I use dash for dialogues, quotation marks and italic for thoughts.

Chapter 1 : The Orphan

An eleven year-old girl was running away, a man hot on her tail.

- Come back here, you, thief! Wait till I get my hands on you!

The girl ran as fast as she could and managed to hide behind some bushes. The man ran past her and she waited a moment to make sure he was gone. Then she got to her feet and kept running till she reached her hideout, a cave. She opened her bag and went through the food she had stolen.

"Let's see, a loaf of breaf, some fruits and a bottle of water."

She sighed.

"I have to make it last. Sooner or later, I'll get caught. Mom, dad, why did you leave this world?"

She felt hot tears running down her cheeks. She wiped them away and clenched her fists, furious with herself for crying like that. She sprinkled some water on her face, took a deep breath, then she got to her feet.

"Get a grip. They're gone and they're not coming back."

Her face hardened and her eyes became cold.

"You're all alone. The only person you can count on is yourself."

She looked at the bed of dead leaves and the blanket she had stolen the week before.

"Just take a walk and get some fresh air."

As she walked she tried to shake away the sorrow that threatened to engulf her. Night had fallen over the city. She paused, considering going back to the cave.

"Not yet."

A twig snapped and she tensed.

"It's nothing. Probably a stray cat or your imagination. Just keep walking and ignore it."

She stared wide-eyed at the scene before her.

"Where's that mist coming from?"

Another twig snapped, she wheeled round. Something that looked like a big green ogre with a bone club was looking at her, laughing evilly. She screamed and ran away. The creature was chasing her.

Beelzemon was soaring through the sky. He loved to fly at night. He loved the feeling of the night wind blowing through his feathers. Things had changed a lot in the past couple of years. Takato was a professional artist, Henry was a computer programmer, Rika was a writer, Jeri was a teacher and Suzie was a therapist. As for Ai and Mako, they were both estate lawyers.

"We agreed ta go our separate ways. As much as I love Ai and Mako, I enjoy da freedom. I have my own place now and they have ta live their lives. I should be happy, shouldn't I? Then why do I feel so sad? I hate ta feel sad."

He tried to relax. The sky was his for the night, nobody could interrupt his thoughts. He could…

"Was that a scream?"

With his night vision, he could see very well from up high. He narrowed his eyes.

"I sense a Digimon nearby."

He followed his instincts and landed in the right spot. A Digimon had a poor child cornered and Beelzemon could see that her arm was bleeding. That infuriated him.


The Ogremon threw the girl away and attacked Beelzemon.

- Pummel Whack!

Beelzemon dodged and took flight. He narrowed his eyes in at him.

- I'll teach ya ta pick on defendless kids!

He drew an inverted pentagram.

- Corona Destroyer!

The Champion didn't stand a change against the Mega. Ogremon was hit full in the chest and he dissolved into data. Beelzemon went to check on the girl and found out she was unconscious. He picked her up and flew back to his place.

Her eyes flew open. She was on a real bed, covered in blankets. That wasn't her hideout.

- What the…

- Ah, yer awake.

She sat up bold. Looking at her was a creature that looked like a cross between a biker and a fallen angel. The creature had three green eyes, feathered wings and a metalic tail. Eyes wide with fear, she gasped and tried to back away from him.

- Aww, don't be afraid. I mean ya no harm. Yer safe now. Nobody's gonna hurt ya.

She paled.

"Can I outrun him if need be? Not a chance."

- I bandaged yer arm. That was a nasty wound but fortunately, yer gonna be alright.

She looked at him, then at her bandaged arm, then at him again, confusion clouding her eyes.

- Can ya tell me what ya were doin' out there in da middle of the night?

Tears stung her eyes but she fought them back. She looked away.

- Okay, ya don't have ta talk about it right now.

She seemed nervous and he wanted nothing more than to reassure her, but as he opened his mouth to tell her something, she interrupted him.

- What was that creature that attacked me?

- A Digimon.

She looked at him with wide eyes.

- What? You mean, one of those creatures that fought the D-Reaper years back?

He seemed shocked.

- No, that Ogremon was an evil Digimon. Da Digimon who fought da D-Reaper years ago had human partners and da evil Digimon were their enemies. How do ya even know about D-Reaper? Ya must've been a baby when that happened. Maybe ya weren't even born yet.

- My parents told me all about it. They saw the Digimon fighting D-Reaper on TV. Are you a Digimon too?

He nodded.

- Yer parents must be worrying sick about ya. Where are they?

She shuddered and looked away.

- Dead. They were murdered last week. I can't believe I managed to escape with my life.

She was furious with herself for telling him that much.

"What the hell is wrong with you? You talk way too much. He's a stranger, you don't even know him."

Shaking with fury and embarassement, she tried to fight the tears back, but this time she didn't succeed. He hugged her and held her tight.

- I'm really sorry 'bout that, toots.

She pushed him off and jumped to her feet.

- I don't need your pity!

He looked at her.

- That wasn't pity, toots. That was compassion.

She cast him a withering glance.

- I don't need you. I don't need anybody.

He shook his head.

- A friend of mine used ta think that. That got her in a lotta trouble. Were are ya goin'? Ya can't get out there in da middle of the night. It's not safe.

She didn't listen and ran away.

"Damn. I gotta find her before she gets hurt again."

Twenty minutes later, he found her unconscious again.

"What da hell just happened?It is not normal for a human ta be so pale."

He felt her forehead and gasped.

"She's burning up with fever!"

He gently picked her up and brought her back to his place.