admitted, his voice quivering as he sat next to his bestfriend, head in his hands, his shoulders slumped as if all the helplessness and fear for his bestfriend's life weighed down on his back. "Three days ago he was still healthy, but then he passed out and I don't know why," he shuddered slightly, "His teeth started coming out, his old wounds started bleeding again. I didn't know what to do," he whimpered, rubbing furiously at his face as his friend made a soft gurgling moan in the back of his throat, "We took a rest at that island, and then... This ship shot its cannon at us!"

Luffy and Usopp freaked.

"We're so sorry!" the pair exclaimed, bowing deeply to the dark haired Bounty Hunter who didn't even look at them and just sniffled.

"It's okay, since you apologised I won't get the Marines on you guys," he reassured them. "The names 'Yosaku' and 'Johnny' have become known to many Pirates," he explained, tears now dribbling down his cheeks as the stress of it all caught up with him, "He's my best buddy. He's been helping me in Pirate Hunting for years. Please Aniki... will he live?"

Zoro swallowed, he couldn't answer that, he didn't know! It certainly didn't look like Yosaku was going to be able to make it! He didn't even know what was wrong with him!

"IDIOTS!" the two men jolted and scowled at Nami's bellow.

"What did you say?" Zoro snarled, hands fisting as he glared hot death at the ginger haired woman.

"You think my friend's death is stupid!" Johnny growled, already half rising to his feet, sword in hand.

Nami rolled her eyes and jerked her thumb at the kitchens, "Luffy, Usopp, go to the kitchens and get all the lemons and limes and bring them back here with a knife," she ordered, the two teenagers saluting her sloppily and rushing upstairs to follow her orders.

"L-lemons?" Johnny asked, completely lost as Kai peered out from behind Zoro, making the swordsman jolt and glare at him – he childishly stuck his tongue out in reply, he wasn't sitting around in someone else's room on his own when stuff was happening elsewhere. And really, a swordsman should have more awareness of people sneaking up behind them, Shitty Niisama would have known right off the bat, then again, it was Shitty Niisama. An impossible level to hold some East Blue Rookie to.

"Yeah, he has Scurvy," Nami explained, eyeing Kai briefly in wary curiosity before turning to Johnny, "If it's not too late, he should get better within two or three days," the thief explained as Luffy and Usopp rushed back with the required fruits and began to squeeze them into his open mouth with little success – getting more juice on his face and the blanket under him than in his mouth.

"Is it true Anesan!" Johnny yelped enthusiastically in her ear.

Nami scowled, "Don't call me Anesan," she ordered as Luffy suddenly grinned and shoved a lime down the older man's mouth, Usopp looking at the lemon in his own hand before following suit, the two of them shoving as many of the things in as possible. "In the past, anyone who got Scurvy would die," she began to explain, "however the cause of Scurvy is a lack of Vitamin C," she shrugged, "In those days, ships didn't store any kind of fruit or vegetable."

"So it was inevitable that the crew members would come down with it," Kai finished from where he was stood beside Zoro.

"Yup," Nami agreed, a slight frown on her face as she looked at him again.

Luffy gaped, "You two are miracle doctors!" he exclaimed in excitement. He didn't notice as Yosaku's face started to turn blue and he began to gag.

Usopp nodded, his arms folded in smug confidence, "I knew you were good," he declared making Nami shriek, "IF YOU WANT TO BECOME A PIRATE YOU SHOULD KNOW SIMPLE THINGS LIKE THIS!"

"MOVE!" the stranger snapped, shoving Usopp aside and sticking his fingers in Yosaku's throat, yanking out all the fruits the two idiot pirates had shoved into him.

"What are you doing!" Johnny bellowed.

"He's choking you moron!" Kai snapped as he finished fishing out the fruit and then slammed a fist down on the sick man's chest, angling it slightly to hit his diaphragm and push it upwards. Yosaku choked and spasmed, a large chunk of green fruit spitting from his mouth and hitting the deck in front of Usopp's foot. "Just breathe, slowly," he ordered as the Pirate Hunter coughed and rasped, a hand weakly rubbing at his neck. Then –

"I'M HEALTHY AGAIN!" Yosaku yelled happily, launching himself to his feet and dancing around, startling Kai into falling backwards.

"Yeah! My buddy is strong now!" Johnny cheered, joining in.

