Title: Two Parts Of One Whole

Author: Lacrymosa_91

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Jacob/Paul

Rating: NC-17 ~ M

Declaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters, plots or conceptions of Twilight, unfortunately. They belong to Stephenie Meyer.

WARNING: SLASH AND OOC (Out Of Character):

Paul is going to be the submissive and the cute one and Jake is going to be the dominating and tough guy. I am writing this warning because I want you guys to have an idea how the things will evolve. I know that everybody has their own preferences for dom/sub and that's why I am informing you for my intentions. I don't want anybody to get disappointed because Jake/Paul's relationship is not as you expected it to be.

Summary: In times of a blood feud between two neighbouring tribes unlikely love blossoms.
While walking in the woods near the border of his tribe's lands Paul, the only child left to his severe father, unexpectedly meets Jacob - member of the neighboring tribe that inhabits the areas beyond the White Fang Rigdes. They imprint on each other but neither Jacob nor Paul knows about the other's imprinting. They separate, running in opposite directions, fighting the urge to be together, not knowing even each other's names.

What will happen?

Will they be able to fight it or the desire will take over them?

Can their love triumph over the prejudice and the hatred between their tribes?

Is their imprinting just a cruel joke of the destiny or it will lead to the end of the blood feud?

A/N: This is the first thing I've ever written for the Twilight Fandom. Let's see how it will turn out. Just want to tell you that I separated the actual pack in order to have some recognizable characters in both of the tribes. But there will be minor OCs in future chapters.

"Ahote" is a real Native American name and it means "restless one" I decided to use it because I don't know Paul's actual last name.

Now read and hope you enjoy!

~Chapter one: Torn Apart~

The whole house echoed with heavy steps and masculine voices. Some were patient and quiet, others - angry and sharp. They were so loud that he was able to hear them even in his room on the second floor.

It had been like this all day. They had come here early in the morning to have a meeting and they hadn't finished and come to a solution, yet. At first he had strained to hear their discussions but the more he listened to them the worse he felt.

Wasn't there any way out?

Did they know how to change the unchangeable?

Were they able to find a way to break a blood tradition that had existed even before the birth of the oldest one of them?

He hadn't been even invited. They had ordered him to stay in his room as if he had the strength even to stand up from the bed. He wasn't invited to a meeting which concerned his future, his whole life from now on.

Since they had learned about his horrible shameful secret everything had changed.

The council of the elders, the pack and most significantly- his father had stopped looking at him in the same way. Now they treated him as though he was sick, as if he had an incurable disease.

And most of the time it really felt like disease. The restless torturing urge, the painful craving that was constantly leaving him exhausted and faint made him feel weak and helpless.

He hadn't eaten for days, he almost couldn't sleep. Every time he closed his eyes he was seeing chocolate brown eyes and russet skin stretched over taut muscles, he was seeing that imposing yet slender body, hiding immense strength.

He had seen him once.

Only once. Just a single glance at him and it had happened. And since then he had been doomed.

The desire was like cancer, it was eating him from the inside, little by little and with every passing day away from what his heart and body craved for he felt more vulnerable and anguished.

Scorching need and frustrated self-loathing were fighting inside him. He was ashamed. Ashamed of himself, of his feelings, of the fact that he had stained his family's honor and name. What he wanted was wrong and forbidden and he knew it but the wolf inside him was just refusing to accept it.

Sometimes he thought that he was going to go insane, that the burning excruciating pain in his chest would kill him and at a few times he even wished it would. But it never did… and his agony only seemed to get more intense with the time.

He was lying on his side and staring at the slowly setting sun through his window when the door of his room opened and he heard how the floorboards creaked under his visitor's feet as he made his way to the bed with slow and unsure steps.

He knew who it was. He didn't even have to turn around to look.

He could recognize his pack brothers' smell perfectly. That was the last person that he wanted to see at the moment. That was the person who had let out his secret.

He sighed quietly as he pulled the covers tighter around himself and closed his eyes briefly.

"Paul…" his pack brother whispered and sat on the edge of the bed. "You awake?"

A warm hand rested on his shoulder and Paul growled deep in his throat and pulled away. He sat in the bed and leaned against the headboard, finally, facing his visitor.

"Get out of my face, Embry!" he said. His voice husky, ragged whisper barely audible in the quiet room. "Leave me alone!"

