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Chapter 13

Renesmee's P.O.V

Everything was spinning out of control. I couldn't gather a cohesive thought. Everything was all scrambled. In my mind it felt like was flipping through the channels on the television, but it was all bad reception. I raised my hands to my head to stop the spinning, and a sound that was resonating in the background of my mind got even louder, like the sound of a heavy rainfall against the roof, smothering out everything else. After a couple seconds, which felt more like hours, I could pick out faint noises in the background.

It was all so fuzzy to me still. I was jolted when an icy cold hand touched mine, my first reaction was to recoil but I couldn't manage to move. What was happening to me?

The noises that I heard were getting a bit clearer as the seconds passed, they were voices. I couldn't pick out whose voices they were because as soon as I was becoming less scrambled another feeling was rallying up inside me. I swallowed to cool the burning that I felt itching at the back of my throat. But that didn't help, it only left my mouth feeling dryer and the burning grew.

My brain managed to flip the channel and the pictures began to appear as I managed to flutter my eyelids to open. I shut them quickly, the light was blinding and the colours were rich. The icy hand touched mine again, this time speaking the most angelic voice. Mom

"It's okay Renesmee, Dad and Nahuel will be back shortly, you're thirsty that's all"

Hearing my mom's voice made chunks of memories fall back into place, a lot was still blurry, like why I was on this bed and feeling so horrible, but one particular memory clawed at my heart I ran off when my mom needed me most! I yelled at her at what must be the most difficult time in her life! My mother who was so loving and supportive of me and that's what I had done to her?

I tried again to open my eyes and this time it was not so hard for me. I took in the sight, my mom was in view, wow, my mom was truly gorgeous I smiled. It was so comforting to see her, but I had to let her know how sorry I was. I tried to open my mouth to speak but just then the uneasy flame twitched and I was too scared that the burning in my throat would fight its way up even further. I moved my hand and my mom understood. She took it in hers and placed it on her cheek. I opened the connection.

Oh mom! I love you! I am so sorry I lost it and yelled at you! I didn't mean to, I don't know what came over me. I'm so sorry to behave like that…

"Shhh its okay Renesmee, it's alright, it was a lot to take in and I don't blame you for your reaction, I sometimes forget how new all of this is for you"

That's no excuse mom, I should have been more considerate and not so selfish and caught up in how I was feeling, Grandpa Charlie is your dad and you too were so close at one point…

"That's enough of that now Renesmee darling, I don't want to hear you apologizing for that anymore, this …."

Before my mom could finish her sentence, I heard faint footsteps and they grew louder, my nose guided me to look in the other direction where the noise was coming from. A warm, inviting, delicious scent hit me like a ton of bricks. My natural instincts went into overdrive and my eyes involuntarily zoned in on a rather large cup that my dad was holding.

Sensing my distress or maybe reading my thoughts my dad was at my side faster than usual, even faster than the average vampire. Thank you dad I thought at him and he placed the cup to my face as he supported my head so I could drink.

A rush of warmth hit me, the velvet elixir coated the insides on my mouth, trickled down my throat as I swallowed and slowly distinguished the flames that had ignited. Cooling the insides of my throat even though being very warm, the sensation brought relief, so much relief. Unhinging the uneasy feeling and letting it roll all the way down until it existed no more. I drank, I fed.

I felt revived after only a few gulps. More like me. I didn't realize I was as thirsty as I was...where did that come from? I thought

I've never felt the urge in me so strong for blood before, well I didn't feel a lot of the things I'd felt lately either. I've never gotten sick, much less feel like I did just a couple minutes ago. What was wrong with me?I slowly took the cup away from my mouth and cast my eyes around as dad relieved my hands of it and slowly guided my head back down to the bed.

How did I even end up back here?I tried to piece the bits and pieces of today's events together but it didn't add up I don't understand what? How?...

"Renesmee please take it easy, everything's alright" Dad said as he brushed some loose stands of hair out of my face. I looked up at him, he looked the same as I remembered, but I was struck by his beauty, I loved my dad so much... Daddy,I don't remember, how did I end up here and why do I feel so weak?I knew I didn't need to reach for him and place my palms on his cheek because he was so gifted, he already knew what I was thinking.

"I love you too sweetheart. You really don't remember though?" My dad asked, he already knew the answer but he still asked the question with a look of confusion but slight relief.

Before I could formulate a response...

"That's normal Edward, well normal for Renesmee I mean" Grandpa Carlisle said as he silently moved to dad's side, leaving Grandma Esme by the book case. I smiled at her and she gave me the most loving smile back but remained where she was, as if she was scared to move any closer for fear I would break.

Grandapa Carlisle took my hand in his and I'm sure checking my pulse. How did I not notice Grandpa Carlisle before or Grandma Esme I thought as I stretched my hand out to him, he too understood and placed my hand on his cheek. I showed him how much I was happy to see him and Grandma and that I loved them both.

"We love you too Renesmee" he said in response to my thoughts.

