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Part 1: Anthrophobia - Fear of people or society


While near the house…

The twins and Estel glared at the wizard, demanding that he brought their father back to his previous state.

"I cannot bring him back. There were rules to the spells, after all."

"It's all Legolas' fault," Estel concluded.

The twins and Gandalf glared at the young man.

"Why is that Estel? What has Legolas ever done to you that you act like this?" Elrohir asked with anger.

"By being here," Estel simply replied.

"The way I see it, young man, it was all your fault," Gandalf pointed at him, and then he continued, "If you show more understanding and talk to Legolas nicely instead of being so aggressive, none of this would have happen."

"Here they come…" Elladan said, looking as Legolas came back with his adar. With a simple word of thanks to Legolas, he resumed his seat.

"Who are they?" Little Elrond asked Legolas.

"They are your family, young one," Legolas explained to him softly.

"You will keep me safe?" Elrond asked him as he was clearly apprehensive of those whom he saw.

"I will not let anyone hurt you," Legolas assured him.

"Thank you, Uncle Legolas."

Legolas felt so proud at that moment, but his eyes betrayed his sadness at seeing how his father's friend was in this condition. Still, it was good that little Elrond trusted him.

"My pleasure, little one."

"Who are they exactly?" Elrond asked Legolas and then he added, "I do not remember them as my family."

'This is going to be hard,' Legolas thought and replied. "They are your distant relatives who end up being in your family, little one." Legolas looked at the twins, hoping that they would cooperate and help him. He did not want any more arguments or anything that would make little Elrond run away.

"I do not know them," Elrond said and looked at Legolas before his gaze wandered around the place as though seeking someplace safe to run to.

"You are safe with me, little one," Legolas assured him, not letting little Elrond leave his side. It was then that he noticed how Elrond was almost trembling in fear and inching closer to him.

"You do not have to fear," Legolas told him and added, "May I introduce them to you?"

"I'm… please… do not…" Elrond tried to squirm away as he saw the strange man with gray clothes and the odd hat coming closer to him.

Legolas looked at the frightened elfling, not letting him run. As he noticed that Gandalf was walking toward them, he understood why Elrond might have been afraid. Perhaps the little one had remembered something in the past, for he gave a shrill shriek in fear.

"This is Gandalf; he is the good wizard," Legolas introduced him while he watched the elfling closely.

"Gandalf?" Elrond asked.

"Have you heard of him?" Legolas asked in a mix of wonder and concern.

"I do not recall," Elrond replied and then he glanced toward Legolas as he asked, "What should I know about him?"

"For now, that he is a great wizard," Legolas replied softly, and to hopefully change the subject since it seemed that Elrond was not particularly interested in the others, he wondered if the little one needed to sleep. "Are you tired?" he asked.

Elrond nodded.

Legolas gave the others a look and ushered little Elrond to the rooms. He would deal with the others later; right now he had to take care of little Elrond and his needs. Hopefully the next morning would be better.

End of Part 1.