As he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw a mug on the sideboard near the stairs as he caught the smell of coffee wafting up to him, he noted the colour and knew it was Ally's so took a sip and started smiling again, looked like Ally hadn't forgotten that much about him judging by the perfect cup of coffee in his hands. He forced himself not to look at her as he carried on walking into the room and saw a plate on the table holding 2 slices of toast with marmalade on, again just as he liked it, he started wondering why she kept marmalade in the house seen as he hadn't seen Maddie eat it (on any of her many slices of toast) and he knew Ally didn't like it, until the smell distracted him from his train of thought and he realised he was ravenous and tucked quickly into the food.

He didn't see Ally through all this and when his stomach had been satisfied followed the sound of her voice into the kitchen.

"Look, Sarah, I told you I might be taking the day off and I plan to do that, now do I really need to bring the paperwork in this morning?"

Larry look on confused as Ally replied down the phone again, "I don't care what Mark says, the case in non-urgent it's not up for weeks, the most time I'll be off is a week. I've go an old friend in town and I'd like to show them New York, it's a week tops, the files can wait until then."

Ally stamped her foot on the floor as she tried not to lose her temper still not noticing Larry was there, he stayed silent as she began speaking again.

"Well, tell Mark ... Hey Mark, I was just explaining to Sarah that I'm going to be away for a week and that I'll bring the files back in after that. You don't need the files back, and it's not like they're even a high-end client."

"Well, I don't particularly care if the office is on the way to the sights, I'm off work, not working, not entering the office."

"Fine, I'll bring them in this morning." she said resigned before hanging up the phone and sighing loudly.

Larry stepped up behind her quietly and encircled her waist in his arms, laying his head on her shoulder, "I take it we're going to work this morning."

She sighed again quietly, and turned her head to face him, "Yeah, sorry about this, how long were you listening?"

"Long enough to know that you fought for the day off and that Sarah isn't half as nosy or nice as Elaine, and that one of your colleagues is called Mark."

Ally laughed softly, "Very close, except Mark's my boss."

"You shout at your boss like that often?"

She shrugged slightly, "I never really got back into the whole idea of you can't shout at your bosses. But you should be proud of me, I haven't tried to fix his love life yet."

Larry laughed and felt a grin spread over his face, it felt good to know that Ally was still Ally, just in a different situation in a different city.

"Guess I'd better go get changed then"

Ally turned around and looked at him, not breaking out of his arms though, "Why? What you're wearing is fine." she replied as she eyed his jeans and t-shirt up and down.

"Yeah, but it's not suitable for an office."


"You didn't think I was not going to come and have a peak at your new work did you?

"Fine," Ally replied after a moment, "But no sticking your nose in other peoples business, that includes spying on or commenting on peoples cases. Agreed?"

"Fine" he replied after a moment, attempting to look hurt and annoyed.

Ally followed him upstairs to change as well, shaking her head, she'd seen the twinkle in his eye and knew he wouldn't be able to resist getting drawn into some kind of debate about a case with someone, the trip wasn't going to be as quick as she hoped but it would definitely be more fun that she'd been expecting.