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Chapter 1

Renesmee's POV

Staring out onto the clearing, taking in all the glorious colours and inhaling the magnificent scents... It was so beautiful here.

This is my favourite thing to do after hunting, even if I wasn't a half vampire and NEEDED to hunt, I think I would still love the outdoors.

I think it was the woodsy scent that I loved the most, somehow I felt safe and warm inside every time I smelled it...it was so comforting.

I lay back onto the damp grass and looked up at the sky, it was now getting dark and I spotted a star in the distance with my vampiric eyesight.

I started to think about my life. It has changed so much in twelve years. My growth was the weirdest part because I didn't look like your typical twelve year old. I wish it were that simple.

I'm physically and mentally nineteen, I can speak several languages and I've read everything that my parents have in the library. My dad made it his duty to teach me any and everything, which I learnt very fast, my dad said that I was brilliant, but he's a bit biased.

I also have an amazing talent of passing my thoughts and feelings to whomever I touched with my palms, and lately I've discovered that I can actually send them without even touching. I have to work on that though, I only did it once.

Lately I was beginning to feel something was different, like I was missing something. I don't know how to explain it, because I was very lucky, I have everything.

I mean, I have the most beautiful, caring and loving mom in the entire world, Bella Cullen. She loves me so much she even gave her human life for me and I love her so much.

My handsome dad Edward, devoted, kind hearted and let's just say a little over protective, and he's a mind reader.

No I mean literally, he can read minds. He can read anybody's mind as long as they were in range, well except for my mom, she is a shield, she can block anything mental, I guess you can say they were the perfect fit. I love my dad dearly and I know he would do anything for me.

I also have the most loving, caring and sometimes annoying aunts and uncles.

Aunt Alice, wow she's really fun, she loves shopping and she's always buying something for me, her special talent is that she can see the outcomes of someone's decisions.

I guess you can say she's a physic, but she says that she's not. She says that the future changes as people make different decisions and she says they can very well decide to do something and then change their minds and then the future changes again.

I don't know but somehow my Aunt can't see my future, it has something to do with me being only half vampire.

My Uncle Jasper, I can always count on him too, he's married to Aunt Alice. He's really cool, he knows what I'm feeling even before I've figured it out. He can detect the feelings of others and also influence them. He can calm you down in a second or if he's angry... let's just say everyone's angry.

My Uncle Emmet, he's the most fun to be around, he's huge and very intimidating to others I guess, but to me all I see is my goofy, fun loving Uncle Em. He taught me how to hunt when everyone else thought I was too young, and he wrestles with me when I need to blow off some steam.

Aunt Rose, she was the most beautiful vampire I have ever seen, I mean next to my mom of course. She taught me how to rebuild an engine and tune cars before I could even drive one. She was amazing and she was the perfect match for Uncle Em. They were great together.

Then there's Carlisle and Esme, my grandparents. Grandpa Carlisle is an amazing doctor, he's the most compassionate and caring person I've ever known and Grandma Esme the most gentle and motherly.

After thinking about my family I realised what they all had in common.

They all had companions, someone who loved them in a different way, someone to share their life with and more importantly someone to call their own.

I realised what was wrong with me. I longed for that special someone too. I guess I was...lonely and I wanted what everyone else had.

I heard someone approaching, oh God I hope it's not my dad I kept thinking.

"Renesmee" Uncle Jazz said.

Wow that was close, the last thing I wanted was my dad hearing me think about wanting a companion.

"Uh, hey Uncle Jazz" I said with a relieved yet slightly nervous smile on my face.

"Why was I feeling extremely lonely just now?" Uncle Jazz asked with a questioning look, as he came and sat beside me.

Oh God, Oh God, how could I think for a second that I was home free, of course, Uncle Jazz knows how I was feeling. Great! I decided to try and change the subject, I was feeling a bit embarrassed

"Don't the stars look nice tonight?" Gosh, Renesmee was that was the best you could come up with?, I thought to myself.

"Hmm, yes Renesmee, the stars are quite nice tonight, but you still didn't answer my question and by the way you don't need to feel embarrassed around me you know"

How could I hide this, Uncle Jazz can see right through me. "Uncle Jazz, I was just thinking about...you know...am"

Oh... How was I ever going to put this into words! I realised I didn't have enough courage to say them so I decided to show him.