"SCURVY ISN'T CURED THAT FAST!" Nami screeched in alarm.

All of a sudden the two of them were posing beside the ship's railing, "Sorry. Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Johnny," he announced, as though they had not yet figured this out.

"And I am Yosaku. We used to be Pirate Hunters at the same level as Zoro-Aniki. Pleased to meet all of you," he then grinned and bent down to eye level with Kai, "Especially you pretty-miss." He didn't notice the dark haired male twitch rather violently and grit his teeth. "How can I repay you? I seriously thought I was going to die," he admitted sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as he got back to his feet, the so called 'Pretty Miss' getting up and going to stand beside Zoro with her arms folded and a scowl in place as she kicked the smirking swordsman in the shin.

Johnny shook his head at the by play, "However, it's unbelievable that Zoro the Pirate Hunter, is now a Pirate himself," he admitted. Apparently he shouldn't have dropped that particular bomb because the shock of hearing what had befallen his 'Aniki' caused Yosaku to spit up blood again and collapse. "YOSAKU!"

"Just shut up and rest!" Zoro shouted at them.

Kai shook his head, he'd had enough, it was official, he was stuck on a ship with idiots and the terminally insane. Good grief. "Is it alright with you guys if I take him to the room I was in before? He still needs time to recover," he pointed out, half wanting to get away from the eccentric people who had rescued him and half wanting to make sure nothing had gone missing out of his stuff.

Nami shook her head, "No it's fine. Just don't get blood on the sheets," she requested, absently wondering just what the hell his name was and since when were they so buddy-buddy with a complete stranger.

He nodded, grabbing Yosaku and tossing him casually over his shoulder and made his way up the stairs, swordsman trailing along after him like a lost puppy.

"Na, Zoro... who was that?" Luffy asked, nodding to where the three men had disappeared off to.

Zoro rolled his arm in his shoulder, "Says his name is Namikaze Kai – "

Usopp snorted and burst out laughing, "K-Kai? T-that's a girl's name!" he exclaimed in hilarity.

Nami shook her head, Usopp was so sheltered, Kai was a unisex name, it was only in East and North Blue that people considered it feminine, in South and West Blue it was considered quite masculine where as she'd heard it was an equally male/female name in the Grand Line.

Zoro shrugged, "Apparently his Old Man thought it would be funny or something. Anyway, that's all I managed to get before Johnny showed up, that and he knows how to handle a sword fairly well."

"How did you find that out?" Nami asked.

"He stole one of mine and attacked me with it," he admitted, scratching the back of his head.

She bit her lip, "Should we let someone like that stay on board?" she asked nervously.

"He's already said he won't attack us. Plus he helped Yosaku," Zoro pointed out, besides, if push came to shove, he and Luffy could kick his ass right back to wherever he came from.

"So he's a good guy," Luffy declared, pleased. "Think he'll want to join our crew?" he asked excitedly.

Zoro shrugged, "Hard to say, he might want to look for survivors from whatever it was that shipwrecked him."

Nami sighed and leaned back on the stairs where she was sitting, "Never the less, this is a good lesson. The whole Scurvy thing, that is," she clarified.

"I never knew we could easily get sick like that," Zoro admitted, frowning, he didn't like the idea of dying from some kind of illness, he was a swordsman! He lived by the blade and if he had his way he would die on it.

Usopp nodded grimly, "If they hadn't found us, Yosaku wouldn't have survived," he admitted quietly, glancing up to Nami's room where the three strangers were currently enscrolled. He sighed and leaned back, putting his hands behind his head, "On a long journey, the one who can make sure everyone has enough food... is the chef," he pointed out.

"Come to think of it," Nami began a thoughtful frown on her face, "A Chef is very important."

Luffy grinned, almost maniacally. "Okay I've decided! We should look for a chef so we'll be able to eat good food!" he declared, bringing a small chuckle to Zoro, honestly, how simple minded could you get?

"Aniki?" the group glanced over to see Johnny with his arm stretched up, as if asking for permission to speak in kiddy school.

"What is it Johnny?" Zoro asked, shouldn't he have been stood over Yosaku watching every move Kai made like a hawk?

"If you're looking for a chef," he began, a small excited grin coming onto his face, "I'd like to recommend a place, but I'm not sure if anyone would join you though."

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