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And a forewarning this is a darker story, But! It has a happier ending .

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I never thought it would end like this. One of us is going to die. Time does not always heal and sometimes it leaves scabs that still bleed. That's all we were together scabs that never healed. This time we had finally ripped each other open for the last time. He couldn't look at me anymore and I hated him more than anyone in the world. I'm sure my Onee-san had good intentions for asking him to take me in but if she knew the end result when she passed on she would have never asked him to find me. So he could live in peace and me as I was.

Tonight harsh bitter words were said and it was a long time coming. I don't think either of us cared what the outcome would be.

"Why can't you just let her die" I screamed at him in disdain " It's been how many years."

"You ungrateful bitch." Hate clear in his eyes.

"When you say that do you see her?" I couldn't keep the wicked laughter inside.

"No" his voice was fare to menacing now "I see a piece of trash I should have discarded years ago."

"Breaking oaths hurt doesn't it." I threw my head back and laughed "and to think your tore your family's heart out for her . . . Was she worth it?"

The words hit him and he almost snarled "How does it feel to know the only reason I kept you alive is because you looked like her."

"Like I should pity your pathetic feelings"

"He grinned darkly "what was it like constantly feel the need to be what she was? To have what she had? Knowing you would never be anywhere near good enough to have any of it. I see it in your eyes every time you look at me. "

"I see how sick I make you feel when you look at me every time I pass you in the hall in the manor. Don't you wish she were just a little stronger a little more like me ? If she were she would still be alive, think on that one"

His smile now grew even darker "Like I should have broken you years ago so I could have gotten the best of both worlds."

My stomach rolled "Fuck you." The words spilled like bile through my lips.

I felt something sharp connect with my face and I hit a wall hard and I slid to the ground. He was bleeding from his knuckles and I from my lip but I wasn't surprised.

"The great Kuchiki Taichou snapped." The words came out dripping with sarcasms and a wicked smile.

Kneeling on the ground now I licked the blood from my lip.

"Dear onii-san." The words came out in a syrupy sweet hateful tone. "Do you think this is what she would have looked like on the floor bleeding?"

Rage was blurring his vision now "Dear onee-san, does it horrify you that this is only the tip of what I can do to you?" He walked slowly towards me.

" Does it horrify you'll be seeing her face the entire time you do it. That is more than enough torture for me to die a happy woman knowing you'll forever see her face in so much agony by your hands because you can't separate us."

"She is dead already, with both of you gone my agony will be over and I will dead dogs lie." He laughed at the metaphor.

Within seconds I had Sode-no-shirayuki at his throat and I could feel Senbonzakura cutting into my skin. Then everything went black.

There was a shrill noise coming from somewhere when my eyes popped open my heart pounding in my chest . I could not stop the tears or the screaming that was coming from me.

I was alive, I heard a sob come again, I was really alive, he had not killed me.

The door crashed open and there was his large figure standing in the door way with Senbonzakura pulled.

Nothing was connecting in my twilight state and I watched him come towards me still not in my senses I scrambled backwards and fell off my bed plastering myself to the wall.

Nowhere near as brave as I was in the dream. I broke down and curled into a sobbing shaking ball. He looked sadden as it hit him what the nightmare was about .Quickly he dropped his zanpakuto and slowly approached me.

"Rukia." The voice came out in a soft whisper.

"Rukia, please." His voice was now pleading for me to listen.

Inching closer his voice was calm but sad "Rukia." He repeated my name hopping to call me out of the twilight state.

Reaching out slowly he touched my knee gently.

I woke slowly out of the twilight but i was still hyperventilating this was my real Nii-sama not the monster in the dream, I wasn't the monster in the dream. Still shaking I let him pick me up and hold me in his arms rocking me back and forth.

"It's okay." He whispered in my ear over and over and over again.

"Being all of 20 and so young all I could whisper was "Please don't hate me." The tears started again.

"I could never" he held me closer. I swear I felt a tear roll down his cheek "I could never hate you"

Still shaking I could feel him kiss the top of my head. Someone had brought him something for me to drink. He tilted whatever it was to my lips and I drank slowly.

Stroking my hair gently he shushed me "Sleep easy Rukia , I will not let our monsters hurt you." That was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep again.