Lying with her face down on the floor, Addison held her head between her hands in attempt to keep it from throbbing the way it was. A part of her couldn't even tell what room she was in. It was her own home and she didn't know where she was. That was when she realized how badly she'd lost control.

With a deep breath, she could pick up the odor of alcohol coming off the carpet. Groaning softly, she tried to move to see if there was a stain, but she just couldn't come to do it. Moving just wasn't an option.

Hearing a groan that wasn't her own, Addison's eyes shot open though she didn't dare to look up from the floor.

"Oh my god," Was all she could think. "What did I do?"

The next thing that happened, a hand touched her back. Her bare back.

"Shit, I'm naked. What did I do? Who did I do?"

Slowly, Addison lifted her head – the pressure of it was enormous – and she turned to look in the direction of the body she felt lying beside her, touching her. At this point, waking up beside anyone would be a catastrophe, each for their own specific reason.

Her eyes slowly drifting over, once her eyes laid on the body next to her, Addison jumped up real quick with a yell, grabbing a blanket off her bed and wrapping it around her figure. Her screaming was loud enough that they jumped up as well with a scream, grabbing a blanket, realizing what was going on.

"Oh my god!" Addison yelled as she ran over to her door and locked it. She was more than lucky that no one walked in while she was asleep. Holding the blanket close to her body, the redhead walked back over, lowering her voice. "Do not tell anyone about this!"

"Oh, but I was dying to." Even though the smart remark slipped, it was more than obvious that Naomi was just as nervous as Addison was. "Did we? We couldn't have? Could we? I mean… ugh, no, did we?"

"No, no, no way." Addison said as she stood just feet from her best friend, both holding a blanket to them to keep them from being revealed.

Naomi nodded her head. "You're right, there's no way."

They both fell silent, staring at each other for a couple seconds.

"Okay," Addison let out a sigh. "I don't want to be the one to say it but, I really think we did." The redhead knew that even though neither of them wanted to admit to it, they were both thinking the same thing. After all, what else were they supposed to assume? Addison was used to saying what no one else wanted to hear, so she just decided to rip the band aid off. "I mean, we're naked, we were drunk, I can't even remember last night-"

"I can't either." Naomi cut in, grabbing at her head with her free hand. "My head is killing me."

"Mine too." Addison said as she walked over to her dresser, pulling out two pairs of sweatpants and two t-shirts. "I can't believe this." She said as she handed her best friend a set of clothes. At the same time, the two of them turn their backs to each other and dropped their blankets to dress themselves.

"This is kind of funny." Naomi managed as she got into the shirt.

"What?" Addison pulled her pants up her legs, stopping for a second. "How can you even begin to think this is funny?" she asked as she picked up her shirt.

As Naomi finished dressing, she shrugged her shoulders. "It's terrible, but kind of funny if you think about it. I mean, if we walk out of this room, we'll find three hot guys, yet we woke up to each other." She shook her head with a laugh.

Even though she didn't want to, Addison couldn't help but laugh with Naomi. "You're right." She shook her head. "You done?"


At the same time, they both turned around to face each other. "And none of them know about this so we can pretend it never happened."

"Exactly." Naomi agreed with a nod.

They both fell silent again until suddenly, the two both busted out into a fit of laughter at the same time. They were so nervous that that was really all they could do at this point; laugh.

"Oh my god, I think my head is going to explode." Addison said between giggles. "Hold on, I'll get us some drugs and water."

"Drugs sound great right about now." Naomi said as she walked over to Addison's bed and sat down.

Addison walked out of the room, closing the door behind her. She crossed over to the bathroom and saw a bottle of Advil on top of the toilet. Grinning, she realized everyone else must have been just as trashed as she and Naomi were. She grabbed the bottle before walking out into the living room to find Derek, Sam, and Mark sprawled on the two couches.

As she walked past them to walk into the kitchen, she heard one of them getting up. Looking over her shoulder, she managed a smile as Sam followed her into the kitchen.

"Do you feel like you're dying too?" Sam asked with a bit of a smirk, watching as Addison leaned against the counter. Seeing her nod his head, he continued. "I'd love to tell you that I remember last night, but I don't remember a thing."

"It's okay, neither do I." Addison offered with a very soft smirk.

"I guess that means we all had a great time then."

Hearing those words, Addison tried not to show on her face how wrong he was, and how she and Naomi woke up together naked. No one was going to find out about that one. Ever.

Finally, she managed to speak up. "Yeah, lots of fun." The redhead's eyes drifted to the ground.