Embry sighed and stood up from the bed as he brushed his fingers through his hair. He looked towards the door and shook his head. He didn't leave, he couldn't leave his friend alone now, now when he needed help and support.

His eyes passed over Paul as a concerned expression grew across his face. He could barely recognize him. The toughest of the pack, the most aggressive of them all, the pack's brawler and loud mouth had disappeared and now on his place there was frustrated and anguished shell. Paul was pale and much slimmer now, his eyes had lost their impish and vivid gleam and were filled with pained and silent resignation.

"Paul, I am sorry. I know I promised I'll keep my mouth shut but..."

"You were the only one I could tell! And what did you do, huh? You fucking told Sam and now the whole tribe knows about my shame!"


"I thought that I could trust you! I thought that you were my friend, Embry! I guess that I had been wrong!"

"I had no choice! Sam was worried. He wanted me to tell him what's going on with you! He ordered me to speak, Paul!" Embry tried to defend himself, throwing his hands in the air. "You can't disobey the Alpha's orders and you know that!"

Paul's features twisted in irritation before he hid his face in his hands and inhaled deeply. Embry had a point, but that couldn't erase the anger from his friend's betrayal.

Embry sat on edge of the bed again, his eyes were wide with concern as he looked at his pack brother and spoke quietly.

"But I guess, I would have told Sam even if he hadn't made me."

Paul's head snapped up, a choked snarl spilling from his lips as he looked at his friend, his eyes narrowing with confusion and disdain. He would punch Embry in the face if he had the strength to.

"How can you…"

"The pack had to know, Paul. You withdrew from us, became silent and distant. We were worried about you." Embry covered his friend's hand with his and squeezed it reassuringly. "Come back to us and we will help you to cope!"

Paul heaved a heavy sigh, his hand trembling in Embry's grasp as he bent his head and squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

"Nobody can help me." The words were spoken quietly, through clenched teeth.

"May be the council..."

"The council can't do anything! They can't break it! It is fatal!" Paul stood up from the bed. His knees shaking as he struggled to stand upright." I imprinted on a Quileute! We have a fucking blood feud! We are at a war and I imprinted on the enemy, Embry!" His voice was breaking and his chest heaving as he tried to swallow around the lump in his dry throat.

"I stained my family's honor! I can't look my father in the eyes!" Paul looked like he would collapse at any moment and Embry wrapped his arms around his friend, trying to calm him down.

Paul's knees buckled and he didn't struggle when Embry lowered him on the bed. He rubbed little soothing circles over Paul's back and wrapped the blanket around his friend's shaking figure, embracing him tightly.

"You know what the worst is?" Paul whispered brokenly, his whole body shuddering in his friend's arms. "I can't fight it. It's consuming me completely and leaves me unable... fucking unwilling to fight it!"

"They will find a way to break it, Paul!" Embry's hands curled tighter around his pack brother. "They have to!"

"You don't know how it feels like…The tug…the restless urge…it's like…I feel like I am torn apart, Embry. It's like someone had ripped my other half away from me! It's like I am maimed!"

Embry looked at his friend horrified.

Paul was delirious. His whole body trembling and being racked with shivers, his breath uneven and shallow as he struggled to breathe. Embry pushed him to lie on his back on the bed and tucked him with the covers. His hand rested on Paul's feverish forehead and his features twisted in worry and fear as he felt the hot skin. Paul was burning. His skin was too heated even for a werewolf.

Embry quickly went to the bathroom and returned with a wet, cold towel and put it on his pack brother's forehead. Paul stirred and whimpered as he was pushing his friend's hands away, ragged whispers spilling from his chapped lips.

"I don't even know his name! I crave for a complete stranger!"

"Shhh, Paul! Calm down, man!" Embry whispered, holding his friend in place as Paul struggled to stand up from the bed. "Shhh... it's okay..."

Paul was too weak and exhausted to put up stout resistance. He couldn't fight against Embry's grasp for long and his body relaxed slowly in the bed. He was drenched in sweat and Embry removed his soaked shirt and put it on the chair by the nightstand.

"That's it Paul." Embry whispered soothingly holding his pack brother's hand. "Breathe slowly and deeply. Just like that..."

Paul's harsh breathing appeased and his eyes fluttered closed as his whole body went limp with exhaustion and he quickly fell asleep.

Embry sighed brokenly with relief as he looked at his friend's pale and finally peaceful face. He stood by Paul's bed, holding his hand, looking him stir and whimper in his sleep until he was called by Sam to join the meeting.