Summary: Willow is finishing up her detox in England when she realizes someone is stealing from her pantry. She finds the thief and maybe, just maybe, he'll steal more than just her bread and eggs. Willow/Sirius

Set Up: Set after Season 6 when Willow is just about finished with her official 'detox' in England. In HP its set after the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Author Notes: Couldn't sleep and I've been wanting to do a BTVS/HP cross for a while now. Please review and let me know how you like it : ) I also have some writer's block for my other stories and felt the need to write something for the moment.

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Willow wasn't like Xander. She didn't tend to count her food items down to the last Twinkie. But even she couldn't help but that notice that food had been disappearing from her cupboards over the last week.

At first she thought it had been her imagination that three eggs and a loaf of bread were missing from her kitchen the first day. After all, she was staying in a cottage in the middle of nowhere. Her closest neighbors were the members of the coven that Giles had taken her to in the beginning of the summer. Since she was going through the end stages of her treatment - meditation and self-reflection - she never had any of them visit.

But now she was starting to get the wiggins.

It was clear that while she left for walks in the woods someone was breaking in and stealing food.

On a scale of criminal activity, she figured that stealing food wasn't that terrible. It was obviously taken because the person needed it. But still… to know that someone was in her home, in her private quarters… Well, hence the origination point of her current wiggins.

So enough was enough. Willow was finally comfortable practicing magic again - to an extent anyways - and she was ready to catch the intruder.

After laying her trap, Willow left the next afternoon at the typical time for her walk in the woods. She kept her eyes and ears open, but she didn't come across anyone out there - what she wouldn't give for some of Buffy's slayer abilities right now.

But she was a big girl and would deal with this situation the best way she could.

After thirty minutes passed, she rushed back her cottage. When she walked into her kitchen she expected to see the intruder dangling from a vine that was set to be conjured at the entrance of an unidentified person, but instead the vine was lying on the ground.

The tip of it looked to be charred and there was a smell of magical residue in the air. Her eyes scanned the area and Willow noticed a piece of parchment lying on the table.

On it, in old-fashioned script, it read:


Dear Madam,

My terrible apologies for intruding into your home. I am remiss about my actions but please know that I did not intend any harm. At first I had thought it was a Muggle home and did not think anyone would notice.

Again, my sincerest apologies.


Willow found it odd that the note was not signed. Well, okay, that did make sense on account of the writer being a thief.

She grinned as an idea struck her. Whispering a few words, she performed a spell to illuminate the path of the magic user who had been in her kitchen.

Where the vine lay a blue light shimmered into being and began unraveling past the door. Quickly, she began to follow the path of light.

She was no longer creeped out by the intruder - partly thanks to his formal note - but now her curiosity was driving her wild. Especially because the brand of magic the intruder used had a residue that she had never experienced before. Whereas her magic, like the members of the coven, was wild and tied to nature, this magic seemed more focused and different somehow.

Plus, she was curious to know what the heck a 'Muggle' was.

The path led her through the darkest part of the woods where a small mountain began forming. In the side of the mountain was a cave and the blue light flickered at the opening.

Willow bit her lip. She realized suddenly that she wasn't sure what she was supposed to accomplish by confronting this person. It may even be dangerous to do so.

As her mind deliberated on her next action, she was interrupted by a loud screech and a flap of wings.

Looking up, she screamed. The creature looked like something out of Giles' books. It had the head of a bird, was covered with feathers, but its body was more horse-like. As it swooped low, she ducked and rolled across the ground.

Landing on the grass, it eyed her fiercely and she found herself struck dumb. Monsters were not her business. Sure, she knew spells, but she hadn't used any large-scale ones since her detox began.

It began charging her and she shrieked again. A man's voice called out, "Buckbeak! Stop!" and Willow looked up to see the strange creature obligingly stop in place, only five feet from her.

Turning around to thank her savior, she saw him standing at the foot of the cave.

The intruder.

He did seem to appear like a thief of sorts. He was dirty and his shoulder-length hair was unkempt. His face was tan and gaunt; clearly he had truly needed that food. He wore no shirt and while his face was thin, his upper body showed signs of lean muscle - the kind you probably developed living on your own in nature. But his eyes glowed with life and she could see that he would probably be a handsome man - if he took a shower, that is.

'Eeek! Bad girl!' she mentally chastised herself. It had been a while since she had found someone handsome. Since… Well, since Before. Besides, she considered herself gay and thus not interested in men.

More or less, anyways.

And maybe right now more of the 'less' was taking place.

Ah, but that was probably due to him saving her… Even though it was his fault she was attacked in the first place. Although, she supposed she didn't *have* to come out here. But still.

Gah. She was so busy with her mental babble that she didn't realize he had walked up to her.

"I'm sorry for Buckbeak. He's a bit overprotective these days," he offered kindly. But his eyes darted wildly, like he was wondering if there were others out there.

"Um, it's okay." She bit her lip, unsure if a 'thank you' or a reprimand was in order. She decided to be polite, first, on account of him being able to 'sic' that Buckbeak thing at her.

"Thank you, for, ya know, helping me out with him," she said as she gestured towards the creature.

He sighed, sounding a bit relieved. "Of course." His eyes stopped darting around to appraise her. A slight smile made its way up his features. When he smiled, he looked much nicer, she realized.

She mentally shook herself. She would *not* think her thief was nice looking at all!

"So why have you been stealing from me?" she asked suddenly, and it came out more bluntly then she intended.

"Ah, yeah. About that. Look, I'm real sorry. I just don't have many options." A dark look passed through his face and she felt a bit of pity for the man. It helped that his British accent made his apology sound just that much better.

"You always have options," she informed him. "You could have just asked me."

The man looked surprised for a minute before he began laughing. "Yeah," he finally said. "That's not really something I'm used to."

Willow was curious as to what was this guy's deal. He was older than her, by maybe fifteen years, but he was still young enough to get a job somewhere if he didn't have money or a house. Right?

Before she knew was she was saying, it was done. "Well, how about you stay at my cottage for a few days where you can have some real meals - I'm sure eggs and bread are not that great every day - and a shower and a real bed."

His face sobered up. "I can't… I can't do that. You're a witch… Surely you must know?" Brown eyes peered at her sadly.

"Know what?" Willow bristled. "And yes, I am a witch, thank you very much. So what? Obviously you are too. Are you part of the Devon Coven a few miles up north? I'm with them."

Willow idly wondered if maybe he didn't want to stay with her because she was a witch… And because she surely must know that everyone was afraid of her now, since she tried to end the world and all.

"Coven? Really?" His eyebrow quirked upwards. "Hmm. I heard about them in my Muggles Studies class," he said under his breath as he looked away. "So you practice Earth magic?" he asked in a louder voice.

"Yes," she replied uncertainly.

"And you don't have anything to do with the Wizarding Community?"

"Huh?" He eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "I've never heard of that."

"Hmm," was his only reply.

"So," she started again, "I'm walking home. The invitation is still open, if you want to take it." She was still perplexed by the man and his odd comments, but she felt bad leaving him out here, especially with a late summer thunderstorm brewing.

The man nodded slowly.

"I think I'd like that. For a few days, anyway."


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