"She can't remember? How is that normal?" Aunt Rose asked as she walked through the big wooden doors with Uncle Em on her heals. Aunt Alice and Uncle Jazz glided in a smooth rhythm behind them also. I was really happy to see them, being surrounded by my family made me feel safe and so loved.

I caught a glimpse of another person lurking in the dark hesitating to enter. NahuelI thought. I smiled. Why is he in the hall still? Oh I wish he would come in already

"Nahuel, it's alright to come in if you want to" My dad said to him.

As he came through the door, he flashed an uneasy smile at me while awkwardly placing his hands in his pocket and I returned with a weaker more pathetic smile to top it off. Great I am almost back to normal, yikes! Before I could say anything Grandpa Carlisle started to explain.

"You see, because of the lack of blood, Renesmee's body had a different reaction, the part of her that needed blood, the vampire half, went dormant, in an attempt to conserve I would imagine, while her human side took dominance. Giving that Renesmee doesn't eat as much as the average human, her body was already under strain, so when um, put under the "borage of emotions" Grandpa exchanged a strange look with dad and dad bowed his head

Hmm wonder what that was for?

He continued"it was just too much for her fragile human state and her body reacted like a human, she shut down, blocking out everything painful and maybe she even repressed a few memories, which I'm sure would return, it usually just takes something small to jog the human memory"

"So Renesmee... blacked out because she met that..." Aunt Rose smacked him right upside the back of his head and I saw glares coming at him from every direction now this is getting a little too weird, even for a family of vampires I mean

"...I mean when she was met with all of the "emotions"" Uncle Em finshed while holding on to his head in an attempt to black anymore assaults to his head.

"Um...Yes son, because it was her human side that was dominant... But I am happy that when she was close to coming around Edward saw the thirst in the fore front, so I was able to have a starting point to fix this. Her being half human and half vampire, it wasn't as strong an urge as the rest of us might have felt, just something that her body desperately needs in moderate doses to function, like her need for human food... but preference is another matter"

"So she's going to be fine right?" Uncle Jazz asked as he came closer towards me. He was pushing calm and peace at me. I mouthed "thank you" at him and he smiled.

"Well that's all I was getting at anyway, that she'll be better" Uncle Em said as he exchanged looks with everyone else.

I heard the sounds of sighs and then I saw Nahuel walking closer to the bed. He took my hand and kissed it. I closed my eyes but not because it felt good, it did feel good, but not in the way it use too. Oh what am I saying, it's Nahuel, ugh! Must be the lack of blood I thought and dad made an uncomfortable noise.

"I should have ensured that you came with me to hunt before we left Brazil, how could I have been so selfish and not think of you too" Nahuel said as if it was his fault that I insisted on staying home so I could think of my family. He had such a nice heart, he didn't deserve to torture himself over things that weren't his fault, but he continuously did.

I placed my palm on his cheek and I showed him how determined I was to stay and how I got it in my head that I was helping somehow by trying to think of ways to help and that no amount of persuading from him would have changed my mind. See Nahuel? So please stop blaming yourself okay.

Nahuel sighed "You are too good Renesmee"

I smiled in return.

I soon felt drained, but nothing like before, I was tired and I could feel it.

"Okay I think that's enough for now, let us leave Renesmee to rest" Dad said as he moved with mom to my side. They both gave me hugs and kissed my forehead and said "We love you Renesmee, sleep well"

"I love you guys too" I said in barely a breath but I knew it was crystal clear to them. But dad what happened? Please help me to remember

"Renesmee, you just needed to hunt like Carlisle explained. You should have been taking better care of yourself, but with all that's going on, I can see how it slipped you to hunt" My dad said.

But why is everyone acting...

""Renesmee, please, now is not the time... please don't worry about that now, you need to rest and regain your strength, the only thing that matters is that you are safe and that you are going to get better." My dad said

But dad I wanna know what…

"Renesmee" My dad said almost instantaneously.

"Now, is not the time" dad reiterated.

"Everyone, let's give Renesmee a chance to rest. We'll talk about it when she feels better" he continued

I looked around the room and everyone was exchanging looks with each other and acting weird. Something was wrong. Very wrong.

"Nothing is wrong Renesmee. We are just all very concerned for you. We want you to get better soon that's all" My dad said.

Everyone was acting so strange. I've never seen them look like this. Was it Grandpa Charlie? My mind began to go into overdrive.

"No Renesmee, its nothing that you need to be worrying about okay" My dad reassured.

"Alright everyone, lets clear out…nothing to see here….move it along" Uncle Em's loud voice filled the room.

"Okay Emmet, we get it, we're going" Aunt Rose said

The rest of my family came up and hugged and kissed me, wishing I would get better soon. Aunt Alice without saying much, gave me an exceptionally long hug, which said everything. Before I could pass my thoughts of understanding to her I heard.

"Did you vamps not hear me? Get to stepping…. boogie on out"" Uncle Em beamed always making a joke at the wrong times. I smiled along with the rest of my family as he endured another slap upside the head by Aunt Rose.

