Author's note: I am struggling to write the next chapters for my on-going stories and this was floating around in my brain after watching KKBB for the (who knows how many)th time, so I wanted to get rid of it! I don't own anything except the plot and it's SLASH so if you don't read that kind of fic, please read. Oh and there is swearing; it wouldn't be a KKBB fic without swearing anyway.

Perry was slow to waking up from a peaceful slumber. He felt as if he were rising to the surface of a swamp. His body felt so heavy, as if it was being weighed down by something and his head felt as if someone were beating it with a hammer. "Perry?" came a slurred voice from somewhere on the other side of his eyelashes. Next to him in the bed, someone moved. What the fuck? He had very simple rules when it came to bringing someone to his bed; the first being that they had to be gone by the time he woke up. He just hoped the fucker was getting out of the bed and planning to leave. "Perry?" What the fuck does Harry want? He better not put the light on or else he would be 'scarred for life' as he had put it once. Again there was movement from the other person in the bed; he hoped the fucktard would wait for Harry to give up trying to get his attention before getting up to leave. "Perry? Why the fuck am I in your bed?" It took a while before Harry's mumbled words made sense. The fucking idiot was in his bed? What the fuck was he doing there? A second after deciding to kick Harry fucking Lockhart out of his bed; Perry's leg froze. The pain that blossomed from that movement was not a familiar one although he had felt it before, many many years ago. Opening his eyes Perry studied the ceiling, it was definitely his room; concentrating on the bedding under his hand, the fact that it was silk just confirmed what he already knew and judging from the pillow beneath his head, he was on his side of the bed. It definitely was not a dream, the pain he had felt and even the pain of his throbbing head proved that fact. What the fuck happened last night? He tried hard to remember what had happened but all he got was that he had had way too much alcohol. Next to him Harry was moving again but stopped with a groan and a string pf profanities. Why the fuck is he so loud? "Perry what the fuck happened last night? It's too fucking painful to sit on my ass!" OH FUCK! Perry hoped and fucking prayed that what he was thinking had not happened; thankful though that Harry so slow on the uptake. 'Cos if what he thought had happened, his life had just become a whole new level of compli-fucking-cated!

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