"Derek was talking about you last night." He told her quietly, obviously realizing their last conversation wasn't going anywhere.

She raised a brow. "Was he now?" It didn't really surprise her at this point, seeing how he was interested in her. Now he was probably trying to put it out there to his friends that she was off limits without even asking her if it was okay.

He nodded his head. "Yeah, he likes you a lot."

"I know." Addison told Sam with a nod. "He's made it very clear lately."

"You say that like it's a bad thing."

She shrugged her shoulders. "Don't tell anyone, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm not good with relationships and it seems like he's had much experience and that he wants something too serious."

"I won't tell." Sam assured her. "And it kind of does seem that way, I guess. So you're telling me you're looking for someone who doesn't want something as serious?"

"Yeah, basically," she nodded her head. "I'm fine being single, but if I were to be with anyone I would just want someone to have fun with. Someone I can trust of course, but it would mostly all be fun. I can't take something when I know the other person is already thinking of marriage and our children's names."

"Got you," he told her softly. "But what if you found someone and in the long run you wanted all that?" He asked curiously, walking over to her side and leaning on the counter just a couple inches away from her.

She looked over at him, shrugging her shoulders. "Well in that case, I guess I'd end up getting married and thinking of baby names." Addison smirked softly. "I just don't want to be with someone that has it all planned out, you know? No, not even that. Plans are good. It's good to know that in the future you want to get married and have children, but once you put a certain face to that idea, that's when it gets scary. Derek and I aren't together and I know he's thinking about us getting married and us having kids. That's why I just... I don't know."

Sam nodded his head, quiet for a couple seconds as though he was seriously considering something. "I know what you mean." He finally spoke up. "You're not wrong to feel like that. We're all young and we have all the time in the world to figure those things out."

"Exactly," it was nice to have someone that knew exactly what she meant. Naomi was a Derek pusher and wanted nothing more for them to get together and have cute little babies. "You know what I'm saying. It's good to know I'm not crazy."

"Not at all." He assured her as he shook his head. "But when you say you want someone to have fun with, I hope you also realize that there are people willing to have that kind of relationship and really appreciate for who you are." He spoke softly, holding her gaze. "You're a great person Addison. You need someone who is willing to worship the ground you walk on. Don't even think I'm joking Addie, because you're that great of a person."

"Thank you Sam." Addison was so amazed by Sam's kindness that her voice was barely a whisper. She couldn't wipe the smile off her face, that being one of the nicest things anyone has ever told her.

At that moment, she hoped that he did like Naomi even half as much as she liked him. He was such a great friend and she knew he'd be an even better boyfriend. She wanted the best for Naomi.

Remembering Naomi; she realized she was in her room waiting Addison to come back with the Advil and water. Addison took a step to go over to the refrigerator, but she felt a hand around her wrist restraining her. She turned around to speak to Sam, to ask him why he was doing that, but before she could open her mouth to speak; she felt Sam's lips crashing against her own.

Shocked, she didn't know what to do at first so she just stood there frozen. She knew what the right thing to do was, but instead, she felt herself giving in and returning the kiss as Sam's arms slipped around her waist. She reached up and held his face between her hands as she returned the kiss passionately, her heart pounding against her chest. This was something she never expected to happen.

Once she realized what she was really doing. On top of that, realizing that Derek, Mark, and Naomi were just a couple feet away, she dropped her hands and broke from the kiss. She looked him in the eyes as she backed away from him, over to the refrigerator. She opened it up and took out two water bottles. "I'm sorry Sam," she shook her head. "I can't do this." Addison left the kitchen and went straight for the bedroom.

As she walked in, she quickly closed the door behind her.

"Hey." Naomi's cheerful voice called out.

Addison looked up and forced a smile, walking over to the bed. She sat across from Naomi and handed her a water bottle before opening the Advil bottle, getting two for each of them.

Her best friend raised a brow. "What's wrong? Did any of the guys say anything to you?"

Handing the pills over to Naomi, she shook her head. "Umm no. Real bad hangover I guess." She said before popping the pills in her mouth and swallowing them dry.

Naomi watched her best friend, holding out her open water bottle. Addison took it and began to chug it down to keep from talking. Naomi took Addison's water bottle and opened it, sipping it slowly, waiting to see if Addison would say anything.

She wanted to say something, but Addison felt so guilty at the moment. Sam kissed her. Sam, the man that Naomi's been obsessing over just kissed her. Not only that, but she kissed him back.

"Best friend of the year Addie," she thought sarcastically. "Best friend of the year."