"Ouch! That one hurt babe!"


I smiled, my family was so weird, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

I watched as everyone left. I looked around the room; I wanted to search my brain for more pieces to the puzzle. I could remember storming out of the hospital room in a huff of tears, sadness and anger. Poor Charlie, I thought as the sadness lingered.

I tried again to see all the parts, replaying the every scene I could remember over and over again until I slowly lost the battle with my human half… sleep washed over me and I gave in.

I woke up the next morning feeling tons better. As I stretched and turned to face the window, something hit me, a strange scent. It was like the woods here but multiplied. It was a comforting thing to smell.

I sat up on the bed and then followed my nose to the window, wow; it was getting so strong and very familiar now. I made my way toward it and looked out. I saw a guy, a really tall guy, very muscular but his face looked as if he was just a teenager. He had black hair, he was in a pair of cut off jeans and he had no shoes on. Next to him was standing a girl who was almost as tall as him, dressed in shorts and a tank top she also had no shoes on. They are all so beautiful But to spite her intense beauty, she was a very angry looking, almost animalistic. She was perfectly tanned with dark hair and slim body talking very intensely to Uncle Em and Uncle Jazz.

I tried to listen but I was still weak and all of my senses weren't as strong as they usually are. I wonder who they are and what they want.I thought.

I was trying really hard to hone in on what they were saying but it was difficult... after trying a bit I did manage to hear the girl telling Uncle Em if he didn't move out of her way he would be sorry.

That girl doesn't know Uncle Em is the strongest vampire there is I guess.Then I saw her start to shake and uncle Em started to straighten up ….oh no!oh no!oh no!you're going to hurt her uncle Em,stop! I concentrated on sending that thought, and apparently it worked.

Everyone was looking up at me now, I guess they all heard me, there goes being inconspicuous...The girl looked up at me now with a curious expression, as if she was taking in everything about me, painting a mental picture and then she looked back at uncle Em and uncle Jazz and said "we expect to talk to Edward and we're not leaving until we do, this is our land now, you broke the rules so you now live by ours when you're here and one of them is seeing Edward, and now!"

What was this all about? I started to question myself but before I could go any further, "Renesmee, what are you doing?" "You should be in bed resting!" my mom said as she ushered me to the bed.

"Mom who are those people? You have to help them! Uncle Em nearly lost it on her and what do they want to speak to dad about?" I asked in a rush

"Oh hunnie, you still don't remember do you?" mom said.

"Remember what mom?" I asked, this was getting beyond strange; I needed to remember and fast.

"Now is not the time to fill you in on all the details, you're not at all a 100%, so please try and not worry about this, I will explain everything to you in due time. But you have to know that your dad and I have everything under control, there is no need for you to worry" mom said.

But before I could question my mom any further, Nahuel stormed in

"Bella, please talk to Edward, I can't believe he is actually going to talk to ….. them!"

"What the hell is wrong with him? Didn't he see what happened to Renesmee after meeting just one of their kind?"

"Nahuel, calm down, we have no choice but to comply, we have to play it their way until we know for sure what is happening with Charlie and besides this is not the time to discuss this, please Nahuel" mom said.

"Wait ... what are you guys talking about here? Please let me know what is happening here!" I said in a high tone of voice.

Nahuel and mom exchanged looks and then mom said to him "Nahuel I'm going to talk with them, I know them better than anyone here, and they are not as bad as you think. Please stay with Renesmee and remember now is not the time to explain things" Then she left the room.

I was beyond confused and I was going to get to the bottom of this. Why was everyone acting so strange? I really have to remember and fast.

"Nahuel, what is going on here, please tell me, I need to know why everyone is acting so strange?" I asked while looking straight at him.

"Renesmee, I promised your parents I wouldn't say anything... and I intend to keep that promise. If anything were to happen to you, because of ...I don't know what I would do"

I have never seen someone so put together come so undone with anger, I didn't like seeing him like this.

"Nahuel, you can tell me. It's okay, if I know what's happening then maybe I can help my parents" I said

"Renesmee, you aren't well, I cannot tell you" and he walked to the window and closed it. "Just please let this go for now, I'm sure that after you regain your strength you will remember what happened and if you don't, I promise I will be right here and I'll explain it all to you"

He moved to where I was and hugged me. I flinched away, but not because I was angry but because it felt odd to me, like little electric shocks that didn't feel good. What is happening to me?I saw Nahuel's eyes on me, looking lost; he too couldn't understand why I did that. I wanted so bad to hug him and say I was sorry and blame it all on the stress but just then I heard it.

A howl, a great howl, a wolf's howl.

I spun around and reached to open the window, it was like I wasn't moving my body, like some invisible attraction was pulling me. A ravenous curiosity or rather, a need to see what made that calling howl gripped me. But before I could manage to open the window all the way Nahuel was right in front of me and shut it

"Why did you do that!" I yelled.

Just then I heard a massive growl!

I trembled.

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