I placed my hand to Uncle Jazz's cheek and showed him everything I was thinking and then I showed him how I wanted what they had, someone I could call my own.

After I finished showing him, I sat back and waited for Uncle Jazz to say 'Renesmee Carlie Cullen, you're too young to be thinking like that' and then start on a lecture.

"Renesmee, I knew this was coming, I mean I felt it before you even realized what the feeling meant. I told Edward and at first he was very upset"

"You TOLD DAD!" I didn't even realize I was shouting. Somebody kill me. Kill me now. If I could disappear from here right now, God knows I would, this is beyond embarrassing.

"Renesmee, please, don't get mad or feel embarrassed. Just hear me out" I was too embarrassed so I hung my head on my knees and never looked up. I just gave a slight "uh huh" so only Uncle Jazz would hear.

He chuckled to himself a little then started "I told your dad because I think that you do deserve to live a little and yes maybe find someone, you're old enough now"

I rose up a little at that statement; I never would have guessed that I had Uncle Jazz on my side already.

"So I convinced your dad, and mom of course, to let you see the world on your own, you know like a vacation"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I've never ever EVER, been anywhere beyond Isle Esme.

My dad always told me it was way too dangerous for me and if anyone ever found out I existed they would try and hurt me. That's why he had Uncle Jazz and Uncle Em teach me to defend myself.

"But...how...when...oh my God, are you serious Uncle Jazz?"

"Well he is but this vacation has plenty of rules Renesmee Carlie Cullen" My dad said as he came up to where Uncle Jazz and I were sitting.

Then I saw my whole family coming up behind him. My mom moved to my side and placed her hand around my shoulders and said

"Renesmee sweetheart, we love you so much. When Uncle Jazz told us how you were feeling, we decided to do something about it. We have arranged for you to take a trip to Brazil, we have some friends there that we can trust that you can stay with, isn't that great!"

Is this a dream, dad am I dreaming?. My dad just looked at me and smiled reassuringly.

I can't believe it, this is really happening. My parents are the best! I thought and my dad came over and gave me a hug and whispered in my ear

"I love you Renesmee and we want you to be happy"

I was grinning ear to ear "Oh my God mom, dad, this is real, I mean you guys ARE serious. THANK YOU, THANK YOU mom, dad, Uncle Jazz, thank you everyone"

"Well now don't get too carried away" My dad said.

Shoot there's a catch isn't there' I thought to my dad and he just smiled and said

"You will have to check in with us every day and you will have to let us know where you plan on going each day and most importantly you have to be on guard for the worst and if anything remotely odd happens, you have to come home right away or call us and we'll come get you"

I was too ecstatic with the good news that I would agree to having my head shaved as long as I got to go and explore life outside here!

"Yes daddy! I promise, oh I promise" I squealed

"Okay then, now you had better get to packing because you're leaving first thing tomorrow" my dad said with a smile.

I jumped for joy and turned and ran at my full vampire speed up to my bedroom and started to pack, I was so excited.

Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose came soon after and helped me pack and mom stopped in to tell me how happy she was that I would get to live like a normal human for two weeks.

After packing and my mother-daughter talk, I was tired, so I just crawled into bed and fell asleep blissfully into oblivion.

The next day was bright and sunny and I couldn't help but admire my family, how beautiful they were.

They were sparkling like diamonds in the sunlight…they were breath taking. I wished that my skin had that beauty but unfortunately my skin looked almost normal. It only gave out a slight glow in the sun and you had you be super human to see.

My Uncles helped me pack my luggage in the back of my car a 2010 Ford Mustang that I rarely drove.

"God Renesmee, its two weeks not ten years you're going for. What the hell are in all these bags" Uncle Em asked.

"You never know what a girl may need Uncle Em" I said and plastered my 'award winning' smile on my face or at least that's what Uncle Em calls it.

"Now how could anyone argue with you when you smile like that" Uncle Em said with a proud look on his face.

Then he walked over to me and took me into one of his bear hugs "We're gonna miss yah kiddo" Uncle Em said as he put me down.

Then everyone came over and gave me hugs and kisses and reminded me to call everyday and to be careful and that they loved me.

My mom had pulled me aside earlier and gave me an ID that had the name Vanessa Wolfe on it and the ID said that I was nineteen years old along with a matching passport.

