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"What if there was more to the story than we know? What if Huttser didn't fall in love with Palla first? What if Morgra, of all she-wolves, was the First Drappa? There is more to the story than we know. All of the things you've been told, young one, are propaganda. Listen close, and – no questions yet, little one – relax. You're in Tsinga's care, now."



[Chapter II: Eavesdropping]

"You're what?!" Huttser cried with disbelief, ignoring his own advise to keep quiet. "You can't be! I. . . We. . ."

Palla looked down at her paws, whimpering. Huttser then remembered that they were meeting secretly, so he dropped his voice to a whisper.

"Palla, you can't be!" He whimpered, "I know we. . . But. . . You just can't be! What about Morgra? What in Fenris's name will she do when she finds out?"

Palla let out an amused bark of laughter.

"Oh, I can imagine what she may do. She might slaughter me, tear out my throat, or, better yet, let me live, and then rip the cubs out of my belly." She snarled, anger welling up inside of her.

Huttser stood silent for a moment, his mouth ajar as he contemplated on what he should say to reassure the Drappa.

"We'll keep them," He finally woofed, "we'll keep them, and run away together before they're born. Morgra's been on edge every since we met a few seasons ago, so, I've got to find a way to escape from her before she finds out what we're up to."

Palla padded up to her mate, nuzzling him and whimpering with affection. The Dragga nuzzled her back, also whimpering.

The two thought they were alone; but they weren't. High in the tree tops sat a raven. As he watched the couple, he clacked his beak in disgust.

"Morgra won't like this," Kraar's voice was scratchy, like that of a crow's, as he flapped his wings and rose into the air.

The moon was high in the night sky when the Dragga finally returned from marking the trees. Morgra was sitting at the entrance of the cave, a nasty expression on her scarred face, her swollen belly spilling over her back paws. Kraar the raven sat, a proud look on his beak, next to her, and flapped his wings, rising in the air until he was on his Mistress's shoulder. Snarling, Morgra shook him off.

"Where the hell were you, Huttser?!" She snarled, claws digging into the soft, newly-fallen snow. "I've been waiting since sun-high for you, and you come back when the moon is high!"

Huttser trotted over to his mate like nothing happened between him and her sister.

"Morgra, dear," He whimpered softly, almost submissively. "I was searching for Herla."

All of the sudden, Morgra's face twisted in rage. She let out a cross between a snarl and a shriek, and she lunged at Huttser with what little energy she had left.

"Liar!" She cried, "Kraar told me you were with my sister, Palla!"

She toppled into the Dragga's well-built frame and pinned him down; she was heavier than him with the pups in her womb. Her nose a whisker's length away from his, saliva started to foam at the corners of Morgra's mouth.

"Tell the truth!" She snarled, placing her paw on Huttser's throat and pressing down, threatening him.

"Alright!" The Dragga choked, gasping for air as the she-wolf pressed down harder. "Yes! Yes, I was with Palla! It was just a friendly encounter; nothing happened!"

"More lies!" Morgra cried, "Kraar also told me that she's expecting something! Do you have any idea what that is?"

She pressed down even more as she snarled this, and the Dragga suddenly felt fear for his life.

"No, I don't know what-" Huttser's sentence was cut short as the she-wolf nipped at his ears, giving him a clear warning.

"Pups!" She howled, "She's expecting your pups!"