She told me that they would not be able to come to the airstrip with me, where their private Jet would be coming to pick me up, because it was too bright and they couldn't trust the pilot to not notice their skin.

Once I had everything, money, credit card, cell phone, ID and passport, address to the Denali's place in Brazil (Although my parents said someone named Nahuel was going to collect me at the airport and that he was another hybrid like me, that was exciting I thought) and after receiving all the hugs and best wishes from my family I was off, in my car driving to the airstrip which was not far from the house but just far enough.

Just as I got out of the vehicle, I saw the Jet come in for a landing, I quickly came out and took out my luggage and waited.

The jet finally settled and the door opened and a flight attendant came out and walked over to me "Ms. Cullen good morning, may I assist with your luggage" She was very polite but I was sure that she couldn't handle all of my luggage but I let her try.

After about a good twenty minutes of going back and forth with my luggage we were ready to take off.

The flight was smooth and nice. I've never been in an airplane before. It was all so exciting for me. When we landed I got out and went through immigration without a problem.

I had just finished gathering up my luggage and was peering through the crowd of people, looking for Nathan? Nope that's not right I thought. When I smelt something different, it smelt sweet but not over powering, it was alluring to say the least. I was somehow drawn to the scent, but I couldn't decide if it was a bad thing or a good thing.

I pushed my hand in my jeans pocket to check the piece of paper that my mom had given me to make sure I got the name of the person who was collecting me right. I didn't want to offend him when I just met him because I couldn't remember his name.

I read the name out in barely a whisper "Nahuel" Just when I was thinking to myself that this was a nice name.

I heard someone come up behind me, it was the source of the scent that I had picked up earlier, and it was so much stronger now. I was drawn to it.

Before I could turn around to see who it was the person spoke. His voice was strong and masculine, it made me want to cringe at first but somehow it was tempting "Renesmee Cullen? Hi I'm Nahuel Denali"

I turned and was struck by the beauty of this man. He was probably 6 feet 3 inches tall. He had silky black hair that was kind of shaggy around his face. His eyes were piercing, warm and inviting, his eyes looks like rich teak. His lips were pink and full and his skin was rich dark brown. His body was athletic but not bulky, his shoulders were broad and his arms were big. He was gorgeous.

I was staring and I couldn't help it. It was the first time I have ever seen a guy that I thought was good looking and he was standing right in front of me, staring right at me with a similar expression on his face.

I saw his expression change and he spoke "You are Renesmee Cullen? Right?"

My brain was telling me to say something but my mouth couldn't move. I was willing it to move but it just stayed put.

I quickly remembered my mom saying that Nahuel was a hybrid like me so I decided to try and communicate with him through my thoughts.

I closed my eyes and sent my thoughts right at him... I hoped. It only ever worked once.

"Hi, yes I'm Renesmee. Nice to meet you Nahuel. Please forgive me for intruding in your thoughts but it's the first time I've ever been in public let alone around people, I'm a bit nervous"

Nahuel, looked a bit confused, but he quickly reached out his hand for mine and said

"The pleasure is all mine Renesmee" and he smiled still holding my hand in his.

Oh god I think my heart just stopped! I thought to myself then I heard Nahuel laugh lightly.

I was puzzled but then I realized that I was still transferring my thoughts to him…his had was still holding mine.

Oh no, no no no no no, stupid, stupid Renesmee, now he thinks you're a weirdo.

I heard Nahuel laugh but this time he was laughing out loud.

He turned to me and said "I definitely don't think that you're a weirdo, I'm actually honoured that you would even communicate with me through your thoughts in the first place" he took my hand and kissed it.

Which let me just say did not help my heart at all. One moment it stopped the next it was beating so fast I felt it would come out.

"Thank you Nahuel. It's just all new to me and I was a bit overwhelmed I guess" I said and he just smiled and gestured for us to walk to the left.

He collected my luggage and carried it to what I assumed to be his car a white 2010 Ford Mustang. I said to him feeling a bit more comfortable "Wow, you know I have car just like yours, it's black though"

Nahuel smiled "Cool, we have two things in common now"

"oh and what are they?" I asked looking expectantly

"You're a hybrid just like me and you have the same car like me" Nahuel replied.

"That's a good thing right?" I said questioningly, hoping that it was.

"Oh yea! It's a great thing" Nahuel said with a perfect smile.

Yay! Oh my... I could just tell that this was going to be a fantastic trip.

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